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4 Ways to track your daughters phone without her knowing?

The life of everyone is busy with a lot of tasks and duties to perform on daily basis. Taking care of our jobs, working at home and other daily activities do not let you focus on the most important thing in our lives – our kids.

Child tracking tools and apps can be really helpful if you are looking for how to track my daughter’s phone without her knowing, as these tools can ensure her safety, you can monitor her actions and know if she is visiting any inappropriate places.

It is your job to keep eye on her activities and safeguard her from problems that she cannot foresee and you should do it without letting her know about this.

How can you track your daughter’s phone without her knowing?

Need to track the activities of your daughter? Track my daughter’s phone with these powerful tools with amazing features let you track a cell phone location and other activities on phone.

You can check your daughter’s messages in Whatsapp, Facebook, her web searches and history, her current location and if you are asking for how I can check my daughters Snapchat then you should try them.

You should try to get your relationship better with your daughter so that she can tell you easily what she is doing and where she is going, this is a lot better.

But if things do not go as you have planned then these applications can help you to monitor her activities.

1. The Most Trusted Tracking App – mSpy

iphone tracker app

mSpy is the most used location tracking app for Android and iOS devices, with over 1 million satisfied users.

The reason that it stands out from other child monitoring apps in this category is that it enables you to see to whom she is calling, which apps she is using and what she is doing in those applications, the contact numbers she has, her location, and many more.

This tool is really reliable and the interface is so easy to understand that anyone can use it without hesitation of going through manuals.

Track your daughter’s iPhone and Android

track your daughters iphone

Nowadays teenager girls have friends who are a drug addict and involved in sexting. They do not think that they will any consequences of their activities in the future and act recklessly but it is your duty to monitor their activities and teach them what is wrong and what is right.

Gratefully, having tracking software installed on your daughter’s iPhone or Android, it will help you to receive all the information which is on her cell phone.

A) Monitoring Calls and Messages from your Daughter

spy your daughters phone

With mSpy you can monitor your daughter’s phone calls in order to stop her communicating with people who you consider are not good for her.

In mSpy call log, you can see the time and date of calls that your daughter made and also the ones she received and from which number or person – deleted call log. You will get to see the exact time when she called someone or received someone’s call, how long she talked about the calls and the contact information on her cell phone.

You can also block someone from calling on her personal cell phone number if that person is trying to tease her or if you do not want him to be having contact with your daughter.

Besides monitoring of the calls, you can also view and read the text messages and other contents of messages such as media files that are coming in and going out of her cell phone.

The texting is the most used platform for communicating these days, as a parent, you can make sure that she is not texting to someone who can be dangerous for her life and future.

The most common thing is sexting, but with the app, you can stop her from looking at explicit things and sharing them with others. It works for all of the IM apps, whether it is Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Tinder, Snapchat, iMessage, Telegram or Snapchat.

B) Finding your daughter’s location, Set Boundaries via Geo-fencing in mSpy

mlite geo fencing

In this busy world and daily activities that you have to do, it is impossible for parents to be around their children twenty-four hours a day.

There are possibilities that your daughter can get lost, go to the place that you do not want her to visit or in the worst case scenario, she can get kidnapped as well.

With the tracker capabilities of this software you can check the roads she has traveled through to reach her destination. You can also set some sort of barrier called Geo-fencing.

It lets you know if she has crossed that barrier, if she does, then you will be notified immediately about her location and then you may take action as soon as possible.

Now you do not have to worry about how to track my daughter’s phone.

This child tracking app lets you determine which places are safe for her and which are not, for example, the safe places can be home or school areas.

The areas outside these places act as forbidden areas and define the boundaries; due to this your problem to track my kid’s phone is solved. So, if she ever crosses these areas then you will be notified immediately.

With mSpy, you can set the unlimited number of these type of areas and can tell by looking at the history which area she visited the most and how many times she has been in all of the places.

It can also be helpful to recover a mobile phone which got stolen or got lost. If you are trying to track your child’s phone without them knowing, this app is the right one for you.

C) Monitoring Her Internet usage, Viewing Media Files and Reading E-Mails

monitor your child's internet activity

This phone monitoring application lets you monitor her internet usage, what she searched and when what she downloaded, what she uploaded, the media files whether they are images, videos or documents, you can do all of this in one app.

