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iPhone Spy Software – the Complete Guide 2023

iphone spy software

I’ve put this Guide to tie in all the information about iPhone spy software and it’s working. I’ve covered each aspect in detail – after reading you will have a pretty good understanding of phone spy software.

“Everything you need, in one place!”

Since the iPhone is a real sensation in the world of smartphones, this is essentially one of the big reasons that explain an increasing demand for iPhone spy apps. These software programs offer several important features and aspects to look for, which are a bit different from Android spy apps.

However, in most cases, the installation of iPhone spy software requires jailbreaking.


Updated 2022!

This guide will help you understand how differently iPhone monitoring works and what iPhone spy app should you choose that meets your requirement as well as your budget.

Just a decade back, it was near impossible to even imagine how to spy on an iPhone. Basically, cell phone spy tracking programs were primarily created to monitor Android. However, these days, spying on software apps isn’t thought to be among the top of the line if it cannot spy on iOS devices, whether it is iPhones or even iPad.

Now, let’s examine the best ways to spy on an iPhone iPad.

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Monitoring iOS users with an iPhone spy app 2022

These legitimate spy programs can only be installed with physical access interaction to the iOS device, unlike those phony software apps that are advertised with false claims of installing remotely. Some of the popular spy software apps that are not just reliable but have been tried and tested have in fact been listed below for your convenience.

These apps require a jailbroken iPhone for downloading and installing them. However, there are some iPhone spy apps that require no jailbreak.

Keep reading further to learn about them.


What Can an iPhone Spy Sofware Do?

An iPhone spy software can surprisingly eavesdrop on every action performed on the target phone. One can achieve a high level of monitoring using spy phone apps – being extremely powerful.

Certain features each spy software program offers are the monitoring of text messages, calls, GPS data, emails, and IM chats.


Live Call Listening and Recording – yes, you can monitor calls happening or listen to actual calls later on without the phone owner knowing. Only available with Spyera.

Ambient Recording – you can bug a phone by sending a secret message to start the microphone and record surround voices.

GPS Tracking – Track your target in real-time and locate them Live without them knowing. You can retrieve the exact location of the phone and track the routes on the map. You get notifications if your target enters or leaves a certain zone.

Web History – this spy software gives you internet history reports, the websites visited and the videos watched online. Further, a spy program allows you to block certain websites you want your child not to be visited – this feature is available with the mSpy program.

View Phone Data – everything from contacts lists on the phone book, videos, photos, and any multimedia stored on the phone. Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. 

Spy Instant Messengers – these spy apps monitor Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Kik, Line, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, etc. You can view the videos, listen to voice messages, and record Live calls – available with mSpy


How does iPhone spying software work?

iphone spy no jailbreak

     (without jailbreak)


I’ll explain here how all these spy software programs work – without getting noticed

  1. You download the app onto your target phone by following the installation instructions
  2. The software immediately starts the recording of actions happening on the target phone – acts as an online detective into your target’s pocket
  3. The received and monitored data is saved on spy company servers and stored in an online control panel
  4. You login into the spy software’s control panel on any device – which requires a stable internet connection

It takes only 5 minutes to install spy software on the target phone in the case of jailbroken version. For non-jailbroken, you do not need to install anything on the target phone. 

iOS spy apps that need no jailbreaking


mspy software without jailbreaking iphone ipad



Spy apps that need no jailbreaking or installation are comparatively new in the market and that’s why just a few companies are offering them. For monitoring phones using these apps, you’ll require the target iPhone’s Apple ID along with its password and also make sure that the iCloud backup is enabled on it.

mSpy and MobiStealth are the most reliable spy software programs that offer iPhone spy services without jailbreaking.

You need to bear in mind that these apps normally don’t offer a lot of features. Only fully-loaded spy software apps can offer you all the monitoring options that you need. But, here’s the best part – among these companies offering mobile monitoring apps are now providing a non-Jailbroken version with the regular spy app.


How does a No Jailbreak Version of an iPhone Spying Software work?



The idea of jailbreaking an iPhone seemed to put off people who want to use a mobile spyware program. Some fear that it might damage the target phone while there are others who feel it’s too hi-tech for them to handle.

All you’ll need is the Apple ID and password of the iPhone and enable iCloud backups. It’s a sustainable option if you to spy on your child and spouse’s iPhones.


