How to track my husband’s phone without touching it?

Previously, we discussed the ways to expose husband’s infidelity and here we are going to tell you how can you track your husband’s phone without touching it?


Read on to know how you can do just that!

Are you suspecting your husband of infidelity? Thanks to the increased use of phones keeping a track on your husband have become extremely difficult if not completely impossible. The important thing for you to do keep an eye on your husband and track his phone without touching it so he doesn’t even know what you are up to.


What do I need to track my husband’s phone without touching?

You need to calm down and sort yourself out to figure out exactly how you can track your husband’s phone without even getting your hands dirty.

It’s your right to know what he is doing on his phone behind your back and the best way to do that is by tracking your husband’s phone without him knowing. provides a great solution to track him without touching their phone these days, so get ready to try them out for your benefit.


How can I spy on my husband’s phone without touching his phone?

  1. You can track an iPhone by using iCloud spy that doesn’t require physical access to his phone
  2. For Android, you can send him a secret and invisible text on his phone which start tracking the target phone without touching his phone

If you want to track your husband’s phone most methods need access to the phone to install the spy app on it.

Most of these apps like mSpy and Mobistealth do offer a solution in case you can’t touch the phone. You can contact your app company and they can provide some creative solutions to track your husband’s phone without touching it.


How I remotely tracked my husband’s phone?

cheating spouse app iphone

When I contacted my spy app they told me that they could help me spy on my husband’s phone without me touching the phone. They did this by sending various fake offers and apps with discounts and asking him to install them on his phone. He got tempted by one and installed it, voila!

It installed the spy app by fooling him and I was able to track my husband’s phone without him knowing!

  • Another way to track your husband’s phone location is to grab his phone when he isn’t around without him knowing 
  • You can get hold of his phone while he is in the shower and quickly put the spy app of your choice on his phone.

This method only involves touching the phone one time and then a lifetime of tracking your husband’s phone


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The Best of the Best & It really worked in my case!

Gift him a new iPhone with a pre-installed spy app

Want to come across as the perfect wife to not let your husband even guess you are busy suspecting him and trying to track his phone without touching it?

Giving a new iPhone as a present to your husband will make sure he doesn’t even suspect that you want to track his phone without him knowing.

After purchasing the phone you can install a spy app on it which is known for tracking phones without the husband knowing, and the best part is you won’t even need ANY access to his phone to do the necessary tracking.

You can even set up a new Apple ID and password for his new iPhone and use the details on a spy app and track your husband’s phone without even touching it once the app is installed by using his iCloud details on your spy app.


Which app lets me track my husband without him knowing?

I have had a chance to try out many apps that are free and paid to track my husband without him knowing and according to my experience I will tell you the best ones to track your husband without touching his phone. Your husband won’t even know you are tracking him.

How about free spy apps?

There are many different apps claiming that they can do a lot for free include tracking your unsuspecting husband.

I tried a few and they did help in tracking my husband without him knowing so my experience with spy apps has been great and successful at tracking him using spy apps without him knowing.


iCloud Spy – doesn’t require physical access

If your husband uses an iPhone mSpy even offers a simple solution to spy on your husband’s phone without even touching it! All you need is his iCloud username and password and you can track your husband’s phone without touching it.

For this, you either can take access to the phone once after which you can track your husband’s phone without touching it, or contact the app company for help in sending fake advertisements and offers to trick him into installing the app.

Once the iCloud spy is installed you will need to set up a control panel on your own account to view and track your husband’s phone at any time without even having access to it.

What features do these apps offer to track my husband without touching his phone?

There are a variety of features now at your disposal to spy on your husband remotely once you are done installing the app. The most convenient thing that I felt was that I could track my husband without him knowing.


The most useful features that I found to track my husband are:

View SMS message:

This feature lets me view entire conversation threads between my husband and others without him knowing. I do this by using my username and password to log on my own control panel that I can access from anywhere. This control panel tracks everything on my husband’s phone without me touching it.

Even if he deletes a message from his phone it stays on my panel for me to track whenever I want and lets me spy on his phone remotely at any time.