Furthermore, you can also check the e-mails she gets from others and the sent items in her mailbox can also be checked with the help of this tracker app.

You can also define the keywords that you think she should not be searching on the internet, with this done you can get a notification whenever she tries to look up for those keywords, above all you can also block the websites that you want her not to see through this app.

mspy download

2. Tracking your daughter using Find My Friend App

With Find My Friend App you can easily track her location whenever you want in iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad etc. But before starting to track, you need to have version 8 or later installed on your iOS device, update the browser on the device and install Find My Friend application from App Store.

find my friends location tracking

After completing this you need to open Add My Friend app on her mobile and then go to Add Friend to add yourself by putting in your email address. That is all, now you can see her location on your device’s Find My Friend app whenever you want.

3. Tracking location of your Daughter using Find My Kids

It is another application which lets you monitor her location whenever you want. You can get automatic updates about the places she visits and it also allows you to monitor the battery level of her cell phone, you can ask her to recharge it so that it does not go off. With this, your problem of how to track my kids is pretty much solved completely.

find my kids

It can tell you the exact location of your daughter without doing any complicated things or procedures.

This app uses cell phone company’s data from their towers to tell the distance so that you can monitor it on the map of your mobile, it also enables you to follow the track that she used to reach a specific place.

Benefits of using these apps to monitor her activities

It is really convenient to know what your daughter is up to when she is away from home or family.

You can monitor and restrict the activities that she does, it can really be helpful to avoid problems which can result in earning her a bad name. As a parent, you can fulfill your duty to monitor and guide her to the right path of life and for that these tracking apps are really useful tools.

4. Phone Tracker App for iPhone Free

track your childs phone with tracker app

This free phone tracking app lets you track your friends, family and other persons’ iPhone remotely. This child tracking app allows you to monitor her activities and locates her on your phone.

Features with phone tracker app:

  • track another device and view his/her routes on the map
  • GPS location tracking option
  • Simply kids tracking app free
  • The permission-based app lets you allow or deny other iPhone owners to follow you

Over to you…

In this new generation, the cell phone is the only thing that is being used by all the teens for staying in contact with their friends. Your objective to monitor my child’s phone can be completed by tracking software which lets you track a cell phone location and let you know where she is.

You are not sure about what kind of activities your children are involved in when they are alone and when you are not around them.

These kinds of thoughts come to your mind, particularly when your daughter is not in front of you. Children are most vulnerable to threats, such as getting into a bad company and negatively influenced by some people.

mspy download

Can You Track iPhone Location by Phone Number?

iphone tracker by phone number 

iPhone Location Tracker by Phone Number

With people misplacing or losing their phones increasingly day by day, I found myself wondering can you track an iPhone with a phone number? Is that even possible?

Normally tracking a lost iPhone is done by the IMEI number and online iPhone tracking apps, so is there a way the phone number can also be used to track the lost iPhone?


Part 1: Can we track an iPhone using a phone number?

Many people around me have claimed that it’s possible to track a lost iPhone using just the phone number, however, after some research, I have concluded that no matter what people claim it’s virtually possible to track an iPhone using a phone number.

Which phone number am I talking about here?

It’s the number that is provided by the cellular operator when you purchase a SIM. So, can you track a phone with a phone number?

Now, normally when someone steals a phone the first thing that they do is remove the SIM so that the owner can’t track the phone. As you must have guessed by now, it is not possible to track a phone using a SIM that has been removed from it!

track her phone


The only way one can actually track a phone using the number is if they misplace the phone or if the thief does not remove the SIM card from the phone, which as you can imagine is not very common.

However, if in case the thief actually forgets to remove the SIM card, you can track an iPhone with the phone number without them knowing by contacting your cellular network who can check when the last call was made from the phone after which they can tell you the last location in which the phone was used.

This is also the best way to track an iPhone without an app, as it just needs the service provider to locate; the phone by using the SIMs location.

Part 2: Can I track my iPhone by phone number online?

Yes, there are apps available on the Apple iTunes store that can be used to locate the position of the phone by using phone numbers and GPS. There are also some geolocation websites that provide location services for iPhones in all countries and with any carrier SIM so you can be able to track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing. “Find my iPhone” uses iCloud services to locate the missing device by just using the apple id and password details of the missing phone.

You can also use and use your apple credentials to find your iPhone without anyone knowing.

