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How to Decide ‘The Best Time’ to Give Your Child a Phone?

monitor your child's internet activity

Undoubtedly cell phones are a great way to stay in touch with your kids anytime, anywhere, giving you a sense of security but how do you decide if your child is old enough to have one?

When is the best time for parents to give their child a mobile phone?

On average, children in the U.K. receive their first phone at the age of 11. Is that really the right age for them? This post covers how you can decide the best time to give your child a phone, considering the consequences and how to monitor exactly how they use it.

According to Webmd

”That’s partly why many parents are buying their kids cell phones. Twice as many children have cell phones now as in 2004. Most teens — 85% of those aged 14 to 17 — have cell phones. So do 69% of 11-14 years old and 31% of kids aged 8-10, according to a 2010 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.”


How to track an iPhone without them knowing?

The right age for a cell phone: Is your child ready?

Most experts agree there’s no single answer to that because every family is different.

But it’s a tough call for parents because it’s not just about age, it’s mainly about the potential consequences of letting your child have a phone.

A phone opens up a Pandora’s Box of potential issues: access to inappropriate or undesirable apps, bullying, sexting, tech addiction, and impaired social interaction skills. Are you prepared to deal with all that?

Here’s how you can decide whether your child is ready for a cell phone:

  • Do your children “need” to be in touch for safety reasons — or social ones?
  • How independent and responsible are your kids? Can you trust them to not compromise their studies, etc. if given a phone?
  • Do they really need a smartphone?
  • If yes, then are they mature enough to honor limits (like no texting during class, or disturbing others with their conversations, and using the text, photo, and video functions responsibly and ethically – and not to embarrass or harass others)?
  • Do they understand the ideas of cyberbullying? Do you think they are comfortable enough to discuss any such problems with you if they face them?
  • Do you think they will use their smartphones to maintain a safe public profile over the internet and social media?


monitor teens texting


How can I monitor my child’s text messages on iPhone

If you feel the answer to those questions is yes, or mostly yes then you can probably trust your child enough to give him/her a phone, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t still monitor their phone activity.

Times may have changed, but parenting hasn’t.

No matter how technologically savvy they may be after all they’re still children and we’re still the parents. And it’s our job to keep a check and guide them where they go wrong.


Phones today: Far more than JUST communication devices

Just remember when you hand kids phones today, you’re giving them powerful communications and production tools that put social media, videos, games, movies, music, and TV shows within reach. They can download just about everything in the world, ranging from books and educational encyclopedias to adult jokes and porn.

Are you ready for your child to have that kind of access?

Your children can create text, images, and videos that can be uploaded to websites like Youtube and Facebook and become widely distributed across the internet. Social interaction can be positive as it teaches kids to relate to other kids but science isn’t sure yet if social media interactions actually add to learning from real-life interactions.


Instead, there is the threat of “cyber-bullying,” which is social harassment via text, instant messaging, or other social media when kids use their smartphones without our supervision because we wouldn’t know what they’re sharing with the world!

Many smartphones have a “location sharing” feature that kids can use to broadcast their status and their location, which raises concerns about people stalking them and subsequent cyber-bullying.


Research on how cell phones affect mental and emotional health is still in the early stages but preliminary studies show that frequent texting and emailing can disrupt children’s concentration and impair their social interaction skills.

A recent survey by TextPlus reported that half of the teens surveyed say they can’t live longer than a week without their phones, and 36% said they check their phones at least once every 10 minutes. This just goes on to show how cell phones can also become compulsive if kids start being “on call” 24/7 to keep up with their friends.


parental control app


Making sure they’re safe: Monitoring your child’s phone

Our job as parents doesn’t end at deciding that our child is trustworthy enough to deserve a phone, it goes far beyond that.

Should you check who your child is calling and what he/she’s tweeting? Should you keep a check on what your child is texting and who they’re befriending over social media? Do you need to check what apps your child is downloading on their phone? Absolutely!

What do our experts say about it?

The Renowned psychologist at NYU, USA, Caroline Evans says that parents need to check their kids’ phones regularly to make sure they’re being used respectfully.

Parents can thus help their children understand the importance of using a cell phone responsibly and open discussions about cyber-bullying: ‘Have you gotten weird texts?’ ‘Any calls that made you uncomfortable?’ ‘Who are you texting?