Track GPS location:

 If you want to track your husband’s location without him knowing, spy apps are an incredible option. You can find out the entire area mapped that your husband has visited with time stamps so you can know if he has been lying to you about his whereabouts on your control panel.

Spy on IM apps:

These days my husband tends to use WhatsApp and Snapchat far more than any other messaging platforms so I found it very easy to track my husband without him knowing with this feature. Every single conversation and message sent whether multimedia or audio is tracked using the spy app and known to me.

Now I know who he is talking to when he’s talking to them and what they are talking about, I can track all this without my husband knowing.

Spy on contacts and appointments:

 Is your husband making excuses about going for meetings and you think he’s lying? Now you can easily find out who he’s making friends with by spying on his contacts and know if he really has that meeting to attend by browsing through his appointments.

Your husband won’t even know that you’re tracking his phone but you will surely get to know about his next ‘meeting’.

View all multimedia messages:

My husband prefers to use Snapchat and thinks he’s so smart but he doesn’t know I am smarter and tracking his phone without him even knowing.

I even track his Snapchat photos and all the photos that are sent and received through his phone, so I know everything that is going on while he thinks I’ve never even touched his phone.

Monitoring web browsing:

My husband thinks he can do whatever he likes on his phone because I can’t track it as I’ve never even touched it, but he is very wrong. I know everyone single website he visits and searches for thanks to my spy apps and know exactly what he does without me knowing.

Tracking him is so simple and he doesn’t even know about it thanks to the spy apps running invisibly on his phone!


How do spy apps work?

You will need to know the model of the phone that your husband uses to install the app of your choice to track his phone without him knowing.

There are also different apps for Android and iOS and you will have to choose accordingly.

After that you can purchase the package you like out of the many offered, they all have a difference in prices and the features so you can choose what you require to track your husband’s phone and get started.

mspy download

My final verdict!

I have been successful in tracking my husband’s phone without touching and without him even knowing that I do it. Many apps online claim a lot of things, but none of them come close to what mSpy and Mobistealth have to offer.

If you want to track your husband’s phone remotely there’s nothing better to do than install one of these apps on your husband’s phone without even touching it.

If you are feeling in doubt even after reading my experience, mSpy even offers a one week free trial for those of you who are still skeptical and want to see if it really will help you track your husband’s phone without him knowing.

You can try it for yourself now and thank me for it later

7 Ways to catch a cheating husband and get the infidelity exposed

catch a cheating husband

How to outsmart your clever cheating husband?

I recently met up with my sister to discuss my growing suspicions regarding my husband cheating on me using his Phone, however, he’s acting overly smart and trying to keep all his trails covered so we decided to put our heads together to figure out a way to catch my cheating husband.

The problem is my husband is smarter than average so it will be tricky catching him, seems like I will just have to outsmart him.

I will teach you a few tricks that I used to catch my cheating husband without him even figuring out!


How did you figure out your husband is cheating on you?

Well, it’s not easy if your husband is as smart as mine and likes keeping everything under wraps but there are signs of a cheating husband.

The best way to catch a cheating husband is by first making sure he has no idea that you are aware of what he is up to. Always remember that once you do this he will be on his guard and it will be impossible for you to catch your unfaithful husband.


Signs He’s no more loyal to you!

spy on cheating husband app

Is my husband having an affair?

— You will notice your husband having decreased interest in talking to you or

— Going out with you and increasing the time he spends outdoors and on his phone, mine sure forgot all about taking me out or talking to me and

— Buried himself deep in his phone even when he was indoors.

If your husband’s interest in you is deteriorating, you should definitely be alarmed and try to figure out what is up with him. It could be job stress or your dearly beloved may be more interested in another woman.


How do I catch my cheating husband without him knowing?

What is the best way to catch a cheating husband who is very clever?

spy on your cheating husband

1. Be smart

Okay, so you must be wondering, who don’t try being smart in situations like these?

Well, my friend, you will be surprised to see how many people act completely insane in situations like these where emotions take over common sense.

If you want to catch your husband cheating on you will need to make sure that he does not have a clue that you know and are suspecting him. You will need to spy on his phone without his knowledge.

