Financial Infidelity: 10 Signs that Show Your Relationship Is Destroying


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When it comes to relationships, dishonesty in financial matters can be as damaging as emotional and physical disloyalty – perhaps even more.

It may sound to be insignificant but this fiscal form of breach in trust can have far deeper impacts, leaving your partner feeling robbed out and being kept in the dark.

Covert monetary dealings, hidden finances, clandestine outflow of cash, outrageous spending etc., can prove to be the weak link in a relationship if kept all hushed up.


Something’s Not Right – The Tell-tale Signs

Keeping one’s financial dealings hidden is proving to be easier with evolving technology. Every transaction, however, leaves footprints that can be easily traced if one really knows where to look. Then there are other blatant signs that your spouse is not being completely honest about his assets.

Read on!

  • Increased Withdrawal Rate

The sudden increase in the frequency and amount of cash withdrawals should ring the warning bells for you. It might be innocent for corporate reasons. It might not be for covert reasons. Multiple withdrawals with short time intervals in between, especially when transactions are made from various ATM locations should be looked out for.

  • Sudden Password Changes

Wondering what made your spouse suddenly change his online banking account password? Not receiving your bank statements on your provided billing address anymore? Keep your eyes wide open for there may be more to it than meets the eye.

  • Outrageous Cell Phone Bill

Actually, this is the first place to look if you suspect he’s up to something behind your back. The cell phone bill will suddenly increase if he’s carrying out an affair. A lone number that seems to stand out in the bill, which has been contacted more than just a few times, might be the one you’re looking for.

  • The “Corporate” Excuse

Work related spending is the first line of excuse your spouse is bound to come up with when confronted with the explanation for lavish spending. Squandering money on lunches, hotels, gadgets, rentals are often disguised under a pretext of workplace expenditure. “I’ll get compensated for it” will be the line you’ll often hear. Dig deeper and find out for yourself if reimbursements are actually made.

  • The Disparity In Input And Output

The long working hours might be just a cover for something more dubious. He works late into the night but is not remunerated enough for his all the extra work. Make a few calls and you might learn where he spends all the extra time. The extra working hours are adequately compensated for by all the companies for all salaried and hourly workers. If he’s getting paid for the extra hours and you do not get to see the money, he might be spending it where he shouldn’t be.

  • Your Financial Mail Is Landing Elsewhere

Your credit card and bank statements might be making their way to another mailing address if you do not find them at your doorstep anymore. If your spouse prefers to receive the mail from the bank at his office now, there might be a more sinister explanation for it. Keeping his financial dealings concealed is the commonest of all reasons for such behavior.

  • Exaggerated Gas Bills

This is the perfect indicator that he’s spending more time on the roads than in his office. The electronic toll billing system is the perfect way to find out the location of your spouse and if it’s nowhere near his office during the timings he claims to spend in his office, a confrontation is what you need.

  • Mail From Bank Accounts That Do Not Exist

They do, in fact, exist. You might not, however, know about their existence. Spouses who are likely to cheat try to cover it up by making the “other” dealings through a hidden account. Or he might try to funnel the money through another hidden credit card, you know nothing about.

  • Nothing Is “Joint” Anymore

If joint accounts and blatantly open spending is a thing of the past, it’s time to get your “detective mode” activated.

  • He Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

When encountered with the questions about his assets, he becomes moody all of a sudden. He doesn’t want to talk about his bank statements and credit card loans anymore. This is a warning sign in itself that he’s up to his knees in something fishy.


The Stats Say It All

The National Endowment for Financial Education recently held a survey about co-finances. The revelations that came to light were quite astonishing, with one-third of the surveyed 2,035 Americans admitting to having cheated at some point.

More than 76% of them confessed that their financial infidelity damaged their relationships in one way or the other.


Financial Infidelity-Proof

catch cheating spouse app

Instead of openly confronting him about your suspicions at once, do some homework.

This is where some monitoring tools like FlexiSpy or Spyera steps in for you.

Specially designed for the purpose of knowing the truth of one’s gadgets, mobile phones, text messages, emails, calendars, internet activities, call logs, contact lists etc.

You can monitor all text messages and their recipients, the GPS location, can listen to and record their surroundings, access multimedia files, sent and received emails, and much more with them to keep track of financial dealings in your relationship.


To Wrap It All Up…

Financial infidelity might be a bit hard to catch onto, but with a strong and reliable spyware app, you can take control of all your money matters in your own hand.

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