Can I track my iPhone without iCloud?

iCloud may be the most convenient way to locate an iPhone without them knowing but it’s not the only way. Like Apple, Google timeline also drafts out a map of location data from the iPhone so you can access all the locations your iPhone has been in on a map interface.

locate an iphone


With this, you can figure out on a map where your iPhone was located when it last sent its location idea and if the lost phone is still on and continues sending data its location so you can find where the iPhone is without anyone knowing. Even if the iPhone battery dies you are still able to see the location it sent its last signal.


Part 3: How to track an iPhone via mSpy?

It may be impossible to track an iPhone using the phone number, however, there are many software and apps that can be used to track and find your iPhone. You can find someone’s iPhone location online by using an app that’s highly recommended worldwide, mSpy. To track an iPhone without them knowing. 

locate an iphone remotely

It is necessary to have mSpy installed on the phone before it is lost to ensure that it can be retrieved as the installation is necessary to find the phone


How do I track my iPhone online?

You will need to follow a few steps to first install mSpy so that the phone can be tracked online 

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Login and complete the setup

mspy login free


Step 3: Select the target OS, iPhone, or Android you want to track

Step 4: Now the installation steps to follow

Step 5: Login to view the online control panel

Once the installation is complete, log in to your mSpy account and access the control panel. Via the control panel, you can check the location of the iPhone online and track it wherever it’s been.


How does it work?

Using the map on the control panel you can track the entire route which the phone has been through as well as its current location, without the person ever finding out that you are tracking their movements. You can also use this feature to track someone by using their phone without them ever knowing as well as track an iPhone without an iCloud.

 geo fencing

iPhone Spy iOS tracking solution:

You can track all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and the supported devices

With this feature, you find someone’s iPhone location every minute and the entire route that the phone has been to through your control panel whenever you want.

How to track my husband’s phone without touching it?

Previously, we discussed the ways to expose husband’s infidelity and here we are going to tell you how can you track your husband’s phone without touching it?


Read on to know how you can do just that!

Are you suspecting your husband of infidelity? Thanks to the increased use of phones keeping a track on your husband have become extremely difficult if not completely impossible. The important thing for you to do keep an eye on your husband and track his phone without touching it so he doesn’t even know what you are up to.


What do I need to track my husband’s phone without touching?

You need to calm down and sort yourself out to figure out exactly how you can track your husband’s phone without even getting your hands dirty.

It’s your right to know what he is doing on his phone behind your back and the best way to do that is by tracking your husband’s phone without him knowing. provides a great solution to track him without touching their phone these days, so get ready to try them out for your benefit.


How can I spy on my husband’s phone without touching his phone?

  1. You can track an iPhone by using iCloud spy that doesn’t require physical access to his phone
  2. For Android, you can send him a secret and invisible text on his phone which start tracking the target phone without touching his phone

If you want to track your husband’s phone most methods need access to the phone to install the spy app on it.

Most of these apps like mSpy and Mobistealth do offer a solution in case you can’t touch the phone. You can contact your app company and they can provide some creative solutions to track your husband’s phone without touching it.


How I remotely tracked my husband’s phone?

cheating spouse app iphone

When I contacted my spy app they told me that they could help me spy on my husband’s phone without me touching the phone. They did this by sending various fake offers and apps with discounts and asking him to install them on his phone. He got tempted by one and installed it, voila!

It installed the spy app by fooling him and I was able to track my husband’s phone without him knowing!

  • Another way to track your husband’s phone location is to grab his phone when he isn’t around without him knowing 
  • You can get hold of his phone while he is in the shower and quickly put the spy app of your choice on his phone.

This method only involves touching the phone one time and then a lifetime of tracking your husband’s phone


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The Best of the Best & It really worked in my case!

Gift him a new iPhone with a pre-installed spy app

Want to come across as the perfect wife to not let your husband even guess you are busy suspecting him and trying to track his phone without touching it?

Giving a new iPhone as a present to your husband will make sure he doesn’t even suspect that you want to track his phone without him knowing.

After purchasing the phone you can install a spy app on it which is known for tracking phones without the husband knowing, and the best part is you won’t even need ANY access to his phone to do the necessary tracking.

You can even set up a new Apple ID and password for his new iPhone and use the details on a spy app and track your husband’s phone without even touching it once the app is installed by using his iCloud details on your spy app.


Which app lets me track my husband without him knowing?

