Legal Uses

Legal Notice for Monitoring Software Products

Due to recent developments regarding the legal use of monitoring software, want to just make sure everyone is aware of the legal uses of monitoring software programs.

This website does not, and has never condoned or encouraged the illegal use of any of the products we talk about. Any comments and / or correspondence relating to the illegal use of the software will not be answered or published.

I am no legal expert so I must tell you that if you have further concerns you need to seek professional legal advice in your country or jurisdiction.

Monitoring software can ONLY be used in two ways

  1. To monitor your own children’s cell phones/devices – You must own the phone and the children must be under the age of consent (18 in the U.S and U.K.).
  2. To monitor your company’s cell phones/devices – In this case you must notify in writing any employee who uses the phone/device. The phone or device must be legally owned by the company.

That is it – any other type of use and you are potentially breaking the law. Laws vary across the world and they change so you must check the legal situation where you live and use the software.


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