An efficient way to do that

However, the major issue that parents face is to make phones built for grown-ups safe for kids. That is where you need the help of amazing cell phone monitoring apps like mSpy and Phonesheriff that can provide you with continuous online surveillance of your child’s phone, saving you all the trouble of snooping!

Having monitoring software installed on your child’s phone makes it easy to track online activity and block inappropriate websites. Parents can monitor call logs, texts, Whatsapp, and iMessage conversations while also controlling who calls or texts can go out to.

You can view all the multimedia stored on the phone and even track the GPS location. Control the phone with a remote lock and erase feature — and do it all remotely from an online control panel!

Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of each Phonesheriff and mSpy, in addition to the ones mentioned above to help you decide which software could work best for you.




This app truly lives up to its name and is your best shot if your child is 13 years old or younger. It will let you monitor Social media activity on you child’s phone.

You can restrict access to inappropriate apps, and set time limits on phone usage by blocking all functions or just calls after dinner.

Anti-abduction mode ensures that you can take a photo of the surroundings and remotely record the background sounds along with tracking the GPS location if your child is in trouble. Add a panic alert button if your child suffers from diabetes or epilepsy so that you can be immediately notified about his/her location.

Profanity alert notifies you if your child types any pre-set restricted keywords. You can also monitor the overall mobile data usage statistics and track multiple devices with just one purchase of the software!

 Price – $39.99 for a year

Compatibility – works well on all iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones


protect your child from online predators with mspy

This app covers surveillance of a wide range of social activities so is the best choice if your child is particularly attached to social media, namely is a teenager. It monitors Whatsapp, Facebook messages, Viber calls, Viber messages, Skype conversations along with Snapchat and messages in addition to those mentioned above.

You can view calls log, contacts stored and using the advanced geo-fencing feature, get notifications when your child leaves a predefined safe area or enters a risky one to make sure that your teen is in safe company.

You can define suspicious/inappropriate words and phone numbers and receive notifications when your child uses those.

So is your child ready for a phone and are you equipped with efficient software to monitor their device? Let us know.

Let us know.

Price – $0.99.99 a day

Compatibility: Working on all Smartphones plus desktops (windows and mac)

New: mSpy provides the no jailbreak solution for iOS devices with interesting features.


Parents: No more Jailbreaks for Monitoring your Children’s iPhones!


iphone spy app no jailbreak

iPhone spy app no jailbreak

Yes, we are now entering the era where jailbreaking will no longer be a necessity to keep tabs on your child’s iPhone activity!

Does it get any better for concerned parents like us who are not exactly pros with everything technology-related?

Gone are the days when we’d have to scan pages and pages for instructions on jailbreaking in order to install a monitoring software and then fumble with the devices for hours before achieving something.

Good news is that mSpy is the first iPhone spy app to lead us into this new comfort zone.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to come across mSpy before reading this post then do check out our main review here, to find out more about this powerful software that primarily aims to monitor iPhone and iPad belonging to children so that their parents are always aware of their kids going off track.


Best apps to limit screen time

How to spy on someones iPhone


What makes mSpy No-Jailbreak Unique?

Previously, like all other monitoring software, mSpy also used to work with jailbroken iPhones and iPads but now they have released an all-new product which will allow concerned parents across the globe to keep track of their children’s iPhones and iPads with NO JAILBREAK!

Currently, mSpy is the ONLY child monitoring software on the market that features working without a jailbreak requirement and of course, this puts mSpy in an even more esteemed position on performance charts by adding to their already amazing range of services and easy-to-use user interface.

If it’s even possible to be the bearer of any more good news in one post, then let us try! mSpy also offers the wonderful deal of monitoring any devices with only ONE license so with the purchase of a single license at only $7.99 for a month you can monitor ALL of your children’s Apple devices.


I can’t believe it! How does it work without Jailbreaking?

  1. Simply purchase the Windows software with a one-time payment.
  2. Install it on a single Windows computer
  3. Login using your child’s Apple ID
  4. Access the Apple devices and enable Cloud storage and backup
  5. Start monitoring the devices immediately!




Does this mean that nothing needs to be installed on your children’s devices?

Yes, absolutely yes!

No need to fumble with them and no worries about your children seeing a monitoring app installed on their devices.

