iPhone Spy App to Monitor your Family and Employees

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Looking for a way to monitor your family and employees’ activities over iPhone and without them knowing in stealth mode? Want to see what they are up to on their digital devices?

You are at the right place!

Here you are going to read about the best way to spy on someone’s activities – the time-tested method is invisible spy software that acts as an online detective into their pockets.

There comes a time in life when you ought to keep an eye on people in order to build trust. One of the best ways to do that is by monitoring or tracking their smartphones as it can reveal a lot of secrets about the person.


Updated: January 2020!

What is an iPhone spy app?

iPhone spy app is an application that lets you track all the activities on the target iPhone. This application helps in maintaining logs of everyday activity on the targeted iPhone. You just need to put it on the desired iPhone and then monitor it remotely via an online control panel.

The app allows you to receive daily reports about the targeted phone.

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What can you possibly do with an iPhone Spy App?

By now, you must have understood what an iPhone spy software is but if you are wondering what can you possibly do with it, let us guide you in this regard;

1. Monitor Family

Your spouse and kids are part of your family. All of them have a smartphone. But what if you think either of them is using the phone for the wrong purpose? How will you find out if your teenager is sexting or maybe indulging in inappropriate content online?

Maybe your young children are getting bullied online?

mspy app to limit screen time


Also, is your spouse involved in an extra-marital affair? All these questions can make a person’s life hell but why should you stress yourself on the basis of speculations. You should be able to get hold of truth and reality. The Spyware for iPhone can give you that – the whole truth. By monitoring their iPhones, you will know exactly what’s going in their life.

2. Monitor your Employees

Similarly, you should be able to know the activities of your employees. They have got an iPhone from the company but are they using it honestly? Are they transferring crucial companies’ documents? Or how are they making use of a company’s asset?


Rather than sweating about these questions, the spy app for iPhone can help you get the facts and figures in your inbox every day.

Employees monitoring software enables to keep tabs on their computers and laptops supporting Window and Mac.


What is the best iPhone Spy App?

The iPhone spy app market is saturated, you will find so many products with almost the same features and usability but which one is the best? After researching the iPhone spy apps crowded world, we have finally found the best one. The surveillance app from mSpy is the best iPhone spy app out there to track or monitor a smartphone properly.

We would suggest that you check the reviews and testimonials of mSpy online in order to get a better idea.

What are the features of this spy app?

The app has an extensive feature set. For full-fledged disclosure, we would recommend you to visit its official website. However, a compact review is given below for your convenience;

Basic Features

  • Call Log: – monitor incoming and outgoing calls
  • Read Text Messages: – read all the sent and received text messages, even multimedia messages
  • Read Emails: – access all the sent and received emails on the target iPhone
  • Track Current Location: – know where the target person is all the time by tracking GPS location
  • View Browsing History: – view all the websites your teenager has visited. Also, get a detailed browser history
  • View Bookmarks: – see what your employee saves in his calendar and address book
  • Monitor Installed Apps: – control the applications your son or daughter is using on their iPhone
  • View Photos and Videos: – view all the photos and videos on the target phone
  • Remotely Control Device: – In case of theft or loss, you can wipe the whole iPhone remotely or lock it
  • Custom Alerts: – get customized detailed reports about the targeted phone
  • Contact Stored: – view all the contacts stored on your target device
  • Change the Device: – you can change the device anytime during the license period and install it with the same fee
  • SIM Change Alert: – you get a prompt notification every time your target device changes the SIM
  • Automatic Software Update: – you get software update without any additional fee
  • 24/7 email support

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Advanced Features

  • Read Instant Messages: – Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, LINE, Telegram are few of the applications that mSpy can monitor
  • Geofencing: – you set a virtual boundary for your target device and get a notification once your target phone enters into that area you mark on the map in control panel
  • Keylogger App: – the advanced features from mSpy give you report on every key typed on the target device
  • Block Incoming Calls and Apps: – you can block unwanted calls and restrict apps from installing on your target device
  • Block Websites: – this feature enables to block any website that can be harmful to your children
  • Remotely Lock/Unlock Device: – remotely activate the lockout commands on the target device
  • 24/7 email/chat support


How to install?

The installation process of the iPhone spy app is very simple and based on three steps;

Step #1: – You buy the app. It will ask you for the valid email address.

Step #2: – You will receive a login id and password to your control panel on the provided email address.

Step#3: – Log in to your control panel to receive details on how to put spyware on iPhone on the target phone and get started.


Can you install it remotely?

mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution

Yes, that’s possible using their iPhone spy app no jailbreak solution that requires iCloud credentials for monitoring iOS device.

How well hidden is this software?

The device owner will have no idea about the software installed as it’s fully hidden. It uploads the monitored data in small packets so that the target phone owner will not be noticed. It directly uses the online control panel to upload all the data and stealthily do the job!

Moreover, nothing on your bill will show about the software.

How much is mSpy?

The app has different packages – each one differs in terms of pricing and features. Also, it offers varying payment schedule, from monthly to a lump sum. You can choose any package and payment schedule as per your ease and comfort.

Following are the pricing details of different packages by mSpy;

  • Basic
    • 1 month $29.99
    • 3 months $59.99
    • 12 months $99.99
  • Premium
    • 1 month $69.99
    • 3 months $119.99
    • 12 months $199.99
  • Family kit
  • 6 months $359.97
  • 12 months $479.97

Is your phone compatible with the app?

This app is compatible will all iOS versions, even the latest iOS. Another aspect that iPhone users are always worried about is whether the spy app works with or without jailbreak. Well, most of the spy apps in the market only function if the iPhone is jailbroken.

However, iPhone spy app is compatible with any iPhone, jailbroken or not. Although there is a slight difference in the features of mSpy for jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones, regardless to say, the former has more options than the latter.

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iPhone spy app is the best way to track or monitor Apple devices. However, you have to find the best app to do so, otherwise, there is no point in going for a spy app. The best iPhone app in terms of features and price tag should be your choice. 

You need to find an app that gives you true value for money. So what is going to be your choice to spy on your spouse, kids’ and employees’ iPhones? 

Feel free to share your experience with different spy apps in our comment section below.