Do not accuse him or confront him, and keep your eyes and ears open. I know you will hear advise like you should talk to him about this and sort it out, remember that if he’s actually cheating on you he will become very careful about his activities and if he isn’t, it’ll cause a serious issue with your marriage for being suspicious of him when nothing was happening.

So before you confront him you better be sure that he has been cheating on you.

2. Check his social media accounts

Considering everyone’s lives these days are built around social media it is useful to check the photos and people your spouse is interacting with on different social media and dating sites. It may as well be a dead giveaway to catch your cheating husband.

3. Try leaving your iPhone in his car

Another simple and non-suspicious way to figure out where your husband goes would be to leave your Phone in his car. How will that help, you say?

Well, I personally ‘accidentally’ left my phone in the car when my husband told me he had been called for some extra work in the office. Once he left I used the find my iPhone app to track where he was going and if it really was office or not.

This was probably the simplest and least suspicious hack I used to catch my cheating husband using iPhone.

4. Check messages with the help of his MacBook

If your husband has MacBook as well as an iPhone, you are in luck! Ask him to leave his laptop behind as you have some urgent work to do, using the iMessage you can see all the messages he has been sending and receiving via his iPhone and know who he has been talking to and what has he been talking about.

It’s one of the most reliable ways to monitor your lying husband with iPhone as long as you can convince him to let you use his laptop.

5. Hire a personal investigator

This may surprise you but PIs are usually hired in 90% of cheating couples to find evidence and prove that spouse is cheating. It is an expensive path to take but it has been proven to be quite effective for several couples going through suspicions.




Is it possible to catch a cheating husband by hacking an iPhone?

Of course is it is! Why would you even question that? It’s quite possible and actually the best way to catch a cheating husband because you get all the evidence you need to make your next move. If you hack an iPhone you can manage to monitor all the activities made using that phone whenever you want.

In my case, this proved very useful as it provided all the information needed to get a confrontation with my husband.


Can I hack into my husband’s iPhone?

Hacking apps are useful in hacking into phones and monitoring them. Spy apps iPhone also are the quickest solution to finding out how your beloved husband is cheating you using your iPhone.

What is a spy app and how does it work?

Okay, jokes apart spy apps are basically applications that you install on the target phone to get control of the activities that are performed using that phone and hence literally access everything the person does use that phone.

It works to give you mental peace and help teach your cheating slime of a husband a lesson!

Yes, you read that right!

You can access all the phones information because once you have a spy app installed on your husband’s phone, it’s literally like you’ve hacked into it and are hacking your cheating husband’s iPhone to catch him without the cheating spouse knowing.


Which app can I use to hack into my cheating spouses iPhone?

How can I tell what my husband is looking at on his phone – There are quite a few tracking apps on the market but the one I have first-hand experience with is mSpy.

It worked like magic, literally takes 5 minutes after it is set up for you to hack into your husband’s iPhone and catch him cheating without him even knowing what you are up to!


How do I use stealth monitoring software?

To use mSpy to catch your cheating husband using your iPhone you will first need to buy the app. There are many different versions of mSpy that are available to cater to different spying needs, hence choose the package that is most suitable for you.

Once you have completed the purchase you will receive an email on your provided address and you can continue with installing the mSpy app on the target phone.



You will need access to the phone if it’s not jailbroken already but don’t worry, the app operates completely secretively so your husband won’t know that it’s been installed on his phone.



What can mSpy do to help me catch my cheating husband using iPhone?

Installing mSpy turned out to be my quickest and most convenient solution to catch my cheating husband using iPhone without him even knowing about what I was up to!

It’s the best app to catch a cheater! It’s also worth mentioning that they offer a free demo so you can decide if it works for you as well as it did for me. I am going to list a few features it offered that really helped me.


Call manager and call recording:

I stopped wondering and started knowing who exactly my husband was communicating with the help of this feature. It gave me a log of all the calls he made, received and missed even those he tried to delete from his phone log (fishy isn’t it).