I have had a chance to try out many apps that are free and paid to track my husband without him knowing and according to my experience I will tell you the best ones to track your husband without touching his phone. Your husband won’t even know you are tracking him.

How about free spy apps?

There are many different apps claiming that they can do a lot for free include tracking your unsuspecting husband.

I tried a few and they did help in tracking my husband without him knowing so my experience with spy apps has been great and successful at tracking him using spy apps without him knowing.


iCloud Spy – doesn’t require physical access

If your husband uses an iPhone mSpy even offers a simple solution to spy on your husband’s phone without even touching it! All you need is his iCloud username and password and you can track your husband’s phone without touching it.

For this, you either can take access to the phone once after which you can track your husband’s phone without touching it, or contact the app company for help in sending fake advertisements and offers to trick him into installing the app.

Once the iCloud spy is installed you will need to set up a control panel on your own account to view and track your husband’s phone at any time without even having access to it.

What features do these apps offer to track my husband without touching his phone?

There are a variety of features now at your disposal to spy on your husband remotely once you are done installing the app. The most convenient thing that I felt was that I could track my husband without him knowing.


The most useful features that I found to track my husband are:

View SMS message:

This feature lets me view entire conversation threads between my husband and others without him knowing. I do this by using my username and password to log on my own control panel that I can access from anywhere. This control panel tracks everything on my husband’s phone without me touching it.

Even if he deletes a message from his phone it stays on my panel for me to track whenever I want and lets me spy on his phone remotely at any time.

Track GPS location:

 If you want to track your husband’s location without him knowing, spy apps are an incredible option. You can find out the entire area mapped that your husband has visited with time stamps so you can know if he has been lying to you about his whereabouts on your control panel.

Spy on IM apps:

These days my husband tends to use WhatsApp and Snapchat far more than any other messaging platforms so I found it very easy to track my husband without him knowing with this feature. Every single conversation and message sent whether multimedia or audio is tracked using the spy app and known to me.

Now I know who he is talking to when he’s talking to them and what they are talking about, I can track all this without my husband knowing.

Spy on contacts and appointments:

 Is your husband making excuses about going for meetings and you think he’s lying? Now you can easily find out who he’s making friends with by spying on his contacts and know if he really has that meeting to attend by browsing through his appointments.

Your husband won’t even know that you’re tracking his phone but you will surely get to know about his next ‘meeting’.

View all multimedia messages:

My husband prefers to use Snapchat and thinks he’s so smart but he doesn’t know I am smarter and tracking his phone without him even knowing.

I even track his Snapchat photos and all the photos that are sent and received through his phone, so I know everything that is going on while he thinks I’ve never even touched his phone.

Monitoring web browsing:

My husband thinks he can do whatever he likes on his phone because I can’t track it as I’ve never even touched it, but he is very wrong. I know everyone single website he visits and searches for thanks to my spy apps and know exactly what he does without me knowing.

Tracking him is so simple and he doesn’t even know about it thanks to the spy apps running invisibly on his phone!


How do spy apps work?

You will need to know the model of the phone that your husband uses to install the app of your choice to track his phone without him knowing.

There are also different apps for Android and iOS and you will have to choose accordingly.

After that you can purchase the package you like out of the many offered, they all have a difference in prices and the features so you can choose what you require to track your husband’s phone and get started.

mspy download

My final verdict!

I have been successful in tracking my husband’s phone without touching and without him even knowing that I do it. Many apps online claim a lot of things, but none of them come close to what mSpy and Mobistealth have to offer.

If you want to track your husband’s phone remotely there’s nothing better to do than install one of these apps on your husband’s phone without even touching it.

If you are feeling in doubt even after reading my experience, mSpy even offers a one week free trial for those of you who are still skeptical and want to see if it really will help you track your husband’s phone without him knowing.

You can try it for yourself now and thank me for it later

5 Ways to Track iPhone Location With and Without an App

how to track someones iphone location from my android

How to find someone’s location without them knowing?

  • The iPhone tracking app allows parents to keep track of where their children are
  • Parents have also admitted to using the Find My iPhone app 
  • It’s a growing trend among families with teenagers
  • But is this constant monitoring healthy in a parent-child relationship?

You might be a worried parent who wants to track your offspring’s whereabouts or a husband who wants to track his family on a vacation to make sure they are safe. 6 out of 10 parents look forward to finding a reliable iPhone spy app which can finish all their worries.

