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iPhone 6 Spy App – Remotely Monitor Every Activity on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

 how to spy on iphone 6

You want to see what someone is doing on their iPhone and in this case iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus. You want to monitor the target phone hassle-free, remotely, and without jailbreaking the iPhone?

Your questions are answered here!


Updated: January 2020


iPhone spy app has made it possible for you. Now you can view what your children are up to on their iOS devices using your smartphone either it’s Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows phone with a stable internet connection.

Read on to know how can you monitor iPhone remotely using an iPhone spy app.

You see iPhone spy apps for iPhone are offered by many surveillance software providers and each one claimed to be the best amongst all. Here, I am going to review the most reliable spy app for iPhone and the name of this app is mSpy.

I have tested this monitoring app on my iPhone for several weeks and it worked well on my iPhone without any hassle.



How Can You Spy on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without Jailbreak?

How to Put Spyware on an iPhone?

Purchase the package of your choice and grab the phone for few minutes after reading the simple instructions in the email you provided during checkout. It costs you $8.33/month with all advanced monitoring features.

Download the app on your target iOS device, and follow the instructions. Once you have finished the installation process, you need to login into your control panel by using login credentials you received in your email.

It’s a web-based platform allowing you to monitor and control the iPhone remotely without their knowledge.


What will you Monitor on iPhone?

You will monitor a lot more and start loving this software. I am going to highlight the key features. For a full list of features, you can check their website.

 mSpy solution

Key Features of iPhone 6 Spy App:

Read SMS and Emails

No activity on iPhone 6 will be hidden from you. mSpy shows you the details of emails and text messages communicated to other persons.

View Call Logs

Not only, you will see the log of calls made but also enables to restrict the incoming calls on iPhone.

View Websites Browsed

You can view the websites they are visiting on Safari or using any browser. You can also see the Wi-Fi network they are connected to.

Track GPS and Current Location

You can locate iPhone 6 any time by logging into your control panel. Monitor the routes they are moving to use this mSpy app.

Geo-fencing on iPhone

iPhone 6 spy app enables you to set boundaries and get email alerts if your child enters that area.


View Facebook, Whatsapp, iMessage, Skype and Viber activities

You can monitor someone’s instant messages and view them remotely. This app has the ability to record everything from chat to photos, videos shared on Skype, iMessage, Whatsapp, and Viber.

It can also monitor deleted data.


View SnapChat and Line activities

This is the latest feature of the mSpy app and lets you monitor Snapchat and Line conversation.


You will see all keystrokes made on your iPhone.

Control Installed Apps

You can see the apps your daughter has installed on her iPhone to make sure her safety over social networks.

Remotely Uninstall

This is the new feature of mSpy enabling you to remotely uninstall the software by logging into control panel – without them knowing.


How does it work?

As mentioned on the mSpy website that iPhone users will have no idea they are being monitored – as it’s invisible and completely undetectable. It means no icon appears after downloading the software.

The control panel starts updating the monitored activities immediately once they happened on the target iPhone.

By putting mSpy on your target device, ‘you confirm your intention to use the software for the legal purpose by installing it on your own device’ – I discourage its illegal use without prior consent of target device owner.

I cannot provide legal advice as I am not a legal expert so you must contact legal counsel of your choice before using mSpy.


Compatibility with iOS

iPhone spy app is compatible with 13.x.x


Remote Installation

For working on iPhone spy app on iPhone 6, the phone must be jailbroken. No worry, jailbreaking is an easy method and you can do it without any expert’s help.

Previously, we have reviewed iPhone spy app no jailbreak solution which enables you to remotely monitor iPhone without jailbreaking.


What is the Control Panel?


The target device must be connected to the internet for software installation and control panel update.

The Control panel is the area where you view all the activities happening on your target device. It enables you to hack an iPhone remotely and uninstalls the app without knowing them.

It automatically updates the logs and you view them by using your login credentials. You can remotely spy on iPhone and monitor everything without physical access to the phone.


Is mSpy a Reliable Company?

You can reach mSpy phone number mentioned on their website and they have offices in the US and UK. I see they take care of their customers and quickly response customers’ queries. They accept payment through credit card and Paypal.

They have over 100,000 satisfied customers and are serving in this industry for many years.


Get this iPhone 6 Spy App


Over to You

So here is how can you son on iPhone and monitor what they are up to on their iOS devices. If you feel you need technical help, contact mSpy chat support agent available to you 24/7.

I liked their products – easy to install and the control panel which is easy to use. None of the apps is offering amazing features at this cost. I hope this review has enabled to consider when you are looking for a quality spy software program.