No more thinking who he’s been on with for hours at night, you will know exactly who he has been talking to, at what time and for what duration and with the call recording feature you even know everything he’s been talking about.

Instant Messengers spy:

We all tend to use more of Whatsapp and iMessage these days to communicate because of their added features so it’s a very useful feature to be able to know who your target is talking to and what are they discussing. I also managed to get hold of some rather sleazy photos my husband had been sending to some ladies, so no turning back after this one!

GPS tracking:

Ever wondered what it would be like to know where your husband was at any time? Life would be extremely convenient right? The mSpy app also offers GPS tracking for your husband’s phone, so you know exactly where he is without him even knowing what you are up to.

Multimedia access:

Oh boy, did this feature come in handy while confronting my lousy cheating husband? It allowed me to access all the photos sent and received on my mSpy control panel, even though he had deleted them on his own phone.


We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and these came in extremely handy, one of the best ways I caught my husband cheating using his iPhone.

Now that it’s all said and done

It’s a very emotionally vexing situation to catch a cheating spouse, but remember that in the end, you need someone who will be there to look out for you and not run away and sneak around behind your back for every small thing.

Your self-worth and happiness are more important than anything and anyone else in this world so if you feel that your spouse is cheating on you, go ahead and do everything you can to satisfy your mind.

And always remember, once a cheater, always a cheater.

mspy download

How to hack an iPhone remotely – the Definite Guide 2022

hack into someones iphone

How to track an iPhone remotely 2022

The iPhone is well known for being a phone with sturdy safety mechanisms to prevent external intrusion. However, that does not stop your average user from uncovering how to hack an iPhone.

After all, no system, device, or software is flawless insecurity and thus the presence of such device loopholes allows external software and hacking apps for iPhone to exploit these weak links to overcome these security barriers and hack iPhone remotely.

In fact, some of these ways to hack an iPhone are rather simple and can be performed using various apps – readily available.


Tips and tricks to Hack an iPhone

Several novice hackers and users of the iPhone may be confused about why or how information about how to hack into someone’s iPhone may come in handy.

Hacking means that an external party is able to access information without the user finding out about this break-in.

From a hacker’s perspective, this can be quite useful as it allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s iPhone activity, suspicious spouses being wary or company executives keeping a track of iPhone users and have an eye out for any inappropriate activity.


Curious? Read how to hack an iPhone without letting them know

In such situations, hacking apps for the iPhone that take advantage of the systemic flaws in the iPhone and get around its security can be of great help.

Therefore it is generally very useful to know information about how to hack into someone’s iPhone.


Best Hacking Apps for iPhone

best hacking apps for iphone


Part 1: How to hack an iPhone with mSpy

One of the more simple and easy hacking apps for iPhone which can be used to hack into someone’s iPhone is mSpy.

It is one of the most recommended apps to hack an iPhone and easily earns a spot on any top ten list. It allows you to hack into an iPhone by monitoring the activity of any iPhone user remotely through web access.


This includes features such as

  • Whatsapp tracking,
  • keeping an eye on an Instagram account,
  • Snapchat activity,
  • Facebook conversation,
  • SMS and call logs,
  • GPS location tracking,
  • keystroke logging and several other thorough monitoring features.


Compatibility:- iOS 7 – iOS 13.x

This iPhone hacking app is very convenient to use as it can be accessed by any web browser and offers support for Android, iOS and therefore taps into a very wide market which may be useful if you are interested in knowing how to hack iPhone from another iPhone or Android.


Multi-language Support around the clock

The dynamic nature of the app is evident through 24/7 multi-language support.

On top of this, it only takes 5 minutes to install and complete this easy process.

As a result, features that allow extensive tracking of the iPhone through this app coupled with language coverage and low installation time make it a very competent piece of software to hack the target iPhone.

The mSpy iPhone hacking app is very comprehensively designed to hack an iPhone as the user interface is made such that it is both user-friendly and offers keen interaction right down to the very last detail. As a user, there is very little for you to worry about as the app offers round-the-clock support for clients so that any potential queries may be answered making it convenient.

