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How Can I Monitor My Child’s Facebook Account?

how to monitor my child's facebook activities without them knowing

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Updated: July 2023

We’re guessing you got here in the process of scouring the internet for the most suitable app to monitor your child’s Facebook activity.

And you have reached just the place for it because in this post we are going to review the most efficient ways to track your child’s Facebook messages, namely:


1.      Establish and encourage communication

Be your child’s best friend and build a trusting relationship with them so that they know they can easily share the details of their social life with you.

Convey to your children that they should be comfortable discussing their online mistakes with you, the kind of friends they make on Facebook and their activities.

2.      Educate your child about cyber safety

Educate them about cyberbullying and discourage befriending strangers, let them know they should be comfortable telling you if they’re being bullied online.

Build trust that the discussion would help them find a solution rather than earn your bad graces. If there’s anything that alarms you, you can consider an app to remotely monitor your child’s Facebook activity – as we have described below.


3.      Login to your child account

Login to your child’s Facebook account by using his login credentials to see what information they have been sharing with others. Be wise while using them, because you will be snooping on their Facebook activities.

Do not comment or reply to any conversation.

4.      Save the day with a monitoring software

Often it can be difficult to have children feel comfortable with discussing their online activity with parents, especially where teens are involved. In such cases, it’s best to get help with most reliable Facebook spy appmSpy.


How to read someones Facebook messages without them knowing?

There’s a reason why mSpy has over 1,000,000 happy customers. Here’s a list of things you can monitor Facebook messages with mSpy’s Facebook monitoring tool:

a) Secretly Monitor Multimedia Messages

You can view photos and videos they are sharing with others. Easily spy on your child’s multimedia messages to sure they are safe online.

b) Remotely Monitor Facebook Chat

mSpy enables you to view conversation on Facebook messenger without his knowing. It also shows you deleted Facebook messages and also notifies you about every activity happening in your child’s life.

c) Web History

Monitor the websites your child is browsing via a secure control panel. Get notifications of internet history to track their internet addiction.

d) Other features

Whatsapp, SMS, Call logs, emails, location tracking and 25 more features!

Easily accessible from any browser.

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The 4 Simple Steps to Monitor Your Child’s Facebook

  1. Sign Up for the account by visiting official mSpy website here
  1. You will receive a confirmation email with the installation guide. On your target device, install mSpy and launch the program. iDevices require jailbreaking and Android devices need to be rooted for a full range of functions to be available.
  1. Once installed on the target smartphone or tablet, mSpy will begin to hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing, pictures, and videos and collect data about everything your child does on Facebook, including their Facebook chats.
  1. Log on to your online control panel from your personal smartphone or tablet and start monitoring logs of your child’s Facebook activity along with logs of incoming or outgoing calls, GPS location, IM, multimedia content, Internet browsing history and other activities on the target device.

Facebook Monitoring and A Lot More!

One of the best things about mSpy is that with all its new-age, constantly updated and upgraded features, it offers you very good value for your money. Their monitoring capacity is a lot more advanced than that of their competition.

It has never been easier to track Facebook conversations remotely without your child knowing.


Try Facebook Monitoring Software Now

Compatibility Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS

At a Glance…

Why should you take our word on this?

Because we have actually tested out the app and its monitoring capacity for a couple of months and then we’re sharing our findings here, based on our experience with this powerful Facebook message spy app.

mSpy comes at reasonable prices with loads of customer support. The performance is excellent and the results unparalleled so wait no more, get tracking with these treasures and protect your child!

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Q: Is it okay to monitor my child’s Facebook account?
A: As a parent, it’s essential to ensure your child’s safety online. Monitoring their Facebook account can be a responsible approach to protect them from potential risks and cyberbullying. However, it’s crucial to balance privacy and trust, and open communication with your child about the monitoring is essential.

Q: How can I monitor my child’s Facebook activity?
A: There are various ways to monitor your child’s Facebook account. You can use parental control apps that offer social media monitoring features. Additionally, you can set up the account together, establish privacy settings, and be friends with them to keep an eye on their activity.

Q: Are there any parental control apps specifically for monitoring Facebook?
A: Yes, several parental control apps provide specialized Facebook monitoring features. These apps allow you to track your child’s messages, posts, friend requests, and more, helping you stay informed about their online interactions.

Q: Can I monitor my child’s Facebook account without them knowing?
A: Monitoring your child’s Facebook without their knowledge is possible with certain parental control apps. However, it’s essential to have open conversations about online safety and establish trust, rather than relying solely on secretive monitoring.

Q: What risks should I be aware of when monitoring my child’s Facebook account?
A: While monitoring can help protect your child, it’s crucial to be aware of potential trust issues or the feeling of invasion of privacy. It’s essential to communicate openly and honestly with your child about your concerns and the reasons behind the monitoring.

Q: How can I ensure my child’s privacy while monitoring their Facebook account?
A: To respect your child’s privacy, establish clear boundaries about what you will monitor and why. Let them know that your intention is to keep them safe and not to invade their personal space. Encourage them to communicate openly if they encounter any issues online.

Q: Is it legal to monitor my child’s Facebook account?
A: As a parent or guardian, you have the right and responsibility to ensure your child’s safety, including their online activities. However, laws regarding online monitoring can vary by jurisdiction, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the laws in your area.

Q: Can Facebook itself provide parental control features?
A: Facebook offers some basic parental control features, such as privacy settings, but they may not be sufficient for comprehensive monitoring. Third-party parental control apps generally provide more robust monitoring capabilities.

Q: What other social media platforms should I monitor?
A: In addition to Facebook, you should consider monitoring other popular social media platforms your child uses, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok, as part of a comprehensive approach to online safety.

Q: How can I use monitoring as a tool to educate my child about online safety?
A: Monitoring can serve as a starting point for conversations about online safety. Discuss the potential risks of sharing personal information, interacting with strangers, and cyberbullying. Empower your child to make responsible decisions while using social media platforms.