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EyeZy Review 2023 – What you Need to Know

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Mobile-Spy is the oldest and hence the most reliable monitoring software and this time around, they have brought us a host of new features.

After having tested these features for the reliability of performance, we present this review to shed light on our experience with these amazing new features as well as walk you through the technical details.

Read on to find out all that you need to know about Mobile-Spy to make an informed choice of monitoring software and do check back for more updates!

Updated: September 2017!


What is Mobile-Spy: The Basics

Mobile-Spy is based in Florida, USA, since 2003, making it the first ever software to monitor iPhone, iPad and Android devices. They have been based there since the inception, and the contact number and address are available on their website so you know it’s not a hoax.

Their purchases are carried out via PayPal and major credit cards, eliciting further proof of their authenticity.

With a well-organized, easy-to-follow website that offers detailed information about everything you would possibly want to know about the software, Mobile-Spy enjoys over 150,000 happy customers and a respectable status in the market.

Be Sure to Check out the Mobile-Spy Website to See for Yourself!


How Does It Work?

The installation process is fairly simple. All you have to do is log on to the website and follow the instructions given in the special User Guide.

Step 1 – Select the Mobile-Spy plan of your choice from the website.

Step 2 – Using the registration code received via email after the order confirmation, register your online account. The email will also give you the download link and installation instructions. Use that link to install the program on your target device.

Step 3 – Once downloaded, run the installer on the target device and adjust settings from the online dashboard.

Step 4 – Log in to your online control Panel and start monitoring!


What makes Mobile-Spy Unique?

  • Mobile-Spy is the oldest, most reliable monitoring software around. They have been using the same name and have never closed down or gotten into legal trouble, unlike many other competitors.
  • The LIVE Control Panel is the first and only one of its kind, allowing you to view the target device’s screen LIVE.
  • Monitor up to 3 devices with the purchase of a single license.
  • The Basic plan offers many features that are not available with other spy software for this humble a price!
  • The Mobile-Spy group has been featured by The New York Times, Forbes and Macworld for their excellent services.
  • 24/7 LIVE customer support makes it very user-friendly.


What’s new in it: Advanced New Features!

For a detailed description of the basic features, the website is your best source but it’s the new advanced features which make Mobile-Spy unique. So we’ve described our experience with those here.

Monitoring Communication Logs

Along with the usual contacts, call history, text and multimedia messages and email monitoring, Mobile-Spy allows you to know the target device’s activities on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp messenger, Windows Live, AOL, BlackBerry, GTalk and Yahoo Messengers as well.

Their chat messenger and social media website coverage are beyond parallel.

  • iMessage for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • YouTube – Check out all videos watched on YouTube from the target device.
  • Dropbox – monitor Dropbox files.
  • BlackBerry Pin Messages – available for BlackBerry users.
  • Gmail – Get information from all Gmail accounts on the target device including sender/recipient details and email contents along with time stamps.

Top Ten Report – have access to most frequently contacted numbers, email addresses, calls, text messages, and websites visited.

Wi-Fi Inserting – save battery and data plan usage on your target device by inserting logs via Wi-Fi only.

Keylogger – allows you to monitor the keystrokes on your target device.

Alerts – along with profanity, Geofencing and intrusion alerts, you can set custom trigger keywords or phone numbers, using which will send you an alert message.

Apps Management – view all apps on the target device and block them along with disabling certain device settings remotely.

Manage Multiple Devices from One Account – the online dashboard screen shows all settings of all the target devices that you monitor from that one account making it very easy to manage multiple monitored devices from one screen.


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Live Control Panel Features

If you need that extra bit of LIVE monitoring and remote control then the Live Control Panel is tailor-made for your needs.
View the Device Screen LIVE  see the actual screen of the device in real time to see what’s going on at a particular moment, updated every 90 seconds.
Instant GPS Location – receive location history, current GPS position on a map via SMS using the GPS Locate feature and for the extra kick, real-time tracking with the Premium plan.
Remote Controls – lock or unlock the target phone with an optional siren alarm, delete inappropriate data and change monitoring settings remotely via the dashboard. You can receive SIM card information and even delete the software if you want to stop monitoring the device.

Email Logs – receive logging data via your personal email without having to check the dashboard repeatedly.


Mobile Spy Control Panel



Compatibility depends not only on your phone’s make/model but also the firmware version on your device. Here we have summarized the basic Operating System requirements on cell phones and Tablets.

Please note that all Apple devices MUST be jailbroken and all Android devices require rooting prior to installing Mobile Spy for a full range of features to work.

  • Android Phones and Tablets –2.3 to 7.x.x
  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad up to iOS 10.x.x (new)
  • BlackBerry up to version 7.1.x.xxx

Check out the website for further information about installation and support on your target device.

Also, the features available for each type of device are slightly different so do check which ones are available for yours.



The two major packages offered are the Standard Basic Package and their Premium Version with Live Screen, Live Control Panel and Instant GPS Map – the control panel is also sold as an add-on.

However, Mobile-Spy does NOT offer a trial version but since the basic plan’s 3-month subscription is very affordable at $49.97, it’s as good as a trial.

The Basic plan ensures access to call logs and cell ID locations, SMS conversations, Blackberry Pin, and iMessage; Internet, social media activity, email, and GPS tracking; contacts, calendars, installed applications and multimedia; remote control application blocking, along with many other advanced features which are pricier with other monitoring software.

However, if you want ALL the other special features outlined above, then the reasonably priced Premium plan at $64.97 for 3 months, is your best bet because that too is way more affordable and better value for your money than most other popular monitoring software in the market.


Legal Policies

Mobile-Spy is no longer sold as “Hidden or Invisible” software. It will be visible to the person who owns your target device and you need to have their consent before installing Mobile-Spy on their device.

The people whose devices you can monitor, include your own legal children or people you are a legal guardian to and your employees after they’ve consented to be monitored via the company-owned target device. For more crucial information about the differences in State laws, check the website or read legal uses here.


Our Verdict…

As with every other product, what’s right for you depends on the features you need, your preferred pricing plans and user interface.  

Even if all you need are the standard monitoring features, Mobile-Spy offers better bang for the buck because the Basic plan is equipped with many other features.

We will rate Mobile-Spy high because the website and control panel are smoothly designed, are easy to use and the overall service is good.

At the end of the day, Mobile-Spy can go a long way to fulfill your monitoring needs very economically.