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5 Apps that Let you Limit Kids Screen Time!

 Screen time apps


Best apps to limit kids’ screen time!

Are you worried that your child spends too much time online? Want to limit screen time without seeming intrusive?

Do not worry you are certainly not the only parent who has been going through this dilemma. Parents, especially in this day and age face this problem very frequently.

When asked what they do to stop their child from over usage of phones and tablets, they simply do not have an answer.



What is the screen time app?

So what is screen time? It is basically the total amount of hours your child spends doing activities related to a screen which includes television, play stations, mobile phones, and tablets.

Screen time app gives parents control over kids’ screen time and restricts inappropriate web browsing. These screen time apps help you by setting a timer for your child’s gadget, after which the gadget is locked, and your child cannot use it until you grant permission.

Most of these are linked to the parent’s mobile phone through which the parent can unlock the gadget when they feel it’s appropriate.

To help those parents in need, the article below sums up the pros and cons of various apps to limit screen time – help each parent choose the best way of screen time parental control.

How much screen time is too much for children?

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Psychologists and doctors agree with the fact that an adult somewhere in his teens should not have more than 3 hours of screen time which includes television, mobile phone, PS4, and any gadget which puts stress on your eyes. This is more restricted for children as they have sensitive eyes and are still in their growing years and so much exposure could affect them.

Best Apps to Limit Screen Time

Here is my screen time apps review that will give you further insight as to how you can use each of these apps.

5. FamilyTime

4. Pumpic

3. OurPact

2. ScreenTime Labs

1. mSpy


5. FamilyTime

Limiting screen time for kids is a must and hence this is another app to limit screen time. This screen time app for kids works on both iOS and Android offers the following features;

  • Block Internet, Apps, and Contacts
  • Track text messages, location, and schedule device use
  • SOS / Panic Button Alert
  • Limit Screen Time for iOS and Android
  • Teen Safe Drive
  • Call and Web History

There is an app blocker and a contact blocker so that some people cannot contact your children if you don’t want. Further, you can also set the speed limit your child reaches when he is using the device. A 3-day free trial is available.



4. Pumpic

pumpic app download

A free screen time app for Android is known as Limitly. This app helps monitor your child’s mobile phone usage by tracking calls, checking contacts, and keeping a limit on the number of texts. Further online activity can be limited by blocking certain websites and keeping a constant check on the browsing history.

With more than 24 useful screen time rules, it also helps to control daily activities for example location tracking.


3. OurPact

OurPact app

Being a screen time app for iPhone and Android simultaneously, it solves all of the problems that parents face in controlling their child to have limited use of gadgets.

This app aims to teach the child their responsibilities with technology. The owners of this app believe in empowering children for what decisions their parents make as well.

You can set your child’s schedule and when you want them not to play games, and their gadgets will be locked at that time. Some obvious advantages of this technology include some gadgets can be controlled by downloading the app just once.

Also, it helps to control your child’s internet usage by keeping a close look at what they are seeing to help keep them away from any dangers.


2. ScreenTime Labs

screen time app subscription

This is one of the unique apps to limit screen time which also acts as a screen time app for iPad. Being compatible with both Android, iOS and any Amazon gadget. 

I believe that this app is one of the best I have seen so far because it informs me before my kids install any new app.

In addition to that, I can stop them from uninstalling this app and set a specific time on the individual apps for their school time or bedtime. It is always with me on the go as I can change the settings with my mobile phone.

One of the biggest advantages of this app is that when kids are good, I can always give them some bonus time as a reward.

There is a free trial for this app and the basic version is free whereas the premium version with extra benefits is $3.99 per month.


1. mSpy

mSpy to secure your kids

Screen time app review for this particular app mentions the infinite benefits it provides to its users. Not only is it compatible with iOS and Android like all other apps it also provides coverage for all tablets, hence is a screen time app for iPods as well too.

There is a particular mSpy for computers and a different one for mobile phones.

mSpy usually works by collecting data remotely from a particular device on which it is installed and then shows all the data on the control panel which is accessible through any internet browser.

mSpy screen time parental control helps you manage calls, track messages, read emails, track the person’s location and even track Viber, Skype, and all other IM apps and also sets some screen time rules.

mspy app to limit screen time

mSpy for computers gives various other advantages like taking screenshots of desktops now and then, using a keylogger to protect your child when he goes online, and checking all the installed applications and their application use. A free trial is available whereas the premium version costs you $7.99 per month.

  • The supported devices are iPhone, iPads, Android phones, tabs, MAC, Windows computer
  • Read Our mSpy Review

Over to you…

In my opinion, mSpy parental control app is one of the best apps to limit screen time because it covers a wide range of media problems from which you want to protect your child and gives you a solution to all of them. Although this might be a bit expensive initially however once bought will give you unlimited advantages.

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