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How to Hack Facebook Messages without Password?

spy hack facebook messages without their password

There are numerous motives to hack someones Facebook account. There might be few reasons to do this for the reason that of the breach of privacy but there is likewise some genuine reason.

You could be a troubled parent looking to control your child when you doubtful they are somewhat like drug misuse or are absent classes to bump into boys. To hack someone’s Facebook account you need a safe and smart solution which can capture all activities of targeted Facebook account.


Updated: Jan 2020

In this post, we will discuss the best ways to hack someone’s facebook messages without password.

After reading, a common user of computer would have enough knowledge on how to hack into someone’s facebook account without knowing them.

Furthermore, to hack into someone’s Facebook account, you need to apply few tactics. For instance, some of them can be done online through various websites and they are free, while others may need an application installed on the system to do this whole process.

All the different methods have their pros and cons. Here, we will try to cover and discuss all of the possible methods. These methods delink the moral stigma of hacking and the applicator of them, which, in effect, make them psychologically acceptable to the user.


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Here, we will try to cover and discuss all of the possible methods. These methods delink the moral stigma of hacking and the applicator of them, which, in effect, make them psychologically acceptable to the user.


Following are some methods that qualify this regime and assist in hacking the Facebook account without the password.   

Part 1: Hack Into someone’s Facebook account by the mean of Online Websites

Part 2: Hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing through Facebook hack spy

Part 3: Hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing By Manual Process


Part 1: Online Method to Hack Facebook

hack facebook account online

Another method of hacking a Facebook account without using an app is entering the target Facebook ID through a website. The website team then does all the work and would produce the password for you within a few minutes.

There is no way to track back to you neither are you subject to any cybercrime law since the process is essentially a split procedure where you are only using the ID which, invariably is not confidential information on the internet.

The best thing about using a website to hack an account is that not only is it free and quick, it is also highly an effective method as it does not require downloading any spyware or target cell phone ID.


With Pros, it also has some negative factors, as you do not know the team of website or any member so it is completely untrustworthy and unreliable. When you are doing something like hacking you have to and you need to trust as they can backstab you also.

How to do It?

  • Open the desired website and click on Hack online Button.
  • Enter the Facebook URL of ID that is to be hacked beginning with Http://
  • Click on the “Hack This Facebook Account” Button

Subsequently, the website would generate a password for the intended ID. The combination of ID and password can then be used to log into the desired account as a bona fide user.


Part 2: Hack Facebook messages without password using Facebook hack spy

mSpy is a software, which comes with an inbuilt ley logger and a monitoring system. This software is compatible with computers as well as iOS and Android phones. Today’s social media is highly dependent on cell phones; therefore, this app comes in very handy and easy to access.   

It needs less than a few minutes to install and work all over the Globe. I couldn’t imagine it to be so informal to check someone’s messages!!!


This Facebook spy app lets you track someone’s private messages on Facebook, updates, contacts, check position messages and do more with Facebook tracking system presented by Facebook hack spy.

 mspy download

Now, the Question is that how it works and how it can really do what we are looking for?

After the App is installed on a targeted PC or Cell phone from where the facebook account is logged in, it starts to work remotely and do everything on its own. This is the simplest way to which anyone can access the account of Unknown Person without them knowing.

After the Installation of this App, the backend Process starts and this App sends all the data including password and email to intruder which can be viewed by them after they logged into myPanel.

facebook chat spy

This software is a lethal and legal reputed App that is used nowadays. A user can easily check his child’s accounts and it can be very handy in many perspectives if not used in a negative way.


  1. You can nearly spy everything on targeted mobile. It has some great set of features that are all you expect from the best Facebook spy app, and software delivers nothing less.
  2. It’s very convenient and reliable, safe to use. Comes with some of the good marketing reviews.
  3. You get 24/7 support.

 My top pick from over 10 other pieces I’ve tested, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PRODUCT!


Additional Features Of mSpy Facebook spy:-

Facebook messages can be easily tracked with time, date and message content. It can do much more:

  • Text messages tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Web history
  • photos and videos
  • Any online chat tracking
  • Whatsapp message Tracking


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Part 3: Manual Method of Hacking an account without knowing Person

Last but not the least, if anyone who is thinking that above-mentioned methods are bit hectic or involve a risk factor and they are looking for simpler or maneuver way to do this work then there is another method which is known as Manual method, because, it does not involve any app downloading neither going to any website and being in doubt about whether it works or not.

In this Process, a User is going to open a Facebook home page and then will have to check on forgot password option which is built in by facebook in case you may forget your password. Here, the user/intruder will enter the targeted ID and then will click on forget password option.

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