Parents: Should You Snoop on your Child’s Phone?


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The Modern era of teenage is addicted to the internet, social media and Instant messaging apps. This is an alarming sign for parents who don’t want their children to be exposed to adult content or being a part of adult activities that include sexting and watching pornographic materials.

But! They can’t keep an eye on their kids’ online activity every time, neither can they do kids stalking so, they need a third smart eye that can also be called Snapchat spy apps and internet monitoring software to know what, where, why and when their kids are indulged in any adult activity.

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Do you think it’s ethical?

Let’s check out the facts and figures regarding sexting and misuse of IM apps to decide if parents should snoop

5 Disturbing Facts: Sexting among Teens

  • Do you know that 80% of teens who have ever texted are under eighteen?
  • Teenagers should know that 17% of the sext receivers shares it while 55% of them shares it with more than one people
  • 22% of the teen girls and 18% of the boys have admitted about sexting
  • 70% of the teens who ever sext, done so far with their boyfriend/girlfriend, whereas up to 60% of the teens admitted that they did sext under pressure

Worst Apps for Kids

Teenage kids are affected by the sexting trends. Smartphones are not making the teenage smart, but worst apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram are pushing towards hell.

Although picture messages sent via Snapchat disappears from the phone within 10 seconds, once the message is seen, still people can take snapshots and share it with others.

According to a research based on Australian teens, around half of the teens said that they lie to their parents about what they do on the internet, a quarter of them agreed on owning secret accounts and more than half of them admitted having private data on their phones.


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Teens and Texting – What do Parents Need to Know?

Teens are very much inclined towards texting and sexting personally by providing sexually explicit images on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, etc. Thus, these acts add a lot in harming their reputation and diverting their minds to the wrong side.

Parents need to know what their kids are doing behind their backs. They are sharing their sexual explicit photos publically via Facebook, Instagram, and other mediums.

This is how they are harming themselves. They must know the reasons behind their suspicious activities, sleepless nights, loss of self-esteem, depression, loss of appetite and the affected grades. Searches of such links are increasing day by day and the teens are observed in playing an equal part in watching and adding to adult stuff.

This makes the parents responsible for not paying heed to monitor kids online activities.

There are kids monitoring apps that help parents to track their phone and monitor their online activities. Phone spy apps like mSpy and MobiCip help parents to monitor their kid’s internet activity and smartphones too, helping them figure out the reasons behind their distracted routines, also preventing them from such future activities.

This would certainly save their future ahead.


Should Parents Snoop?

mSpy to secure your kids

Stalking is not the complete solution to this issue. Do spy on your child’s phone confirm if your kid is a part texting, if yes you have to make your tone friendly while explaining things regarding the harms of nudity and pornographic activities.

You must pinpoint those advantages that you think can deeply convince your child to stay away from this. You can try asking reasons behind these inadequate acts so that you could cut the roots of this activity.

If you find your kid safe from sexting, educate her properly about this issue and show them alarming statistics and after effects in order to keep them safe in future too.


What are Legitimate Solutions to Sexting and Cyberbullying?

Other than surveillance apps, parents can play a vital role in ensuring cyber safety so, you can add some limitations to your child’s internet hours. With this, you can distract them from this activity to any healthy game or hobby. Shape your child the way you want with the help of your friendship and rules.


Teach digital etiquettes and explain cyberbullying in depth. If you are in the country that supports sexting act bill then you must aware your child about sexting laws.

Summing up

Spying or stalking is just a way to confirm if your kid is innocent or indulged in sexting, the solution to this problem lies in communication.

Listen to the problems of your child and sought out the issues with them so that they could proceed towards a healthy teenage life.

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