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5 Stealth Apps to Catch a Cheater

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“Cheating and lying aren’t struggles; they’re reasons to break up.” That’s how the author of Between the Tides, Patti Callahan Henry, puts it. And there is absolutely no denying that.

Only a few relationships can endure such jagged times particularly when one partner has doubts about the significant other’s faithfulness. Spouse’s infidelity is a centuries-old practice, regrettably speaking.

One could only wish for having a surreptitious way to catch your betraying wife or husband, however, today technology offers you better solutions in the form of apps to spy on your spouse.


Read on to find out more…

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Is my spouse cheating on me?” If you have this question giving you sleepless nights, there’s probably something your sixth sense is nudging you about. However, before you completely give in to your instincts, you need to look for signs of a cheating spouse to confirm your suspicions.

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating!!!

Obviously, nothing feels worse than being deceived by someone who you trust more than your life.

In 2017, infidelity has become a murky business. With modern technology being readily available, it has given people the liberty to connect with each other more than ever before – but this has downsides, with extramarital affairs, betrayals, and rising cases of infidelity being on the top of the list.

Recent infidelity statistics reveal that in over ⅓ of marriages, either one of the partners admits to cheating. But, you can’t just go on confronting your partner and ask them about their affair…you need proof of their infidelity!

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It’s best to always have some substantial evidence before you can give your verdict.


Cheating Spouse Signs

The following signs will help you get an idea of how to catch a cheating husband or an unfaithful wife:

  • Late homecomings…or maybe getting cozy with a coworker?!!

They come home very late. If your better half seems to have started spending more time at work, then it could also be one of the signs your spouse is cheating with a co-worker!!!

 spy on cheating husband app

  • Forgetting your marriage anniversary and even your birthday!
    They miss or forget your date night, anniversary, birthday, or some other important day because they have their own “commitments”.
  • A secret password on the phone!
    A password-protected lock on their mobile phones that you could never see coming, plus they get really protective about it when you’re around. There’s also a possibility of having another phone that you don’t know about!

she is having an affair

  • No time for romance?!
    No more romantic moments because your spouse always has some excuse…

my husband still talks to his ex girlfriend

  • Priorities don’t involve you or your family anymore?

             They are hardly there for family time, missing family dinners, get-together events, etc.

  • New hair-do, new dressing sense…is it because of some newfound love?
    They have started dressing differently…in a good way and
    become very conscious about the way they look.

To put it concisely, when your partner isn’t there anymore…then the question is… where are they? What keeps them so occupied? Who are they spending their time with?

Scott Dikkers of You Are Worthless: Depressing Nuggets of Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day says, “There is a 65 percent chance that the love of your life is having an affair. Be very suspicious.”

You could be that 65 % too!

However, even if your double-dealing partner does agree to have an extra-marital affair, there are hardly a few relationships that can survive. And, in case, if the relationship does continue, you’ve got to find out the possible reasons for your spouse’s sudden need for an affair.


Probable reasons why partners cheat on their spouses

Jessi James, aged 38, only meant to spy on her iPhone to find out who her husband’s new love interest is. It’s in fact just not an eccentricity that is driving Jessi nuts; almost every second person has the same sense of agitation and curiosity eating them up inside.

There is perhaps no worse feeling in a relationship than knowing that your partner is being disloyal. It’s like cold fingers of fear creep up your spine, squashing your heart so hard that it splits into a million little pieces.


Nevertheless, let’s take a minute to logically think about what caused all this in the first place. Why would your marriage be falling apart if you think everything had been going so well? Why would your spouse need the companionship of another?

There is ALWAYS a reason for everything after all!


Here are possibly four reasons why people cheat:

1.       Low esteem, or some unresolved issues from the past:

Sometimes your spouse might not be feeling very secure about themselves, such as suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, or some past issues that you both didn’t deal properly. As a result, your spouse will seek comfort outside in form of affairs. When this is the case, people often end up creating a drama and later use this fear or bizarre state of mind as an excuse for everything that happened.

2.       Running away from commitments or responsibility:

Fear of being committed to someone is something not many people can deal with. They sense death to their freedom and free will. Or, they just want to run away from all the responsibilities that a serious relationship demands. They start seeking an escape because of the suffocation they start to feel in their relationship.

3.       Love is …missing…!

Have you been somewhat neglecting your partner? Well, there you go! That’s one of the biggest reasons for the significant other to go out to seek love, romance, attention, and a sense of security because there is a scarcity of it in their lives.

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4.      Partner’s needs not being filled

Are you fulfilling all your partner’s needs, be it physical or emotional? Men, particularly, need this sense of confidence that their partners care about their feelings and value them. Lack of it and they’re…gone…



Don’t go on confronting them directly or expecting them to come to you and spill it all. There is no way it will get you the results that you have in your mind.

You need a proper plan to approach this…and that too wisely…and stealthily…because you need to first be sure that your doubts have a real footing or you’ll just be shooting in the dark.

What you need is a cheating spouse app! Read on to find out about this secret weapon you can use to gather online evidence of their betrayal.


How can I catch a cheating spouse?

Stalking your partner? It’s an outlandish idea. Hiring a detective? Do you think it’ll work? Or can you even afford to hire a private eye??

catch a cheating wife

Well…cheers to technology! We have various ways to catch our culprit red-handed. From spy cameras in pens to hidden surveillance cameras, there are now even better ways to snoop on your spouse.


How can I catch a cheating spouse using an app??!!

Since they are very protective about their phones, with a cheating spouse app, you can monitor them using their phones as your weapon for spying. With apps to catch a cheating spouse, this task won’t be difficult at all.

You would no longer have to worry about how to catch a cheating spouse texting or calling in the middle of the night because these apps work 24/7 like your hired detective while letting you stay up-to-date on every move they make.

mspy download

How do these apps work?

Could you have ever imagined that you would be easily able to track your cheating spouse online?

With these apps to spy on your spouse, you can easily monitor their phone activities without being noticed. You can easily purchase and install these applications on your smartphones, which begin recording all the phone data soon as the app is activated.

Unlike an ordinary application, these apps do not show an icon on the phone’s home screen or even get detected. They run in the phone’s background and your spouse will never be able to figure out that you have an undercover agent hired to keep an eye on them for you.

 how spy apps work

Features of a cheating spouse application:

These apps offer to monitor for:

  • Call logs,
  • Monitoring messenger logs (Whatsapp, Facebook IM, iMessage, Skype, Line, etc),
  • SMS logs,
  • Contacts,
  • Internet browsing history,
  • Media files(images and videos),
  • social media activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,
  • VoIP app calls and messages,
  • Memos and calendar activities, and
  • Phone tracking using the phone’s GPS

These apps support spying on phones and tablets running on:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Mac OS

flexispy login

Hence, next time you want to check your cheating spouse’s text messages on their iPhone, you wouldn’t need to fret over how to do it.


With multiple options around, choosing the best app to catch a cheating spouse can be a bit tricky. The criterion for choosing the best spyware to catch a cheating spouse differs for everyone since some prefer cost, some go for quality, and some go for word of mouth or reviews of other users.

You can get information about your prospective app through its website or by reading reviews of other existing customers.

mspy tracking app 

There you have it…the solution to your problems has been answered! Installing a reliable spouse spyware app on your spouse’s phone will get your worries away for once.