Mobicip Review 2023 – Safe Internet Browsing for your Kids

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What Is MobiCip?

Mobicip is a cloud-filtering service that helps you create a secure internet for your family, school or business. A Mobicip account allows you to adjust the internet filter or monitor browsing history on multiple tablets, smartphones, and computers – all remotely from any computer or mobile device. AGE-BASED FILTERING.



Updated: 2022

Have you locked out Safari from your child’s tablet? Providing safe, age-appropriate, and protected internet access is a top priority for parents and teachers alike.

With dynamic changes taking place in education and social networking, kids today are exposed to a multitude of information of all sorts and types. Faced with a similar challenge, I decided to explore the options and how I can better guide and monitor my small ones.

On this search only did I come across Mobicip.

Unlike other internet filters for the iPhone, this one goes a step further and gives you full control to monitor your web browsing activities.

Completely restricting the use of Safari using parental controls is the easiest way out, but there has to be a middle way between allowing unlimited access to the web and cutting it off entirely. This is exactly what Mobicip offers!


Mobicip is a short form for “Mobile Child Internet Protection”.

Mobicip Safe Browser will keep your kids happy and your mind at peace as it is designed to work exactly like Safari. As stated on its website, “your child will not miss the default browser and have a rich browsing experience.”

How does it work? - Features


Once you have purchased and downloaded the application, you will be prompted to create a Mobicip account. Once that’s done, you will be asked to identify the children who will be using the device.

You will require an Apple ID and password to get the smartphone’s data.

Here, you have the option to configure security and define limits of accessibility according to age. This configuration will prevent access to sites deemed inappropriate for the age specified.

This user-friendly software is easy to install and puts your mind at rest. Graphically illustrated instructions can be found on its website.

What does Mobicip offer?

mobicip youtube blocker


The website offers a complete review of the features offered.

The major benefit that this software offers is that of being installed on multiple forums. This way you can keep an eye on all your family members. You should not be intimidated by the fact that each family member has multiple devices through which the Internet can be easily accessed.

The multi-platform, multi-devices feature is the highlight of Mobicip.

Mobicip Features

1.    App Monitoring

Where other software will give you detailed logs about calls made and messages sent; however, this software also allows you to keep an eye on what applications have been downloaded.

2.    Browsing history reports

If you miss out on the live review of the websites visited, the application is designed as such that the detailed history of all the browsing activities will be sent to you via email. This feature keeps you well informed even when you do not have physical access to the device.

3.    Manage parental controls online

Once this parental control software has been downloaded and installed, you will be prompted to set up an online account. All the browsing history will be sent to your personal email account. The web-based dashboard, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world lets you effectively monitor your children’s activities.

4.    Time Limits

Set time limits for internet usage for each user profile. In case the user tries to break the code or visit restricted pages, you will be notified of any such attempt in the browsing history reports.

5.    Custom filter settings

Using this parental control app allows you to customize Internet filtering in the following 3 ways:

a.    You can either completely allow or complete block any specific domain;
b.    You can set categories that clearly define the set limits that should be allowed for each set user profile;
c.    You can also blacklist specific phrases or keywords; which will limit the accessibility to certain sites.

This way you are in charge of creating the preferable internet experience for your family that you’re comfortable with.

6.    Access Requests

With the help of Mobicip advanced content filtering, you can allow or deny a request from your online account – allow to access a domain or simply reject to browse.

7.    Multi-User, Multi-Device

One account can have multiple users and each user may have one or more devices attached to it. Try it yourself and let us know your experience with a multi-user dashboard.

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Over to you…

Personally, I find this parental control app very useful. It works exactly like Safari on iOS and other devices but with a greater restriction on explicit material.

The protection offered is a real treat to the mind and offers great peace.

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