How to Monitor your Child’s Internet Activity?

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How to Spy on Your Child Online

With great power comes great responsibility is statement many of us have heard time and time again now, haven’t we? The internet is one of the most powerful yet intimidating tools of our era, providing great power and knowledge at our fingertips.

The question that arises now is, are our young children responsible enough to handle the brunt of this challenge resting in the palm of their hands?

With age comes wisdom, and it has been proven time and time again that our young ones have been intimated and pushed over by content and people they’ve come across over the internet, so it is our challenge to protect and foster healthy online habits in our children.

You must be thinking, how do I get it now?

Don’t worry we have wrapped up the best monitoring methods in a nutshell for you!


How to Monitor your Child’s Whatsapp Messages Online?


To make the internet a safer place for your kids, read on the following tips!

The key to a healthy relationship – COMMUNICATE!

Your child is your first and foremost responsibility and you can’t convey anything to them and expect them to understand unless you have a good bond with them. Talk to your child about how you trust them and tell them the dangers and merits of internet use.

Unless the child knows and understands what problems he can face online, they will not understand the significance of it.

Starting off simple, check the history log!

The simplest and quickest way to see what your child has been doing online is to go through their browser history. This method simple as it is not foolproof at all with kids getting smarter and clearing their objectionable browser history.

It’s the first step in monitoring your child however and simple enough for everyone to give it a try!

Setting up router restrictions

Your router is line an internet powerhouse so restricting certain websites on it or setting up a log to view the activities on the internet is an effective tool to monitor and restrict your child’s internet habits.

You can set up your router, under the Security menu item, you have access to a number of tools where you can disable VPN Passthrough, or under the “Firewall” section, enable the blocking of things like java, ActiveX scripts, the use of a proxy and even cookies. 

How to Monitor Your Child’s Internet Use

Internet filter apps are the best and surest way to monitor your child’s online activity and I am going to be discussing my three favorite ones today.

”In addition to blocking the obvious sites that spell trouble—porn, dating, gambling, etc.—you can block or set limits on social media sites and apps, online games and others you want more control over. You can even enter specific sites by name.”

1) Mobicip

Mobicip is a browser with advanced parental controls, it has proven to be outstanding in the internet monitoring apps as it replaces Safari, Youtube, and Appstore, and provides strict parental control. It is available for iOS, Kindle Fire, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The basic version is available for FREE and can be upgraded to premium for $39.99!

2) Qustodio

Using Qustodio (a free parental control app) on Android, iOS, Kindle, MAC, Windows, and Nook enables you to have strict control over your child’s activities by having features such as pornography block, setting time allowances for internet use on your child’s device, control games and app, social media use and calls and text message history.

Premium packages start from $49.95 a year and offer you customizable and foolproof monitoring!

3) mSpy                                                                                        

It works on Android and iOS is one of the most sought after parental control apps in the market. You can manage calls, texts, check out the devices’ GPS location, read IM messages and remote control devices when lost all for packages starting from $29.99 a month!


mSpy iPhone iPad Spy App without Jailbreaking

Track my child’s phone without them knowing


Protect today, rejoice tomorrow!

Our children’s safety and well-being is our prime responsibility and protecting them today result in more successful and happy adults for tomorrow, protected from harassment and explicit content not suitable ever.

There are many solutions for the monitoring issues, choose your best from the ones I’ve helped you narrow down from. 

And yes, you are welcome!