How to Know If He Is Lying about Cheating – 10 Obvious Signs

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Top 10 Signs You Spouse is Cheating On You

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew when we were being lied to, whether at work or especially in our personal relationships? Wouldn’t you want to know if your employee is betraying you or a significant other is cheating on you?

If only their pants actually caught fire. Sigh!

Unfortunately, humans aren’t born with the cool integrated lie detectors that they show in crime shows but we do have a natural radar which, if polished, can make us suspicious when we’re being lied to. Innately, we’re designed to trust others and tune out our cynical sides in everyday life situations.


However, when it comes to our romantic relationships with loyalties at stake, it is imperative to know if we’re being deceived. And that is why we’ve put together this list so that you can get a fair idea of how to polish your natural radar and use it to detect lies from your significant other about how faithful they are.

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10 Obvious Signs They’re Lying about Cheating

1. Body language can give them away

Are they fidgeting, sweating and stuttering while answering your questions about why they’re home so late or telling you what they did at work today? 

2. Cross-questioning can snap them up

Grill them for details and particulars; what route did they take to the supermarket? Why was there so much traffic? Why didn’t they call to tell you they would be coming home late again?

If they’re lying they’re very likely to get confused and frustrated enough to slip up and blurt out something contradicting because more often than not they don’t spin the details around their lies if they’ve been having a rendezvous.

3. Wait for the…Pause

When probed for details liars pause for a moment or two, desperately trying to fix another quick lie that doesn’t contradict the previous ones. Just bring on the questions and see how confident your significant other is about answering them.

4. Press Re-play

When asked to repeat the whole story, they can often mess up the details because most liars forget the minute lies they fix on the spot. However, watch out for the smart liars, they have their stories well-prepared and rehearsed. A little too well.

Normally, when people are telling the truth, they tend to change a couple of words, sentence structures and the order of detailing but well-rehearsed lies come out exactly the same every time. So ask your husband/wife to tell you all about their day from the start. Listen closely for any discrepancies.

5. Look out for offensiveness

Psychologists found that liars generally become unpleasant and unfriendly. An explanation is that it’s an unconscious way of the averting company in order to avoid being called out on their lies. So is your loved one getting too hostile recently, especially if you ask them a lot of questions?

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6. Avoiding eye contact

Generally, when people refrain from making eye contact it’s either out of guilt, shame or fear – all of which are present in liars. They’re guilty and ashamed of being dishonest and afraid of being caught.

Watch closely if your beloved looks away while telling you why they’re home so late or reciprocating a romantic comment about you being central to their life.

7. Let the anatomy speak

Liars are stressed out about hiding the truth and getting away with it. Hence their bodies respond with dilated pupils, indicating their high adrenaline levels. Also, they raise their voices unconsciously to appear more assertive and convincing. Have you noticed that in your spouse when they tell you it was just another colleague on the phone?

8. Asking for trust

Is your spouse consciously is trying to make you think he or she is honest by using phrases like, “to be honest”? They may be lying. Generally, people assume they will be trusted most of the time so if your spouse suddenly feels the need to emphasize upon his/her “honesty”, take a moment to ask yourself why.


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9. Hibernating for safety

Has your significant other suddenly developed an affinity for pulling vanishing acts? Do they spend A LOT of time away from your sight? It’s probably because they’re spending most of it cheating and the rest of it hiding from you so that you can’t ask them any questions and catch them lying.

10. Honesty with yourself is the best policy

Are you sure that you want to hear the truth? If yes then you won’t allow yourself to believe somebody’s lies about their loyalty to you. Have they really been living up to their claims of loyalty and love?

Do they make you feel like you’re still as important? Have you noticed any unexplained change in their behavior? Mainly cheaters succeed because we don’t want to question whether their stories make sense, just so we can go on living in our happy delusions.

Over to you… 

In this post, we have covered almost all of the common signs of lying and cheating. We hope that after reading this post you have a much better idea of how to catch somebody’s lies if they’re cheating on you.

Is your spouse cheating on you? Do write to us with feedback and let us know if this post helped you catch any naughty dishonesty!