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How can I see what my wife is doing on her phone, without her knowing?

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Track your wife’s phone without her knowing!

‘Everyone kept warning me but I was blind enough not to pay heed to them, and how could I? I never saw it coming. I laid my world at her feet and trusted her more than I could ever trust myself, and I ignored every sign of infidelity.

After everything I did for her, my wife cheated on me. I know it may be hard for any of you to understand what I went through, but she had an affair with another man right under my nose and I was blind enough to believe her lame excuses.’

The above narrative is my friend, who chooses to stay anonymous for obvious reasons. He is deeply depressed and in great turmoil, so I decided to write his narrative and share how he caught his wife cheating so many others can be saved from ignoring the obvious signs of a cheating woman.

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How to spy on your wife’s phone?

His solution was in the form of Spyera, let you spy on a cheating wife and we shall divulge how it unfolded pieces of the puzzle one by one as you read on.

spy on cheating spouse


Is she where she is supposed to be?

My friends starting planting seeds of doubt, one saw her in a café downtown when she told me she was at work, another time when she claimed to be home. I needed a more foolproof way to find her location because she refused point blank upon questioning.

What does she always carry with her, a bag, lipstick, and her phone? The best solution, she carries it everywhere with her! I asked around and someone told me to install Flexispy on her phone, and after that, I could see where she had been, and entire routes she had taken on my control panel.

geo fencing


She was literally clueless and I knew each time she was lying to sneak off. Tracking my wife’s phone via GPS, pinpointed me her exact location at any time via Flexispy, leaving no room for being fooled!


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How to track someones iPhone without them knowing?

She is always on her phone, who is she talking to?

Every night when I got back from work, she was on her phone. Every morning when I woke up from her screen light flashes into my eyes. She was always on the phone, texting away and ignoring everything around her, including me! I needed to track her incoming and outgoing texts, so I used Flexispy for this.

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Get your wife’s text messages in an online control panel without her knowing


It recorded all her texts and let me view it whenever I found the time, and I was scandalized by the conversations.  She never found out that I could view all her conversations, so she was as bold as ever.

All in one, my wife was unfaithful to me.


My wife showed all the signs of infidelity

my wife texts his ex boyfriend

I had seen all the signs and I had felt the hostility, but before I didn’t have proof.

Using Flexispy enabled me to access all the private information transferred and received via texts and IMs hence providing me substantial evidence to save myself from a dishonest wife. Thanks to Flexispy I could spy on my wife without her having any knowledge,

I could access her GPS location and track her, as well as view her texts. Flexispy changed my life, and if you can feel all the signs, it may as well save yours.

Do I need physical access to her device?

Well, you have both options with and without physical access. You can track her infidelity and spy on your wife’s phone without touching it. For more information, click here

To Sum up – Unlike an ordinary application, these apps do not show an icon on the phone’s home screen or even get detected. They run in the phone’s background and your wife will never be able to figure out that you have an undercover agent hired to keep an eye on them for you.