How to Monitor Your Child’s Whatsapp Messages using Spy Apps?

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How can you track someone’s Whatsapp and other instant messages online?

  • Hack Whatsapp without access to the target phone.
  • Spy Whatsapp messages without installing on the target phone.
  • Read someones Whatsapp messages online without them knowing.
  • Check others Whatsapp chat history.
  • Monitor your Child’s Whatsapp remotely.

Your kids love Whatsapp just as much as you love it.


Updated: Aug 2019!

With a free download and installation on almost all Android and Apple phones and most tablets and it’s unlimited, free text messaging and multimedia sharing services what’s not to love?

But are you monitoring their Whatsapp chat?

If no, then that’s something to worry about – unless you read the rest of this post – because here we will guide you through the process of finding the best iPhone spy software for Whatsapp on your kids’ phones or tablets so that you’re always up to speed with their social lives!

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Spy Whatsapp messages without installing on the target phone


For concerned parents

With the freedom of unlimited, unmonitored texting you don’t know what kind of sensitive information your children might be sharing with friends or foes.

Do you have monitoring software installed on your son or daughter phones and tablets?

If yes, then does that software support Whatsapp monitoring because most of them only monitor regular texts?

If you’re not tracking your children’s devices or if you’re monitoring them with software that does not offer Whatsapp tracking then what’s not to worry about?


How can you monitor your child’s Facebook account?


What can you do?

Keep up with the changes in technology just as your children do. A number of smart monitoring programs have now enabled Whatsapp monitoring and that’s just what you need to be a step ahead of your kids.

Get one of these amazing software and read someone’s Whatsapp messages without them knowing!


How to spy on Whatsapp messages remotely?

A multitude of powerful programs are available in the market that you can use to monitor Whatsapp messages from another phone and I have listed down the top two software with a glimpse of their extra features to make life easier for you:


  • MobiStealth – allows you to track Whatsapp messages for iPhone only. Also supports monitoring of iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, and BBM.
  • mSpy – WhatsappiMessage, Viber and Skype, Twitter, LINE, and Snapchat are all supported along with its unique addition of Facebook Messenger monitoring. You can monitor someone’s Whatsapp messages without jailbreaking the iPhone.


What is the best Whatsapp spy app?

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mSpy is the only software that monitors Whatsapp calls, chats, photos and videos compatible with all iOS, Android, and BB devices. So you get every detail happening in your child’s Whatsapp for just $7.99/month.

In addition to these, you can view texts messages, call logs, emails, current location, multimedia files, monitor internet use and control apps with mSpy software.

You can see details on mSpy software for Whatsapp here


What do you need?

In order to track Whatsapp messages on your child’s phone in real time, you need to ensure that the Whatsapp monitoring software works well and delivers the required results.

For that, you need to check whether your target phone or tablet meets certain specifications as following:

  • Rooted Android phones or tablets
  • Jailbroken iPhones and iPads (You can also monitor Whatsapp without jailbreaking as mentioned above)
  • The Whatsapp tracking software should be installed directly on the target phone.


How do they work?

mspy whatsapp spy

Mobistealth and mSpy once installed start uploading all the tracked information on the target phone to their respective servers. From there it is made available on your online control panel. You can log in and access it anytime and anywhere with a working Internet connection.

Both of them work in the background without letting your child know about the software.

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Setting up the software

Once you’ve purchased the software, here are the next steps:

-Detailed installation instructions along with the download link of spy app will be immediately emailed to you.

-You can also view the installation instructions and download link by logging into your account and clicking the Licenses/Help Manuals.

-Download the software on the target device, log into your online control panel and start monitoring!

Make sure the target device is connected to an internet connection.

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