To catch a cheater: the best apps for spying on your spouse

spy on cheating husband app

Everybody tends to lie, specifically, if you are in a close relationship with one partner, or maybe both – might end up hiding secrets that they think will affect their relationship.

Your significant other might get away with his lies quite often but if the relationship keeps on going it will definitely get out of control. So how to spy on your significant other? how to catch a cheating spouse texting using a cell phone?

And what are cheating spouse apps? These are basically apps that you can download on your target phone or computer to help you track down the activities of anyone, be it your husband, boyfriend, or children to help prove their lies while they are busy trying to cover up their tracks.


Below mentioned are the best apps for catching cheaters which can be downloaded on any phone and can give you information regarding locations, call logs, browser history, surroundings, etc.

These apps provide enough evidence for you to reach a concrete conclusion and make sure you are not being cheated on.

catch cheating spouse app


A paid app that contains data about hundreds of millions of people. It helps you in providing a complete picture of the specific person you are looking for. It’s as simple as writing down the unknown numbers and then you can easily search them on this app to see who the number belongs. Along with the history of what they usually search, you can also find data pertaining to their address, social media accounts, and contact history.


Some of its key features include:

Confidentiality: you can perform as many searches you want for a specific person and we will make sure that the person does not find out.

Reverse phone lookup: through the phone number you can find a lot about the person including his name, geographical data, basically anything you would possibly want to find. Their directory holds all the numbers available in the US

Background check: once you are done finding out who the number belongs to you can do a background check which includes criminal records, social media profiles, and everything you would not be able to find normally.


couple tracker

It helps couples to exchange messages, the history of where they have been, and their messenger history in real-time for free.

This app not only helps in keeping a check on your partner but also helps increase transparency so that there is a healthy relationship. This app can only be used if it is installed on your phone as well as your partner’s making it easier to connect accounts.

One of its biggest advantages is that it’s very fast hence your partner has no chance of deleting his messages.

Some usual features include:

Application for two: both partners can spy on each other at the same time without the other person knowing

Location tracking: see a list of partners’ locations each day. The location is updated after every half hour so it’s difficult for your partner to roam around with you getting to know you.

Tracking phone calls: get a list of all the calls done and received by your partner’s phone with names from the contact list

Overview of Facebook activity: know all the people who like and comment on your partner’s pictures and posts.


flexispy login

Like other spying apps, this one makes your job even easier. This is used by parents as much (constituting 40% of the usage) to keep a lookout for anything wrong their children might be doing. This is a paid app with different prices for each package.

In the cheating context, its main features include:

Tracking calls, texts, and IM chats: you can listen to the calls your partner is making and know who he is talking to. You can also check the browsing history, text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, and iMessage conversations

Let’s have a look at the 35+ features list

Location checking: you can know where the person is or where they are traveling to. It also tells about people they might pick on their way.  This can be done as long as the person you are tracking has their phone with them.

FlexiSpy (most advanced)

One of the most powerful and undetectable spy software available has to be purchased. You can find every type of technology available in this spy app. Apart from being available for iOS and Android.

spyera download

Some of its distinct features include:

Live call recording: apart from the usual where these apps allow listening to the target’s phone call Spyera gives you the advantage of even recording these calls. Once you are sent a message alert that the person is calling someone you can quickly call to get added to the phone call, further recording it and emailing it to you for further evidence.

Ambient listening/ recording: you can make a hidden call to the specific phone to know what’s happening around them. You can hear the voice of people talking and hence get an idea of what the person is up to. This can also be recorded.

Password grabber and much more: You can get hold of passwords being put into an android, iPhone, or iPad and then access the phone yourself. This includes Skype and Facebook passwords they use to log in from a particular device.

Over to you…

As far as tracking your partner or keeping a check on them is concerned you might do it very well and come up with concrete evidence. However, users must be educated that installing any software on anybody’s personal device is illegal without their consent.

You can legally use the software if you manipulate the person into giving you consent or you put it on a device that you and your husband mutually use.


spy on cheating spouse

While concluding I would like to present my opinion as to which app satisfied me the most. Spyera was one of the best apps to catch cheaters which had the most features and were relatively cheaper whereas a couple of trackers is a good option for those who do not want to waste money on this.

I would recommend, that you should try your choice before deciding on any other one.

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