Also, since you will be using the licensed software on only one Windows, the Apple ID information remains on that mSpy iPhone no jailbreak program only and no third party can have access to it, not even the main mSpy servers, making it completely secure.

A 24/7 chat support agents are there to help out you.


What will you be monitoring?

Let mSpy no jailbreak program will be your eyes and ears when your children are out of your sight.

Start off with the easiest installation process available and monitor their activity remotely

  • Contacts
  • Call Logs,
  • Whatsapp
  • iMessage
  • Text Messages
  • Browser History
  • Skype Chat
  • Line Chat
  • Installed Apps
  • WiFi Networks

all from the comfort of your sofa! Could you possibly find a better plan?

For further details on mSpy no jailbreak solution, click here


5 Apps that Let you Limit Kids Screen Time!

 Screen time apps


Best apps to limit kids’ screen time!

Are you worried that your child spends too much time online? Want to limit screen time without seeming intrusive?

Do not worry you are certainly not the only parent who has been going through this dilemma. Parents, especially in this day and age face this problem very frequently.

When asked what they do to stop their child from over usage of phones and tablets, they simply do not have an answer.



What is the screen time app?

So what is screen time? It is basically the total amount of hours your child spends doing activities related to a screen which includes television, play stations, mobile phones, and tablets.

Screen time app gives parents control over kids’ screen time and restricts inappropriate web browsing. These screen time apps help you by setting a timer for your child’s gadget, after which the gadget is locked, and your child cannot use it until you grant permission.

Most of these are linked to the parent’s mobile phone through which the parent can unlock the gadget when they feel it’s appropriate.

To help those parents in need, the article below sums up the pros and cons of various apps to limit screen time – help each parent choose the best way of screen time parental control.

How much screen time is too much for children?

Image result for How much screen time too much for children?

Psychologists and doctors agree with the fact that an adult somewhere in his teens should not have more than 3 hours of screen time which includes television, mobile phone, PS4, and any gadget which puts stress on your eyes. This is more restricted for children as they have sensitive eyes and are still in their growing years and so much exposure could affect them.

Best Apps to Limit Screen Time

Here is my screen time apps review that will give you further insight as to how you can use each of these apps.

5. FamilyTime

4. Pumpic

3. OurPact

2. ScreenTime Labs

1. mSpy


5. FamilyTime

Limiting screen time for kids is a must and hence this is another app to limit screen time. This screen time app for kids works on both iOS and Android offers the following features;

  • Block Internet, Apps, and Contacts
  • Track text messages, location, and schedule device use
  • SOS / Panic Button Alert
  • Limit Screen Time for iOS and Android
  • Teen Safe Drive
  • Call and Web History

There is an app blocker and a contact blocker so that some people cannot contact your children if you don’t want. Further, you can also set the speed limit your child reaches when he is using the device. A 3-day free trial is available.



4. Pumpic

pumpic app download

A free screen time app for Android is known as Limitly. This app helps monitor your child’s mobile phone usage by tracking calls, checking contacts, and keeping a limit on the number of texts. Further online activity can be limited by blocking certain websites and keeping a constant check on the browsing history.

With more than 24 useful screen time rules, it also helps to control daily activities for example location tracking.


3. OurPact

OurPact app

Being a screen time app for iPhone and Android simultaneously, it solves all of the problems that parents face in controlling their child to have limited use of gadgets.

This app aims to teach the child their responsibilities with technology. The owners of this app believe in empowering children for what decisions their parents make as well.

You can set your child’s schedule and when you want them not to play games, and their gadgets will be locked at that time. Some obvious advantages of this technology include some gadgets can be controlled by downloading the app just once.

Also, it helps to control your child’s internet usage by keeping a close look at what they are seeing to help keep them away from any dangers.


2. ScreenTime Labs

screen time app subscription

This is one of the unique apps to limit screen time which also acts as a screen time app for iPad. Being compatible with both Android, iOS and any Amazon gadget. 

I believe that this app is one of the best I have seen so far because it informs me before my kids install any new app.

In addition to that, I can stop them from uninstalling this app and set a specific time on the individual apps for their school time or bedtime. It is always with me on the go as I can change the settings with my mobile phone.

One of the biggest advantages of this app is that when kids are good, I can always give them some bonus time as a reward.

There is a free trial for this app and the basic version is free whereas the premium version with extra benefits is $3.99 per month.