Use your mSpy login credentials, you can view the monitoring data uploaded from the target phone’s iCloud backup onto your Online Dashboard. However, here’s the downside – the spying data is not uploaded in real-time. The information is uploaded only whenever iCloud backup uploads the phone data.

Currently, mSpy together with MobiStealth are among reliable spy software apps that are offering this service, however, mSpy no jailbreak version is taking the lead among its competitors.


It offers only call and SMS monitoring, internet browsing history, contact list, apps installed, and mobile message apps like Line, Skype, and Whatsapp monitoring – quite satisfactory, isn’t it?

The cost of this version is $0.99, similar to the regular monitoring app.

Mobistealth’s version of the no jailbreak iPhone spy app works similar to mSpy’s version.

Regular iOS Spy Programs

The regular spy programs mentioned below are the ones that require manual installation as well as physical access to the already Jailbroken target phone.

The top three most trusted spy programs are:

  • Flexispy

  • mSpy

  • MobiStealth

All of these make excellent choices and offer exceptional features. However, it’s always wise to examine the value-added features offered in order to determine which settles is the best option for either monitoring your employees or keeping a remote eye on your kids’ iPhone activities.


Why jailbreaking is essential for installing a regular spy software

Apple has its own set of rules about installing a new software app. iOS doesn’t entertain third-party apps. Putting it simply, if a particular software app is not allowed by Apple, then there is no way you can install it unless you jailbreak the phone.

These spy software apps are also on the list of those software apps that are not supported by Apple. This is the very reason jailbreaking is a MUST if you want to install a phone monitoring app on it.


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Plus, jailbreaking isn’t as tricky as people make it sound. Anyone can do it in fact. In addition to this, you need to remember that the software should be compatible with the iOS version that the target phone has.

Apple brings up-to-date versions of its operating systems very frequently. Soon as Apple updates its operating system, a majority of companies will come up with the latest jailbreak version for that particular version and update their spy software product accordingly.

mSpy, however, does offer a complete installation service to its customers. All you have to do is pay some extra bucks and their technical support staff will jailbreak your target phone and install the app for your convenience.

Therefore, to make these spy apps work, you need to ensure that it supports the iOS version of your target device.

How to Track an iPhone Without them Knowing in 2023?

track your daughters iphone

Secretly Track Your Child’s or Spouse’s iPhone without them knowing!

  • Monitor their current whereabouts and see a detailed map
  • Track their route history without them knowing
  • Check their current location even when regular GPS is unavailable
  • Set any number of allowed and restricted zones for the target phone
  • See when and how often each zone is visited and get email alerts
  • Access all tracks directly from your online web panel


Updated: May 2022

Either you’re a worried parent who is concerned about your son’s or daughter’s unusual phone activities; an apprehensive husband or wife who suspects the spouse to have something up their sleeves or maybe you’re an employer who is alarmed over your employees’ behavior associated with their usage of company-provided smart devices.

Here, we will talk about how to find someone’s iPhone location without them knowing. There are many tracking tools and apps but we’ll discuss the best ones here.

Keep reading!


How to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing?

Whatever the reason is, if you wish to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing about it, you’re just at the right place. So, let’s begin with giving you a heads up on what iPhone tracking is and how useful is it.

Although, there are different ways to track someone, such as hiring a private eye, or maybe a GPS tracking device installed in your suspect’s vehicle. But, that involves going through a lot of hassle and you might not be able to get all the minute-by-minute details either.

I’m not saying these options don’t work, but you need something that’s more stealthy; more secretive in its nature to avoid giving hints to the suspect themselves.

Hence, the best, perhaps the safest way to keep a virtual eye on someone is using iPhone tracking apps that can easily be installed on smart devices.

Family GPS tracker My Family

Here you’ll read about how to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing about it. If you’re not a fan of apps and maybe want to pursue the idea of secretly tracking an iPhone without an app, you’re definitely in for a surprise!

After reading this article, the next thing you’ll want to do is choose a tracking software for an iPhone without wasting a minute further.

Enough talking, let’s get down to the main thing, i.e., how it can help you track the activity on an iPhone.


Listed below are some noticeable features of an iPhone tracking software:

Tracking location in real-time

iphone location tracking

If you want to see where the suspect is at a given time, an iPhone tracking app can help you pinpoint their exact GPS location and intimate you with the information you needed in just a couple of minutes.

Check the routes they took or visited

track your daughters iphone without her knowing


Not just current, you can even view the history of all the places they have been traveling along all day, even yesterday. You can acquire the details of all the locations that the target person has been in at the respective date and day you want to know about.