One of their main concerns is that their child should not know and hence this article is all about tracking any iPhone without the user knowing.




Some of the best ways to track another person’s location are:

  1. Using the Find My iPhone app which is only limited to iPhone and is accessible once you make an account on iCloud
  2. Using the Samsung tracking location app which again needs a Samsung account
  3. Using the iPhone tracking appsthe time-tested way to track an iPhone
  4. Track an iPhone without iCloud
  5. Tracking an iPhone using Find My Friends


While all the ways mentioned above have their own pros and cons, we will talk about why the tracking apps are the best and most effective way when it comes to tracking your children’s locations.

One day, my son texted to say that he was going to be late because his school bus was late, says a Mother, 41. ‘But when I checked using the app I could easily see he was actually in a cafe.’

Phone Tracking App

Keep Track of their Phone Live!

Out of all the benefits, the app gives, the most exciting thing is that you can track anyone’s phone without them knowing.

Gone are the days when you had to ask someone for their location and in return, they would give you a bunch of lies. In today’s day and age, all you need to do is get a simple solution which will do all the work for you in a matter of seconds.

The best part is you can keep a record on your computer for proof as well. Here, we will take a look at one of the best ways track an iPhone from Android, how it functions and how you should make sure that the other person doesn’t get to know.

This is pretty much a find my iPhone android alternative just that it has some extra functions as well.


How can you track an iPhone from an Android?

You can tap the app and look at a map to see what they’re up to — and see if you want to join them

The process begins with you getting hold of the phone. In this case, we are talking about tracking an iPhone from an Android secretly.

“He’s not naughty, but he has a 45-minute school journey and he visits friends who live miles away. Knowing that a quick look at my phone will tell me where he gives me peace of mind.”

Phone Tracking App

  • Before you start the whole process you should know that getting the app is important because without that you won’t be able to use any of the features.
  • After you are done with that it is imperative to make an account as well.
  • Now that all of this is done and you have hold of the phone you can put the tracking app in it.
  • Once that is done you should restart the phone to make sure the app starts working.
  • You are done with the important steps involving the iPhone and now you can sit at home and remotely track their phone without them knowing easily.

While most apps promise to not let the other person get to know about your activities, in the end, you get to know that they have been aware the whole time. One other problem people frequently face is that most of the times the location is incorrect which causes a lot of problems.


How does iPhone tracking app works?

how does spy tracking app work

You now need to access the control panel from your phone or laptop and turn on the tracking feature. The tracking tool helps you to see the current location on a detailed map so that you are not in doubt.

Furthermore, one of the distinguishing features has is that it can check the person’s route history over a specific period of time so for example if you to see where a person visited last week can help you.

Regular GPS is also not important when tracking the person. Even if you are not able to check the location immediately you can always go back to the control panel at a later date and you will find all the information over there.

The best part is that no matter what he/she owns a phone as you do not have to jailbreak/root it for tracking which solves a myriad of problems and makes the task easier. Your account login details are always kept with you and there is no chance that the person being tracked will get to know about it.

“Tracking them might sound like helicopter parenting, but I’ve always lived in fear of my children being abducted – Afra Willmore”


What will you be tracking?

geo fencing

While these are the basic tracking functions the app also provides geofencing. This means that you can set geographical boundaries and when the person enters those boundaries you will be notified. You can set a number of boundaries at the same time and you can see when and how many times the person has visited the boundary.

You personally get emails about the entrance or exit from the zones set. 

If your child deletes the app from his phone, you will be notified immediately on your phone.

This feature is very helpful when you are talking about child safety because you can be alerted when something out of the ordinary happens. It can also help inform you if a device is stolen by helping you track lost iPhone using Android.

 app monitor your kids and employees' activites

All you need: An internet connection!

All the features mentioned above can only function if the device being tracked is connected to an internet connection at all times. If the connection is disrupted in the middle you might not be able to track the device properly. You will only be able to see the last location till when the internet is connected.

However, the best part is that you do not need to be physically available with the device at all times.

Once the app is downloaded and you have set all the functions the information keeps coming on your dashboard and you can access it from there.

The app is compatible with all popular devices such as Android, Apple, Windows, Mac etc and what more do you want you can get all this at the lowest rates possible.

 mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution

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