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How to Spy on Someone through Their Phone Camera?

iphone spy camera

After reading this post, you’ll be able to

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  • hack into someones iPhone from your phone
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  • spy camera app to spy on iPhone / Android activities

It has been on the minds of many people on how to spy on someone using different ways. Most people now wish to spy on someone through their phone camera, which makes a lot of sense.

Looking at the way technology has taken over our lives, people seem to now be living double lives where they have a completely different life on their phones. And an essential component of the phone is the camera, which as everyone knows is something we use very often.

Spy on Someone through their Phone Camera

Ask yourself this, have you ever used your phone camera to take the best shots of the highlights of your day? But did you know, the same camera could be used to spy on someone? How-you, ask?

Well, the answer is actually quite easy, get the best spy camera app that will aid you in getting what you desire. It works simply by tracking someone just by your phone camera. This is not just another iPhone spy camera hack article.

If you are wondering how to hack someone’s iPhone camera with another phone or even how to hack other person’s phone camera remotely then you have come to right place.

Ways to Spy on iPhone Camera

We have collected ways on how to spy on someone and many people have testified to using the following methods listed and gotten desired results.

It may initially seem illegal though because you are invading someone’s privacy but at times taking these steps is quite essential to spy on someone through their phone camera. Now you can spy on iOS 11 using iOS 11 spy camera app.

1. IP WebCam

As technology is rapidly changing, its hard to keep a tab on what’s new and what is worth spending on. One of the ways in which you can spy on someone through their phones is by downloading the IP Webcam. It works on an android.

Download and Install IP Webcam

Following are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Installation of IP Webcam

The IP Webcam is an android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store. The first you can take is register and download. Once you have downloaded and installed the IP Webcam on your phone then launch it. An easy to use interface will open in front of you.

Step 2: Selection of monitoring service

You will see a ‘Start Server’ option that you can tap on. This is the option that you need to go for as it will begin the live stream option on your phone

Step 3: Search IP Address

You will now be able to see an IP address located right on your PC’s screen. You need to copy this IP address on your web browser and search in the settings of your browser.

Step 4: Begin Live Streaming

Once the IP address has been entered the particular IP address, another interface will show.

Step 5: Click on browser

You need to select and click on the ‘browser’ option on this interface. This will open the streaming option.  

This is where the magic happens, as you can now spy on anyone by using the IP Webcam app. Surprisingly enough, even the pictures and visuals you receive will be of really high resolution.

Step 6: Select ‘Run in the background’

Since you are spying and you do not wish for anyone to find out, locate the Actions option and select the ‘Run in Background’ option.

Step 7: You are done

Finally, click on the, “Ok, I get it” option. You can now spy on whoever you wish

2. Spy Cam Apps

best spy cam apps

A lot of people show a lot of resistance towards hidden spy cam apps, and it’s understandable. But the benefits of it, go a long way.

For example, take your child for instance who is in his/her teens. You suspect them of hanging in the wrong crowd or even an employee who works for you and you are paranoid about them leaking out any confidential information, this is where your iPhone spy camera comes into your rescue.

There are many apps out there, that quite effectively tell you what the person is doing but it is only what the camera allows you. You are unable to see other things, such as texts, data which are imperative.

If you require all this information, this is where spy cam app might be a better choice for you.


How to log into someones Snapchat without logging them out

iPhone spy apps no jailbreak

Not only is it excellent for being able to track a lot more information like GPS tracking or even emails, you can even do it in a covert mode. The other great thing about the app is that you have do not need to install any apps on the target device to gain permission or access.  

Following are the instructions on how you can spy on someone using hidden spy camera app.

spy on someone iphone camera

Step 1: Register yourself for a free trial at the mSpy app. You can even buy a subscription. Once you have registered or paid, you will receive an email listing details on how to install the application

Step 2: Begin using the service, as stated in the instructions sent to you

Step 3: Finally, log in to your online account and start monitoring the target advice

mSpy allows its users to remotely spy on the text messages, call logs or emails of their loved ones or even employees. Not only that but it sneakily keeps a tab one even the calendar information of the individual who is being spied on.

mobile spy software

It even helps in determining the right GPS coordinates of the phone and shows the specific location of the target on the relevant map. But initially, it requires around 5 minutes to install the mSpy app and you will be to record video on iOS secretly.

The spyware app has many advantages and proven to be the right solution for many big corporations who now find it easier to locate their employees by keeping a track of them.

However, the employee is aware of that and should be made aware as this app has advised its users on the website.

Get this Spy Phone Camera app

 mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution

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