Geo-fence your target

mspy geofence

The most exciting feature that an iPhone tracking software offers is the ability to set virtual boundaries for your target, designating safe areas. You can define some boundaries on a map and in case the person enters or exits that territory, you will be instantly notified.

Track phone calls and SMS

How would you know who is calling your suspect, or who you’re suspect is mostly calling, and at what time? Maybe your private eye will take days to give you these details, but your iPhone tracking app will give you this information in seconds!

You can even see what text messages they have been received or delivered conveniently with details such as the sender/ receiver’s name, date, and time mentioned evidently.

track somone's calls on iphone

Think about the comfort of finally being able to secretly track your son’s or daughter’s phone without even having to touch it…

Track WhatsApp messages

4 am in the morning and your spouse is online on WhatsApp?! Who could s/he be chatting with at such an odd time?? What was so important that they had to sacrifice their sweet sleep?

Fishy isn’t it?

If you have installed a tracking app, you don’t need to worry about how to track your cheating spouse iPhone. You’ll get bits of every message sent or received with the name, number, day, date as well as time at your convenience.

spy on whatsapp

Access to multimedia files

Get access to the photos and videos saved on their smart devices to see what they are up to.

View their internet browsing history

Are they checking up on websites that have inappropriate content? If they are, the iPhone tracking software will notify you immediately by giving you access to the entire internet browsing history.

These are just a few features mentioned, however, an iPhone tracking software is an influential app that has been designed and created to facilitate your monitoring needs as a parent, a spouse, or a businessman.

How to access the tracking information?

Once you sign up for a service, you will get access to an online dashboard that has all the navigation tools to help you go through the different sections with tracking information uploaded from the target phone. But do you know what the best part is?

geofence app iphone android`

 You can track an iPhone without the owner knowing at the sheer convenience of your own phone! Once you are connected to the internet, you can sign in using your username and password (provided on sign up) to access the entire tracking record that gets uploaded on the tracking application’s server online on their website.

Even if the user deletes the messages from their device, it will still be visible to you on your account’s dashboard. Plus, you can even track an iPhone with an Android phone.

How to track an iPhone iPad without jailbreaking?


mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution


The next big thing is the installation part. You do not need to install anything on the target phone – spy on iPhone without installing software. You install the software on your PC by enabling iCloud on the target phone (If it’s not enabled).


Is jailbreaking necessary?

No, It’s optional. Once you’re done on your PC, the app begins running in the phone’s background without being detected by the user. It doesn’t even form an icon to show on the home screen. It’s completely unnoticeable.

You can even track your target’s phone without jailbreaking it.

Yep, that’s right! You don’t need to install some other app on your target iPhone. You can use iCloud credentials to track the target phone effortlessly. However, this feature is not available on every iPhone tracking app.


Use iCloud to track an iPhone without the other person knowing

One of the easiest ways to track an iPhone is to monitor iCloud. You will be able to keep track of location in real-time, lock the screen, read messages, see contacts, and call details, erase all data, and pictures stored on their iCloud.


how to track an iPhone without them knowing


Is mSpy the best iPhone tracking app in the market?

There are hundreds of vendors claiming to offer iPhone tracking apps with extraordinary features; however, what beats them all is “mSpy.” mSpy uses the most highly advanced technologies to efficiently track a device.


What makes it worth buying is that you don’t need to jailbreak your target iPhone to install the tool on the device.

  • With over 1,000,000 satisfied customers
  • 35+ tracking and monitoring features
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac OS
  • 24/7 Free multi-language support
  • Remotely track anything on the target device

It’s an undetectable and invisible app that allows you to secretly follow your child’s phone or vehicle location – lets you track your son’s or daughter’s phone without them knowing.

It works on cloud technology and all the tracking data is conveniently logged in your online control panel.

You should have iCloud credentials in order to use No-Jailbreak solution, and have physical access to target phone if iCloud synchronization is turned off on that phone.



mSpy is easily compatible with:

• All iOS versions
• Android devices operating on Android 4+
• Windows (XP, Vista, 7 – 10)
• Mac OS

It is available in affordable package plans. The premium packages comprise abundant features that although, are not available in their basic package. You can buy it for as minimum as $7.99 per month.

