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The Only Undetectable iPhone Spy App Review 2023

spyera iphone reviews

Every 1/4th of the relationship is created on false grounds and the partner is cheating the other. I was also feeling cheated, then I thought why not find out the truth? It was not like that I did not have trust in the relationship, but I wanted to go an extra mile for my peace of mind. I tried a number of iPhone spy apps and one of them was Spyera.

Before buying this app, I read all the Spyera reviews, specifically Spyera iPhone reviews, and after that took my decision.


What is Spyera all About?

The thing which appealed the most was that it is an undetectable iPhone spy app and can be remotely controlled, un-installed, and updated through the web account and can send a spoofed SMS to any number from the target phone and can also move the App on support device to protect your investment.

hidden spy software

Check out the features Spyera offers to its users!

A quick look at the features of my personal experience may give you a brief idea about the app:

  • Listen to the Live Calls OR Record them

Those long late-night calls, what the heck was my partner talking about on that cell phone? I checked the call history being uploaded to the web account and entered the mostly dialed-up number to get a text notification when the target phone is engaged in a call. When I got the text, I immediately called that target phone and intercepted the live call.

I do not have a habit of staying up late, so I just recorded the calls and listened to them later through my web account.

  • Listen to Live Background Sounds OR Record them

Through this feature, I was able to listen to what is happening in the background by calling on the target iPhone. When I did not have the time to bang in, I recorded all the sounds and uploaded them to my web account to hear them later.

  • Keep a Track of Locations

An individual was becoming a constant intruder in my relationship. So, one day I used this GPS location tracking feature and I found that my partner was continuously visiting some person at a particular time. Real-time results I tell you! People come into your life and give you experiences, that day I had a very bad experience.

  • Spy on IM and VoIP Apps

 If you are having an affair or are seeking one, online dating is the latest trend in the market. The same happened to me my partner, which is now my ex, tried a lot of peeps on social media.

This feature helped me to keep track on Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype, BBM, Line, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, and iMessage ─ including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons, and even the calling history on all the VoIP Apps.

  • Peep into SMS Messages and Emails

SPYERA keeps track of all of the messages and emails, even if the user has deleted them. All the things will be present in your web account for easy viewing and names will also appear against the email addresses if they are updated In the target iPhone’s contact book.

  • Password Grabber and Alert wizard

iPhone Passwords Cracker – Last but not least, it helps you to read the passwords and asks one to specify the criteria and a customized report will be uploaded to your dashboard for your review.

  • Searching through the Web history

One can easily check the web history and can also download the phone book from the web account.

  • SIM Card Changed Notification

One day I found that my dear has just changed the SIM, so what!! I got a SIM changing notification from Spyera and the dating apps which my dear you just installed and deleted I also got the App log for installed and uninstalled apps from my web account.

  • Hide Jailbreak Icon

This feature enables to hide the Cydia icon as well as its own and the target phone owner will have no idea about it.  

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Where would I be seeing my monitored data?

spyera login

All the features which Spyera is offering you can review on your web-based account after entering Spyera login details provided by Spyera. One can even perform an analysis for example how many times profane words were used in the outgoing SMS to detect sexting, I did exactly the same.

Using your web account is like counting to 1-2-3, all the data will be uploaded to your web account. It largely depends on your connection. One can set synchronizing intervals, I would recommend setting it to every one hour to be updated or to 24 hours if you want to have the whole day picture in front of you.

How to install Spyera iPhone spy app?

Questions on how to install Spyera iPhone spy app and a very simple answer it has a very easy installation process. It took me around 5 to 10 minutes to Spyera iPhone install. The first one needs to hold the target phone physically…I REPEAT! Without this one cannot install the App, it cannot be installed on the cell phone by remote access, you have to hold the target phone.

Now simply open up the browser, enter the given URL, sit back and relax, the spy app will be automatically downloaded and installed. If you are stuck up in the process, contact their support – they will help out you!

Spyera iPhone Spy App is installed on the cell phone and not on the SIM card. So, one can use multiple SIM cards with it.


Does iPhone Requires Jailbreak?

Before Installing Spyera all the iPhone-related devices needs to be jail-broken, but as it is a Spy App, it does not give the user a single hint of being watched on. Spyera hides the jailbreak and CYDIA icon from being displayed.

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Compatibility with different smartphones

I was using two cell phones at that moment, so I did a compatibility check also. It can be used on all Android tablets and smartphones (including OS v5.1.1 and root requires some features). It can also be used on iPhone and iPads (iOS up to and including 9.0.2, but jailbreak is required).


  • All iPhones and iPads from iOS 5.x to 15


Save through different pricing plans!

It has a very interesting pricing plan also either you can take a single plan for your smartphone or your tablet or you can take an all-of-one plan for both devices. On a single plan, the package is for 3,6, and 12 months with 60% off if you select the 12-month plan and in an all-in-one plan you have a 12-month and 24-month plan with 80% off if you opt for a 24-month plan.


  •  Save 60%


  •  Save 60%

How To Get Spyera iPhone Spy App?

When I was able to make up my mind on the pricing plan, I quickly ordered it. Placing your order is just like ordering a coffee, maybe that’s a more time-consuming process. Moving on, go to the website and select the plan and make an online payment via Master Card, Visa, American Express, Wire, JCB, Dinner’s Club, Fax, Union Pay, or through Discover/Novus.

There are a number of ways to pay for the order… they do not even hold your credit information. And once I was done with the payment process, App was available to be downloaded.

Support services are also being offered, on all the online payment-related issues. One can either contact the 24/7 support center by hotline or can email them, stating the concern and the order number as a reference.


Money Back Guarantee?

The cherry on the top is if one is not satisfied with the product or does not want to spy on his / her partner. A refund can be claimed within 10 days of purchase and your money will be refunded in full – 100%.

I would like to conclude this on a very simple note, there are many iPhone spy apps available on the market but they provided me with better results than those I tried earlier.