How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

Spy Apps for iPhone No Jailbreak

Remotely spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking

  • No need to install anything on the target Apple device
  • Only Apple ID and Password (iCloud) credentials required
  • Track text messages, phone calls, real-time GPS location, IM Chats, and 36+ Features
  • Compatible with any iOS version
  • Track every activity remotely in your online control panel accessible to you 24/7
  • No physical access required

Are you looking for the best spyware for iPhone not jailbroken and without access to the target phone?

You have certainly landed at the right place as this article basically reaches to all those who want to remotely control the iPhone without jailbreaking.

The iPhone spy software without jailbreaking iOS devices is available for monitoring every possible activity of target person you would want.

mspy software without jailbreaking iphone ipad

From picture/videos to text messages and even calls the iPhone spy app can help you track notes, Whatsapp chats, GPS location, browser history, events and much more and all this is done accurately and remotely.

How to Spy on iPhone without Jailbreak?

All you need for this are the Apple ID credentials for the phone you wish to monitor. Other greater benefits of this spying iPhone include no installation of any app and iPhone spy without access to target phone becomes a reality.

  1. First of all, since this is non-jailbreak version hence it uses the target phone’s iCloud credentials
  2. Select merge if the phone asks you whether you need to sync the data or not
  3. Choose all the things you want to monitor
  4. Open the setting for messages and turn on iMessage if that isn’t turned on already
  5. Tap “using your Apple ID as iMessage” and log in with the credentials

Since this app can only monitor one Apple ID at a time hence if you are logged in with another one you need to log that out first and log in with the required credentials. For iMessage, you just add another email. iMessage can be viewed on an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, etc. once you enable it.


It is compatible with the any version of iOS. You can now easily use iCloud details to monitor activities on your child or your love one’s iPhones iPads.

Your target iPhone user will never get any notification that their iCloud is being used by someone.

iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Features

The different features which can be covered when spying on iPhone without jailbreaking include:

  1. Managing Calls which help you monitor all incoming and outgoing calls which also include seeing their time duration and knowing the person they are coming from. It also tells how many times the calls were received or made by the target phone
  2. Tracking Text Messages which are similar to tracking calls because you can see the content of the text message as well as to whom they were sent to or received from. If messages to a random number are sent or frequent messages to the same number are sent, it comes to your notice easily in your control panel. Even, this iPhone spyware enables you view deleted text messages on iCloud and spy on iPhone without jailbreak
  3. Reading Emails helps you read emails of your loved ones and your workforce – install this app on your targets’ phone to make sure their time is not being wasted and they are sending the correct emails to people needed for work purposes only and not for their personal work.
  4. Tracking GPS location to know if the person is lying and whether he is at that particular place or not. This could also be used for your children to make sure they are safe and you are able to keep an eye on their whereabouts
  5. Monitoring Internet Usage to make sure your children are not browsing any inappropriate websites and also to keep a check on their browsing history. This is also to make sure employees are not wasting time on useless work at the office
  6. Reading Instant Messages which mean it can be used on various social media and IM chat apps including Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage, etc. you could use this as an advantage to know what the target person is talking about on their social media accounts and to who he or she is engaging with
  7. Controlling Apps and Programs to know which apps are being accessed and to limit the download of certain apps. This is to make sure that some inappropriate activity is not going on
  8. Remotely Control which helps to erase all the data from your phone in emergency situations. For example, if it is stolen, you can watch it’s location live and monitor it remotely from anywhere
  9. A Hidden Keylogger for iPhone which basically tracks every key movement on the target phone to give you the detailed information

Where Can I View Remotely Monitored Data?

how does spy tracking app work

Another frequently asked question by users is how they can view the data once they get the spyware app. After you have bought and successfully downloaded the app you get some login details which you use to login to your online account on your phone or computer connected to a stable internet connection.

The data is uploaded to a control panel at small intervals hence helping you to keep a check.

The control panel has custom settings and various alerts which you set according to your liking. This is only accessible with a working internet connection as it needs to sync itself with the target phone to get all the information from it.

How Does iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Work?

iphone spy no jailbreak

iPhone spy apps that operate without jailbreaking work by utilizing the iCloud backup feature of iPhones. Here’s a general overview of how they work:

iCloud Backup: When an iPhone is connected to the internet and has iCloud backup enabled, it automatically backs up its data, including messages, call logs, photos, app data, and more, to the user’s iCloud account.

Remote Access: The spy app requires the target device’s iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password) provided by the user (parent or employer) with lawful access to the device. These credentials are used to remotely access the iCloud backup data associated with the iPhone.

Data Extraction: Once the spy app has access to the iCloud backup, it can extract relevant information and present it to the user through a web-based dashboard or a mobile app. The extracted data is organized into categories like messages, call logs, contacts, photos, and more.

Real-time Monitoring: Some advanced spy apps provide real-time monitoring, which means that new data from the target iPhone’s iCloud backup is continuously synced to the user’s dashboard, ensuring up-to-date information.

No Installation Required: Since this method relies on iCloud backup data, there is no need to install any software directly on the target iPhone. This approach avoids potential security risks associated with jailbreaking, making it a more accessible and safer option for users who want to monitor iPhones discreetly.

Final Thoughts…

These iPhone spy apps help to solve your problem without getting your phone jailbroken. It also assures that the target person will not know about them being spied.

There are various spy apps like mSpy no jailbreak version which helps you by not only guiding you through the process but also doing their job efficiently and at a reasonable rate.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can spyware be installed on a non jailbroken iPhone?
A: Yes, it is possible to install spyware on a non jailbroken iPhone. There are monitoring and spy apps available that offer non-jailbreak solutions. These apps work by using the iCloud credentials of the target device to access its data remotely

Q: Are there any reliable spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak?
A: Yes, several reputable spy apps offer non-jailbreak solutions for iPhones. Some popular options include mSpy, Spyzie, FlexiSPY, and EyeZy. Remember to research and choose a reliable app from a trustworthy source

Q: How does iPhone spyware without jailbreak work?
A: Spy software without jailbreak utilizes the iCloud backup feature of iPhones. When the target device’s iCloud credentials are provided, the software can access data from the iCloud account, including messages, call logs, photos, and more

Q: Do I need physical access to the target iPhone to spy on it without jailbreak?
A: No, physical access to the target iPhone is not required for spy apps that work without jailbreak. You only need the target device’s iCloud login credentials to set up the monitoring

Q: What can I monitor on an iPhone without jailbreak?
A: With spy apps that don’t require jailbreak, you can typically monitor text messages, call logs, contacts, browsing history, social media activity, GPS location, and more, depending on the features offered by the specific app

Q: Can spy apps without jailbreak be detected by the iPhone user?
A: Spy apps designed for non-jailbroken iPhones are usually hidden and run in stealth mode. They do not appear on the home screen or app list, making them difficult for the average user to detect

Q: Are there any free spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak?
A: While some apps claim to offer free spy services, it’s essential to be cautious about such offers. Many free apps could be scams or compromise your data’s security. It’s recommended to invest in a reputable paid spy app to ensure reliability and data privacy.

Q: Can I install a spy app remotely without the user’s knowledge?
A: No, you typically need physical access to the target iPhone to set up the initial monitoring and to obtain the iCloud credentials necessary for non-jailbreak spying

Q: Can spy apps without jailbreak access encrypted messaging apps?
A: The ability to access encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp or iMessage may vary among different spy apps. Some apps claim to be able to monitor such platforms even without jailbreak, but the level of success may vary. Always check the app’s features and compatibility before making a decision.

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