The mSpy app has been designed to hack into an iPhone mostly for supervision of children and employees which is evident as most clients use it to keep an eye on Snapchat and Instagram usage of their children.


Online Control Panel Let’s You See their Every Activity

Additionally, the app does a very decent job at keeping a record of information as it offers a control panel for users to keep a track of data that has been monitored. Keeping features like these in mind, it becomes very easy to understand why the mSpy app is at the top of its game.

The mSpy starts at only $12.50 per month, with an array of tutorials available on the website to help you get started on your journey to hack an iPhone. These tutorials and videos are easy to understand so much so that even the average user can use it to hack into an iPhone.

One of the best bargaining chips that the mSpy app holds in the iPhone hacking competition is that it works completely fine in the background, undetected.


How to do it using mSpy?

On top of this, the mSpy website also offers an analytic report that may be used to keep a track of multiple mobile phones all at once. However certain customers report that the app is slightly pricey for what it charges for monthly usage to hack into an iPhone.


Login into your account to view hacked iPhone data

Meanwhile, others find the cost completely warranted given that it allows them to monitor children and employees. Whatever call that you, as a user, make when it comes to finding an app to hack an iPhone, it is important to keep in mind that other options exist too.

mspy download


Part 2: How to hack an iPhone using Spyera

Another app that may be used to hack an iPhone is the Spyera. It is an extremely versatile iPhone monitoring app that allows the user to keep tabs on the usage of an iPhone from far away.


The app offers hacking features such as;

  • listening to calls made on and to the device,
  • tracking messages that have been sent to the device or sent from it and generally keeping tabs on activities made by the user.
  • It is also used to track messages and spy on social media websites such as Kik, Skype, Yahoo, Line, Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, and even email account usage.


Spyera allows such social media accounts to be hacked to the user’s advantage by logging passwords. It may also be used to track the owner of the device.

In order to use this iPhone hacking tool, it must be purchased from the official website.


Spyera reviews

Most individuals make use of Spyera to hack into an iPhone to keep track of suspicious individuals who may be involved in unusual activities or their loved ones for the sake of their safety.

Spyera is the best hacking tool that if used with the right information can be powerful and most clients are able to use it to its maximum potential courtesy of a plethora of tutorials and guides available on the internet. These tutorials outline every step of how to use Spyera to its complete potential.

Several users of the app report high levels of satisfaction when they used it to hack an iPhone because it doesn’t show popups and alerts to the device being monitored. It is so discrete and invisible on the guest phone that it quite literally acts as a spy!

spyera download

Part 3: How to hack an iPhone with FlexiSpy hacker

The last but not the least app on this list that can be used to hack an iPhone is the FlexiSpy. This app is particularly interesting because it allows the user to hack iPhone remotely by being able to control it remotely.

The only condition for this to work is that the target’s mobile needs to be jailbroken.


FlexiSpy allows the user to be able to

  • record calls on the device remotely,
  • steal passwords,
  • keep an eye on the device’s internet browsing,
  • send messages using the device and locate the device


The FlexiSpy is a versatile and powerful piece of software that is the most popular amongst its kind.

If you’re interested in the FlexiSpy to hack an iPhone than it should be noted that the premium experience costs $68 per month and the Extreme version costs $68 per quarter.

The website lists extensive details about how it may be used step by step.

Try FlexiSpy Hacking Tool>>


Part 4: Other Apps to hack an iPhone remotely

Apart from the aforementioned hacking apps for iPhone the offer iPhone hacking tools, t­­­here exist other options as well that vary in prices and whether or not the target device needs to be jailbroken to hack iPhone 7 or hack iPhone 6.

Among these is MobiStealth which doesn’t offer a free trial but is one of the most trusted applications in the market allowing tracking of different IM apps.

Another honorable mention is xnspy which earns a spot simply because of its high value for money given how it has a very low cost per month – only $8.3 which makes it ideal for casual hackers. However, this also means that it doesn’t offer an advanced range of hacking options that breakthrough iPhone security.


Over to you…

Depending on what you need the app for, with a bit of research you should be able to land on the perfect app that is best suited to your needs to hack someone’s iPhone!

mspy download