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How to Spy on your Spouse Facebook Messages?

spy hack facebook messages without their password

How to find out if your spouse is cheating on Facebook?

When scrolling down your newsfeed are you getting concerned by your significant other getting Facebook chummy with someone? Does your husband have female friends on Facebook who he keeps commenting on a little bit more than necessary?

Do you think your husband is texting another woman on Facebook as he stays up late at night, his garnish phone screen light showing the lingering smile on his lips?

Well, you are not wrong; all these are signs of a spouse cheating on you on Facebook.


Updated 2022

However, before you confront him you will need to gather some evidence else he will clearly deny everything and get extra careful about showing his interest in other women. You need to also find ways to spy on Facebook messenger chat as privacy allows for more intimate conversations.

Have you caught your husband in one of the signs mentioned above?

Fear not, let’s find a way to reveal these cheating spouses and show them their place!




Fear not, let’s find a way to reveal these cheating spouses and show them their place!

Step one: Determine the signs!

spouse cheating on facebook


If you think your spouse is cheating on you using Facebook, he will show cheating on Facebook signs that are not just phone related. Make a checklist of the signs I have mentioned below to determine if your spouse is truly cheating on you or is just stuck in a hectic work regimen!

Remember not to jump to easy conclusions as that can sabotage your relationship, always look for signs before concluding a problem.

  • They are paying little to no interest in you or what you have to say
  • They are spending too much time away from you and even when home avoids talking to you or interacting much with you
  • Staying up late at night and often on the phone
  • Being stuck on the phone throughout their free time
  • Deleting text messages/call history
  • They keep their phone password protected
  • Do not show any acknowledgment of you as a spouse on social media and upload solo photos
  • They keep liking and commenting on other females’ photos but not yours,
  • Keep their phone out of your reach, for e.g. even sleeping with their phone under their pillows.

Step two: Get started on gathering evidence!

catch a cheater on facebook

If you think your spouse is showing signs of cheating as mentioned above, you now need to move ahead and figure out a way to spy on them and gather evidence of exactly what they are up to.

It may sound like a tedious thing to do, but the first attempt should be of getting hold of their phone and trying to see who they are talking to on Facebook and messenger. Chances are that even if you crack their password and get through to their private conversations, they will be wiped clean.


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So now you ask me what can be done?

It’s time to take help from a foolproof option that is capable of spying on the messages and messenger chats of your cheating spouse. It is time to turn to a Facebook Messenger spy to find out who he is talking to on Facebook and get hold of all his intimate and private conversations that he has been keeping hidden from you all this time.


Step Three: Choose a Facebook Spy App



When choosing apps to catch a cheater the most important thing to consider is what phone your target is using, as different apps are compatible with different phones.

Choose an app best suited to your target phone and your spying needs. Spy apps give you multiple options including spying on calls, texts, Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Skype, etc. so you can not only use one way to catch a cheater but make use of several of the features offered.

mspy tracking app

Once you have purchased the app you will need to install it on your target phone to begin spying. My personal favourite is the award-winning mSpy app which is famous for being user-friendly and offering the best spy features!


Step Four: Remotely access Facebook and start monitoring!

facebook chat spy


Be a bit sneaky and grab the cheater’s cell phone to quickly install the app on it. You can easily get into your husband’s Facebook account and read his conversation with another person. You can see who someone is talking to on Facebook messenger and cheating on you – making all this a lot easier for you.


Compatibility – Most applications are suitable for Android, Apple iOS/Mac, and Windows OS. You will, however, need to keep in mind that advanced features in spy apps need rooted Androids to access all the features, and similarly iPhone needs jailbreak.

The basic features, however, are available even without jailbreak and root.

You will need to log in using the credentials you received on payment and making your spy account. This lets you spy on your target phone anywhere and at any given place using your own computer.

Don’t worry, the spy app works in complete secrecy which means your target has NO idea they are being monitored!


Let there Be the Truth!

Now you can hack all your partner’s secret messages and uncover the truth to really see what kind of person you had decided to commit the world to. This not only is for spouses but it can be used to spy on a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend or even an employee.

No matter who you are and where you come from you deserve nothing but the best and even if it does not seem to make sense why they cheated on you, with time you will realize it was for the best.

How to spy on Facebook Messenger chat?

The Facebook messages tracker will let you see who they are talking to in secret and see for yourself how sincere their vows of undying love were.

Always remember that it is better to know and see the truth in someone you share all your deepest secrets and fears rather than being fooled into believing them to be something that they never were.

The truth can hurt at times but it is always better to know the truth than to fool yourself into living a lie.

So chin up and march on!

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