1. mSpy

mSpy to secure your kids

Screen time app review for this particular app mentions the infinite benefits it provides to its users. Not only is it compatible with iOS and Android like all other apps it also provides coverage for all tablets, hence is a screen time app for iPods as well too.

There is a particular mSpy for computers and a different one for mobile phones.

mSpy usually works by collecting data remotely from a particular device on which it is installed and then shows all the data on the control panel which is accessible through any internet browser.

mSpy screen time parental control helps you manage calls, track messages, read emails, track the person’s location and even track Viber, Skype, and all other IM apps and also sets some screen time rules.

mspy app to limit screen time

mSpy for computers gives various other advantages like taking screenshots of desktops now and then, using a keylogger to protect your child when he goes online, and checking all the installed applications and their application use. A free trial is available whereas the premium version costs you $7.99 per month.

  • The supported devices are iPhone, iPads, Android phones, tabs, MAC, Windows computer
  • Read Our mSpy Review

Over to you…

In my opinion, mSpy parental control app is one of the best apps to limit screen time because it covers a wide range of media problems from which you want to protect your child and gives you a solution to all of them. Although this might be a bit expensive initially however once bought will give you unlimited advantages.

Try It Now

Top 10 iPhone Parental Monitoring Apps in 2023

iphone parental monitoring app


In the previous post, we discussed the best child tracking tools and apps to keep track of your kid’s location and activity. Here, we’ll talk about the top 10 iPhone parental monitoring apps that you don’t want to miss.


Updated: 2022


In today’s age of cyberbullying, online trafficking, online suicide games, and a plethora of age-inappropriate content available on the internet, parents are within their rights to be concerned about their child’s online activity.

Many analysts and psychologists deem the use of parental control apps as being invasive (and to be honest, some of them are pretty invasive).

But helping your kids make informed and positive digital choices by monitoring their activities has become a necessity.

If you want to protect your children from the negative aspects of the digital world, simply saying ‘be careful’ doesn’t cut it. Enter parental control apps!

#1 iphone parental monitoring app

 Try mSpy Now

These apps are a virtual way of keeping an eye on your kid. To save you from the hassle of trying them all out, I have reviewed a bunch of parental control tools and apps for you to choose from. Here is a list of the best parental monitoring apps for iPhone. Dig in!

#10. FamilyTime

family time app review

Self-described as the ‘best parental app’ on their website, this digital parenting app offers a host of features that helped me reach out to my kids in time of emergency. This app includes

  • Geofencing,
  • location tracking,
  • app time limits,
  • bedtime, homework time and
  • an efficient app blocker

Parents have to create a profile for each child they want to monitor, and then they can feed in the desired time schedule by activating various inbuilt features of the app. 

While FamilyTime offers a free trial for 3 days. I found that this app is relatively expensive.

Its Geo-fencing works only when there is an internet connection available. In addition to that, it can be easily disabled, which is a concern for parents and guardians.

The basic version costs $36 per year and is available for Android, iOS, and Kindle.



#9. TeenSafe

teensafe for kids

TeenSafe allows parents to view their kids’ contact lists and browsing activities. This is a comprehensive app that equips parents to see text messages (even the deleted ones), and social media activities.

It also has a GPS location tracking feature which helps the parents to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their kids. TeenSafe’s unique feature includes a remote control option at an added price. It also offers a 7-day free trial.

This app, however, doesn’t offer any app blocking option.

Moreover, there is no live chat option, and the parents can’t see the images being sent or received by their kids. Some parents consider this app a little too invasive for their liking. This app has a user rating of 4 stars out of 5.

#8. Qustodio


Qustodio app offers the parents to specifically time the use of each app for their kids. For example, I can put a time limit on my kids’ Instagram usage by allowing them to view it for 45 minutes on weekends only. Parents can see the details of a text message, as well as the information about the sender.

Although there is no geofencing option in this app, parents receive an alert every time their kids’ location changes. This app is particularly useful for parents who wish to monitor more than one kid because it is simple to use.

#7. OurPact

OurPact app

Best free parental control app for Android and iPhone – This parental control app came to me with a 4-star recommendation. This is easy to use app, and the best thing about it is that it is FREE.

