How to Monitor Kids Text Messages on iPhone?

how to monitor my son daughter text messages

How can I monitor my child’s text messages on iPhone without them knowing?

Whether you are riding a metro or walking through a crowded street you are certain to find teenagers strolling by absent-minded, their faces a ghastly white behind lit phone screens.

According to the latest research by CNN, teenagers are spending a ‘mind boggling’ almost 9 hours a day using media whereas tweens are estimated to spend up to 6 hours, and check social media sites over a hundred times a day!

Crazy! isn’t it?

Not only this, but children are slacking off in studies and homework due to their excessive obsession with Facebook and Whatsapp.


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Do I really need to monitor my son’s or daughter’s phone?

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The answer is yes, you can read your daughters text messages without her knowing. Many people argue that it’s an invasion of kid’s privacy. I would really think of it as securing my child’s privacy rather than breaching it, considering the stats in question with regards to teenage privacy and online predators nowadays.

Approximate 24% of teens and 33% of college age students are reportedly involved in sexting – sending nude messages.

A rough translation of these percentages to 1 in 20 teens being involved in sexting. Those who aren’t involved in sexting are viewing explicit and graphic content while surfing the web which can have drastic sexual and mental consequences later on in their adult life, if not intervened with.


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How can I see my daughters text messages?

Moreover, the rise of sexual predators online is increasing day by day and younger adults and teens are very susceptible to them due to the excessive use and trust in social media.

The use of exploiting and blackmailing teens due to sexting is on a high, with intimate photo leaks causing humiliation and social awkwardness for many teens.

monitor teens texting

How do I protect my child from all the nuances of social media?

You can monitor your son’s or daughter’s phone if you have physical access to it, by just going through their text messages and browser history when they are asleep or have left the phone lying around.

However, the key problem in this is the fact that teens barely ever leave their phones unattended nowadays, and always have them password protected.

In such circumstances, I personally recommend using parental control app to intercept the text messages and social media addiction on phones without them knowing.

These do not require you to sneak into your kids’ phone or have a fear each time you’re trying to do your parental monitoring right! 

Which text monitoring app can I use?

mSpy and Mobistealth are the top contenders in keeping track of teens phone. These are easy to use, download and have many different packages with good pricing for every single home.

What if I do not have access to my child’s phone?

Once the software is installed on your child’s phone, you do NOT need any physical access to monitor – You can remotely access the phone by logging on using your specific password and ID into an online control panel and go through all you want to without any need to access the phone.

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You can remotely read text messages without installing software on their phone that has been sent and received along with contacts info and the time the conversation was taking place – even you can access the deleted messages on the phone.

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What if I do not want to jailbreak my iPhone or root my android?

The answer is as simple as, you just don’t need to! Yes. you heard me right! Not only can you monitor your child hassle free, you also need not jailbreak iPhone or root your Android!

Both iPhone spy apps provide access to text messages without jailbreaking or rooting your child’s phone. Gone are the concerns of rendering warranties void or having additional root icons appear on the phone with root and jailbreak.

mSpy and Mobistealth offer the package to suit every budget and every monitoring concern that you have ever had. Gone are the days when teenagers could outsmart parents by entering passcodes and locks in their cell phones and get away with doing anything that they want.


With the increasing use of internet among our children, it is necessary for us to step up and secure our children’s future from falling into the wrong hands.

Act now and build a better tomorrow, with your children and some help from mSpy and Mobistealth!

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