Can you spy on an iPhone without Apple ID or password?

Whether you are interested in what your co-workers are up to or what activities your child or spouse is into during the dead of the night, the simple answer to your question is no, you simply cannot spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password unless you wish to jailbreak the phone.

Is it possible to spy on iPhone without Apple ID or Password?

Apple has many strong security measures which make it impossible to spy on iPhone without Apple ID as information can be reset and accessed simply with the Apple ID even if the phone has been lost.

Apple’s extremely strict security makes it extremely difficult to find alternative ways of accessing a user’s account.


Updated: May 2022


Why would I want to spy on someone’s iPhone?

Everyone has their own reasons and circumstances if you’re here asking this question I am sure you may have some suspicions of your own.

Coming to the general reasons why people like spying on other iPhones, the major reason would be a lack of trust.

If you feel that someone is spending a suspicious amount of time on their iPhone and it’s making you feel uncomfortable, that’s a good enough reason.

It could be one of your children, spouse, co-workers or even one of your own friends! You can never trust anyone in this time and age.


Can you spy on an iPhone without Apple ID?

The only way to spy on someone’s iPhone without Apple ID is by jailbreaking an iPhone which is not the best idea, at least in my opinion. It can lead to the iPhone warranty becoming void and also can lead to the bricking of an iPhone which can make it completely useless.

How do I spy on iPhone without jailbreak?

There are many spy apps available in the market that can be used to spy on iPhone but all of them need Apple ID. You need to have Apple ID to avoid jailbreaking the phone.

One of the best apps I have come across is mSpy for spying on iPhone without jailbreak.

The most reliable way to spy on iPhone – mSpy

app monitor your kids and employees' activites

You don’t need to jailbreak the device or install anything but you need to know the iCloud login details and make sure the iCloud back-up is enabled.

Once you are certain that you want to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking, here’s what you will have to do.

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Obtain the iCloud credentials for the phone:

It is necessary to get the Apple ID and password before you try doing anything else as it is not possible to spy on iPhone without installing software.

Check for compatibility:

You will then need to check if the iPhone you want to spy on is supported by mSpy. mSpy offers compatibility with iOS versions 7 – 15.x.x the latest one.

Purchase the iPhone spy no jailbreak:

Once you have checked for compatibility, check mSpy for the packages offered to see which one suits your needs best. They start from as low as $0.99 per day for the basic package per month which is what I opted for.

As soon as your payment is complete you will receive an email with all the instructions.

Setup your control panel:

Create your ID and select a password to set up the control panel. This allows you to monitor the target phone whenever you want, at your convenience.

You simply need to log on to your control panel and choose to view whatever you want including calls and messages from your target phone.


What features can you monitor on the iPhone?

  • No installation required
  • WhatsApp
  • Automatic Updates
  • Text Messages, iMessage
  • Call history
  • Contact List
  • Calendar, Notes, Tasks
  • Installed Applications
  • Website History
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Includes 24/7 Live chat and email technical support


It allows you to browse through and get names, addresses and other details that the target has saved on his phone, enabling you complete access to the people they are in contact with.

browse through and get names, addresses and other details that the target has saved on his phone, enabling you complete access to the people they are in contact with.

Call and message logs:

With this feature, you can figure out who your target has been talking to, what time duration they spoke for and how many times a day they speak to each other. Even if the target deletes their call log from their own iPhone, you can spy on their call details on iPhone without their Apple ID and password with the help of mSpy.

Browser History:

If you are interested in spying on which websites the person visits, the spy app also gives full details on the browsing history.

Whatsapp logs:

With more people using WhatsApp to communicate instead of normal texts and calls, this feature comes in handy as you can monitor as the photos sent and received along with the text messages.

Installed apps:

This allows you to view all apps that the target installs on their phone, including games, dating apps as well as Instant Messaging apps.

Spying on the iPhone was never this easy!

Don’t fall in the traps that lure people in with wrong claims on how they can help you spy on iPhone without jailbreaking and need for Apple credentials. What sounds too good to be true, is mostly untrue!

While it’s necessary to have the person’s Apple ID and password, the opportunities of spying after it are limitless. So stop falling for tall claims and settle down into foolproof spying today.

Compatibility: iOS 7 – iOS 15.x.x

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