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MobiStealth Review 2023 – A Customer’s Narrative!

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Updated: July 2022!

With two smart-ass teenagers of my own parading around the house with their smartphones glued to their noses, I have had my share of nagging when it comes to monitoring apps.

Having tried out and purchased a few recently including the likes of mSpy and FlexiSpy, I thought of typing out my experience with MobiStealth to see if it benefits another concerned parent.

So here goes my Mobistealth review!

What does MobiStealth have to offer?

Mobistealth is supposedly one of the most popular spy apps in the market, and I’ll sail you through its salient features.


When I sure am not getting any smarter with age, my kids sure are. The first thing that I felt after installing MobiStealth was – hey I get this! I am the kind of Mom who drops her phone flat on her face while trying to text lying down,

so this coming from me is HUGE! I can’t even use social apps well enough, but this was comparatively easier to get the hang of.

Phone compatibility

So my eldest has an iPhone and the youngest one has an Android from his daddy dear.

And Mobistealth covers all! Yes, that’s right, it’s actually even there for Android, woohoo! Now I don’t need to buy different apps to suit different phones.

If you have a similar spectrum of phone variability, you will also find the wide compatibility range quite useful.

  • iOS 14.x.x for Apple devices (non-jailbroken)
  • Android OS 4.0+
  • Symbian OS for Nokia devices
  • Windows and Mac for PC

No jailbreak needed

As jailbreaking renders the warranty of my eldest exuberantly priced iPhone, my husband and I weren’t quite in favor of it.

Mobistealth offers iPhone spy without jailbreak. However, keep in mind they are quite limited compared to those offered with jailbreak.

Also, you need the apple account details for monitoring, which is a huge pain to acquire. You can’t just go to my son and ask him to please tell his user ID and password, trust me.

So even though this is an available feature, it has many drawbacks compared to the jailbreak one. Mobistealth iPhone reviews are better for those using it on the jailbreak.

Customer care and support

This bit deserves a special mention, for as I mentioned before I small not exactly tech-savvy, in fact, you can rather do well by calling me technologically challenged.

Mobistealth has live chat options which helped me create and set up the account and figure out how to get about with my monitoring needs. For someone like me, it’s a huge plus to have good support while doing anything to do with technology so I was over joy.

Spying galore

It is completely UNDETECTABLE. Once installed your child will not be aware that there is a spy app running on their phone in the background.

Mobistealth covers all the basic spying needs from text messaging to IM, to location monitoring and Live Call Recording. It offers features that are essential and suitable to protect and monitor devices for parents especially.

IMPORTANT: It also offers spying options for PC apart from Android, Symbian, iOS, etc.

Free updates

Once you purchase and install the Mobistealth app, all future updates are free, and you do not have to spend more money to purchase in-app updates, which is quite a relief.

Refund Policy

MobiStealth has 15-day post-installation and one month for pre-installation refund policy.

MobiStealth quick features highlight;

  • View text messages and call logs
  • You can now have a complete log of all sent and received text messages and call logs of your target phone.
  • Access to contact list and Calendar
  • Let’s you know about the target contacts and upcoming event information.
  • IM chat monitoring and
  • Enables monitoring conversations via BBM, MSN, Skype, Whatsapp, Yahoo, Viber, KIK, and even line!
  • Monitor web browsing
  • Gives you an idea of what your kid’s interests are online by giving you entire browsing history.
  • Location tracking
  • Enables you to monitor the target device’s location even when GPS is not on the phone.
  • Monitor emails and gallery: – Full access to all photos and videos sent and received ensures that no inappropriate content goes without your knowledge. Emails sent and received can also be viewed remotely.
  • Call Recording and Listening to Surrounding: –  You can not only record entire phone calls, now you can use the surround recording option to bug any environment that the target phone is at.

Mobistealth Review

What didn’t I like about MobiStealth?

Mobistealth does not offer a free trial, so you really have to rely heavily on reviews and can’t be too sure about your opinion of the app unless you purchase it.

  • There is increased battery drainage on the phone with the app installed, especially when features such as GPS tracking are used
  • There is a need for a stable internet connection on the spying end as well as the target phone end, which at times can make access to information difficult in areas with low connectivity.
  • If the target is using a Bluetooth device to make calls, the calls do not get the recording. This can be a nuisance if your target solely uses Bluetooth devices

How to get started?

mobistealth login

Step 1. Visit www.MobiStealth.com and sign up by selecting the OS monitoring option. For example, I chose iPhone spy software for my son’s iPhone

Step 2. Choose the plan out of 3 that best suits your monitoring requirements and your budget. There are three options to choose from with the Lite package being the cheapest and suiting most monitoring needs which I went for

Step 3. Borrow the phone you want to monitor somehow by making some excuse for 5/10 minutes and install the Mobistealth app on it

Step 4. Login to the Mobistealth account login, and view all the activity of the target phone

Step 5. If you can’t access the phone, you can use the Apple ID and password in the MobiStealth dashboard to monitor the device


Over to you…

Overall I enjoyed and fully benefited from installing Mobistealth so it’s a tracking solution that I personally wanted to share with anyone who is looking for a monitoring solution.

MY MobiStealth review is mainly on a mom’s side, however, corporate and spouses would also benefit from the surveillance solutions it offers.

>>Visit MobiStealth Website for a full Run down<<