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5 Easy Ways to Spy on an iPhone


how to spy on an iphone

How to spy on someone’s iPhone within the next five minutes?

You may have a number of reasons to spy on an iPhone.

Whether it is for ensuring the safety of your family or staying a step ahead of your employees, there are quite a few ways to spy on iPhone without installing software to get the job done.

You may have scoured the internet for the ultimate spying solution but got befuddled by the onslaught of information. There are tens of choices each having its pros and cons.

In this article, I have summarized the various ways you can spy on someone’s iPhone and highlighted the best method as well that offers the perfect solution for your monitoring needs.

Read on to find out!


1. Use an iPhone spy app

spy now

You could get an efficient iPhone spy app and gather REAL, concrete evidence, confirm your suspicions, and decide the way forward accordingly.

Download one of the iPhone spy apps and put it on the target phone to get access to all of their calls, texts, IM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Skype and email conversations even after they have been deleted from their phone!

Even you can track them with GPS in real time and remotely record their surroundings as well so that you have evidence about all of their whereabouts, all from the comfort of your online user panel rather than physically running around to get proof.


2. Hire a detective – an old method

You could hire a detective to keep tabs on your employees’ on the job iPhone usage – Only if you’re willing to blow off money without having guaranteed results.

Plus how can the detective even begin to track their phone activity?

Sounds ridiculous!


3. Physically spy on the iPhone

There’s the tempting physical spying avenue.

Now you can wait for your spouse or child to be soundly asleep and sneak out with their phone into the study or the bathroom only to realize they have changed the password!

It’s a risky job.

What if they wake up, catch you and become even more secretive in their ways?

Worse, they could charge you for violating their privacy rights and accuse you of mistrust!


4. Get help from tech-forensics experts

Get access to the phone’s web and browser histories via the help of computer forensics companies.

An expensive and tedious procedure.


5. Use spy cameras

For family, you could get a tiny camera and install it in their shirt buttons or purse latch and see the world of their phone through it.

Not very practical, is it?


Why is a spy app the best solution?

Because it’s the most effective and easiest way to spy on an iPhone. You might have tried other ways to spy on iPhone and come up with limited monitoring.

But this is a proven method as it gives you remote access to everything on the target iPhone without arousing any suspicion.

This method enables to access all this information from anywhere with a working internet connection, saving all the worry about finding the right time to safely and secretly sneak up on the target phone.

An iPhone spy app is an online detective working inside their pocket making sure that you are aware of everything that’s done on the phone so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety or your employees’ appropriate use of the iPhone.

It’s the safest, most practical and cost-effective option available.


How to put spy software on iPhone?

It involves 3 simple steps

Step # 1. Get a reliable spy software – simply visit the official website of either mSpy or Spyera and choose the package that suits your tracking needs. There are a bunch of reasons why we recommend that you use Spyera for a hassle-free tracking experience, read more on this below.

Step # 2. Install an app once you have selected the package of your choice, all you have to do is install the app on the jailbroken target phone.

And if you don’t have the opportunity for jailbreaking the device or just want to avoid the hassle,

click here to find out how to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking!


However, please understand that installing a spy app on somebody’s iPhone without prior consent is against the laws. So you should check the local laws to see whether your monitoring purposes are legal or not.

Step # 3. View data online the last step is finally signing into your online dashboard and start monitoring! You can also have access to your online control panel from the comfort of your iPhone’s browser.

You have come to know the simple steps to put spy software on a phone. Now you will read which spy program is best to put on an iPhone.


Get this iPhone Spy App

Over to you…

Here I will recommend to use the best option to spy on an iPhone mSpy compatible with all iPhone models and firmware versions.

You can even send spoof SMS from the target device through this app, taking remote control of the phone to a whole new level and what’s even better?

You can use the same purchase to monitor a different supported device as well and they even offer a 100% money back guarantee within ten days of purchase!

What more does one need in an iPhone monitoring software?

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