Parents can install it on their phones and on their kids’ phones and can manage the activities, make timetables, block apps, and whatnot. You can start by making an account, and you can manage multiple kids from that one account.

This app can be used to manage app timings, and you can even make an app disappear from your kid’s phone and make it re-appear whenever you want. One thing that bugged me about this app was the fact that when you activate the block feature, it blocks all apps.

So, if you want just Snapchat blocked on your child’s phone, you are going to have to block Facebook and Instagram too.

#6. MobiStealth

Compatible with iPhone, and Android, you need to purchase a separate license for this app for each new device you add to your control panel. This app gives you the ability to track data in real-time.

As the name suggests, MobiStealth works in stealth mode on a kids’ phone so they can’t see, tamper with, or disable the app.

This app gave me a detailed insight into what my kid was up to by giving access to their call logs, message history, and web browsing. I could see the deleted messages and history as well, so that’s a plus.

It has GPS tracking and app blocking features as well. The only drawback of this app was its inability to time-limit the usage of each app on my kids’ phones.


#5. ScreenTime

screen time parental control

This app came highly recommended with an efficient way of managing time for each app. Like other parental control apps, I had to make one account to manage all my kids.

This app sends a daily summary of my child’s activity on the internet. It also tells me the exact amount of time my kids spend on an app.

ScreenTime asks me to approve every app my kid attempts to install, and it can only be installed after my nod of approval.

This app has this feature where in addition to me, my husband and the babysitter can also have access to my kids’ phones in my absence. What’s more, the kids can’t uninstall this app because it requires a password that only the grownups know.

However, I experience a glitch while testing this app. It had the apps on my kid’s phone and they never came back. 


#4. Mobicip - Features

Safe Internet Browser for Kids the MobiCip app is not only trusted by parents and guardians, but schools from all around the world swear by it as well.

The list of sponsored schools includes Alpine school district, Lansing School District, Catapult Learning, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV, and Los Banos United School District.

This app can be downloaded on a number of devices, such as iPhone, Android, Kindle, and Nook. It can also be installed on desktops and laptops with Windows 7, 8, and 10, MacBook Pro, Chromebook, and MacMini.

It helped me monitor my kids’ activities closely and enabled me to know their location in real-time. The only issue with this app is that it doesn’t define a monthly payment plan.

I used the free version and it didn’t have all the features available that I would like to use.


#3. Pumpic

pumpic app download

The Pumpic app allows me to locate my kid promptly, block websites, and time limits and block several apps, view messages on Facebook messenger and Snapchat, and give me their Instagram history.

After creating an account, I could monitor all my kids from one device.

This app is compatible with most mobile software, so you don’t have to worry if all your kids have different phones. This app lets me view the deleted messages as well.

The drawback that I found with this app is that Pumpic can be disabled or tampered with by the kids because it is not an invisible app.

#2. NetNanny


NetNanny is a parenting app with a difference. One feature that sets NetNanny apart for me is that it can filter out profanity. So if there is any foul language in the comments section of any app, your child is not going to be able to view it.

I haven’t found this feature in any other parental control app so far. It gives you a big picture of what your kid is up to in their digital life. Rest, it has similar website blocking, geofencing, and time-limiting features as other parental control apps.

The only con I found with this app was that I had to buy different features separately, which makes it a bit more expensive than other apps available on the market.


#1. mSpy

mSpy to secure your kids

Best Parental Control App for iPhone and Android – This app comes with a regular set of features including Geo tracking, call, app, inappropriate website blocking, current GPS location, photos, and videos access, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, Line, Hangouts, and Tinder tracking.

Keylogger feature informed me about the text entered on my kid’s phone.

Like MobiStealth, mSpy can be completely invisible to your kids, so they wouldn’t know if someone is monitoring them. It remotely collects data from your child’s device and immediately notifies you.

Apart from paying extra for the same set of features as any other app if you want to purchase the Premium version, this app seemed pretty fine to me. Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows/Mac OS for just $7.99 per month.

Visit mSpy here


mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution


To Sum Up –  While I am not in favor of installing stealth apps and not letting your kids know whether you are monitoring them, I do have a favorite on this list.

mSpy tops my list with an all-inclusive set of features to help me protect my kids’ best interests online, and I absolutely love it.

If you haven’t already, give these iPhone monitoring apps a try and ensure your kids’ safety from the many dangers of the digital world.