Can You Track iPhone Location by Phone Number?

iphone tracker by phone number 

iPhone Location Tracker by Phone Number

With people misplacing or losing their phones increasingly day by day, I found myself wondering can you track an iPhone with a phone number? Is that even possible?

Normally tracking a lost iPhone is done by the IMEI number and online iPhone tracking apps, so is there a way the phone number can also be used to track the lost iPhone?


Part 1: Can we track an iPhone using a phone number?

Many people around me have claimed that it’s possible to track a lost iPhone using just the phone number, however, after some research, I have concluded that no matter what people claim it’s virtually possible to track an iPhone using a phone number.

Which phone number am I talking about here?

It’s the number that is provided by the cellular operator when you purchase a SIM. So, can you track a phone with a phone number?

Now, normally when someone steals a phone the first thing that they do is remove the SIM so that the owner can’t track the phone. As you must have guessed by now, it is not possible to track a phone using a SIM that has been removed from it!

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The only way one can actually track a phone using the number is if they misplace the phone or if the thief does not remove the SIM card from the phone, which as you can imagine is not very common.

However, if in case the thief actually forgets to remove the SIM card, you can track an iPhone with the phone number without them knowing by contacting your cellular network who can check when the last call was made from the phone after which they can tell you the last location in which the phone was used.

This is also the best way to track an iPhone without an app, as it just needs the service provider to locate; the phone by using the SIMs location.

Part 2: Can I track my iPhone by phone number online?

Yes, there are apps available on the Apple iTunes store that can be used to locate the position of the phone by using phone numbers and GPS. There are also some geolocation websites that provide location services for iPhones in all countries and with any carrier SIM so you can be able to track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing. “Find my iPhone” uses iCloud services to locate the missing device by just using the apple id and password details of the missing phone.

You can also use and use your apple credentials to find your iPhone without anyone knowing.

Can I track my iPhone without iCloud?

iCloud may be the most convenient way to locate an iPhone without them knowing but it’s not the only way. Like Apple, Google timeline also drafts out a map of location data from the iPhone so you can access all the locations your iPhone has been in on a map interface.

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With this, you can figure out on a map where your iPhone was located when it last sent its location idea and if the lost phone is still on and continues sending data its location so you can find where the iPhone is without anyone knowing. Even if the iPhone battery dies you are still able to see the location it sent its last signal.


Part 3: How to track an iPhone via mSpy?

It may be impossible to track an iPhone using the phone number, however, there are many software and apps that can be used to track and find your iPhone. You can find someone’s iPhone location online by using an app that’s highly recommended worldwide, mSpy. To track an iPhone without them knowing. 

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It is necessary to have mSpy installed on the phone before it is lost to ensure that it can be retrieved as the installation is necessary to find the phone


How do I track my iPhone online?

You will need to follow a few steps to first install mSpy so that the phone can be tracked online 

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Login and complete the setup

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Step 3: Select the target OS, iPhone, or Android you want to track

Step 4: Now the installation steps to follow

Step 5: Login to view the online control panel

Once the installation is complete, log in to your mSpy account and access the control panel. Via the control panel, you can check the location of the iPhone online and track it wherever it’s been.


How does it work?

Using the map on the control panel you can track the entire route which the phone has been through as well as its current location, without the person ever finding out that you are tracking their movements. You can also use this feature to track someone by using their phone without them ever knowing as well as track an iPhone without an iCloud.

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iPhone Spy iOS tracking solution:

You can track all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and the supported devices

With this feature, you find someone’s iPhone location every minute and the entire route that the phone has been to through your control panel whenever you want.