Over to you…

Whether you want to track a cheating spouse or employee or track your son’s or daughter’s iPhone, mSpy is the app that I recommend the most. Now that you are aware of what you need to catch the culprit, you better not waste another minute dissolving yourself in endless worries.

It’s time to take an action!

Get this iPhone tracking app

5 Ways to Track iPhone Location With and Without an App

how to track someones iphone location from my android

How to find someone’s location without them knowing?

  • The iPhone tracking app allows parents to keep track of where their children are
  • Parents have also admitted to using the Find My iPhone app 
  • It’s a growing trend among families with teenagers
  • But is this constant monitoring healthy in a parent-child relationship?

You might be a worried parent who wants to track your offspring’s whereabouts or a husband who wants to track his family on a vacation to make sure they are safe. 6 out of 10 parents look forward to finding a reliable iPhone spy app which can finish all their worries.

One of their main concerns is that their child should not know and hence this article is all about tracking any iPhone without the user knowing.




Some of the best ways to track another person’s location are:

  1. Using the Find My iPhone app which is only limited to iPhone and is accessible once you make an account on iCloud
  2. Using the Samsung tracking location app which again needs a Samsung account
  3. Using the iPhone tracking appsthe time-tested way to track an iPhone
  4. Track an iPhone without iCloud
  5. Tracking an iPhone using Find My Friends


While all the ways mentioned above have their own pros and cons, we will talk about why the tracking apps are the best and most effective way when it comes to tracking your children’s locations.

One day, my son texted to say that he was going to be late because his school bus was late, says a Mother, 41. ‘But when I checked using the app I could easily see he was actually in a cafe.’

Phone Tracking App

Keep Track of their Phone Live!

Out of all the benefits, the app gives, the most exciting thing is that you can track anyone’s phone without them knowing.

Gone are the days when you had to ask someone for their location and in return, they would give you a bunch of lies. In today’s day and age, all you need to do is get a simple solution which will do all the work for you in a matter of seconds.

The best part is you can keep a record on your computer for proof as well. Here, we will take a look at one of the best ways track an iPhone from Android, how it functions and how you should make sure that the other person doesn’t get to know.

This is pretty much a find my iPhone android alternative just that it has some extra functions as well.


How can you track an iPhone from an Android?

You can tap the app and look at a map to see what they’re up to — and see if you want to join them

The process begins with you getting hold of the phone. In this case, we are talking about tracking an iPhone from an Android secretly.

“He’s not naughty, but he has a 45-minute school journey and he visits friends who live miles away. Knowing that a quick look at my phone will tell me where he gives me peace of mind.”

Phone Tracking App

  • Before you start the whole process you should know that getting the app is important because without that you won’t be able to use any of the features.
  • After you are done with that it is imperative to make an account as well.
  • Now that all of this is done and you have hold of the phone you can put the tracking app in it.
  • Once that is done you should restart the phone to make sure the app starts working.
  • You are done with the important steps involving the iPhone and now you can sit at home and remotely track their phone without them knowing easily.

While most apps promise to not let the other person get to know about your activities, in the end, you get to know that they have been aware the whole time. One other problem people frequently face is that most of the times the location is incorrect which causes a lot of problems.


How does iPhone tracking app works?

how does spy tracking app work

You now need to access the control panel from your phone or laptop and turn on the tracking feature. The tracking tool helps you to see the current location on a detailed map so that you are not in doubt.

Furthermore, one of the distinguishing features has is that it can check the person’s route history over a specific period of time so for example if you to see where a person visited last week can help you.

Regular GPS is also not important when tracking the person. Even if you are not able to check the location immediately you can always go back to the control panel at a later date and you will find all the information over there.

The best part is that no matter what he/she owns a phone as you do not have to jailbreak/root it for tracking which solves a myriad of problems and makes the task easier. Your account login details are always kept with you and there is no chance that the person being tracked will get to know about it.

“Tracking them might sound like helicopter parenting, but I’ve always lived in fear of my children being abducted – Afra Willmore”


What will you be tracking?

geo fencing

While these are the basic tracking functions the app also provides geofencing. This means that you can set geographical boundaries and when the person enters those boundaries you will be notified. You can set a number of boundaries at the same time and you can see when and how many times the person has visited the boundary.

You personally get emails about the entrance or exit from the zones set. 

If your child deletes the app from his phone, you will be notified immediately on your phone.

This feature is very helpful when you are talking about child safety because you can be alerted when something out of the ordinary happens. It can also help inform you if a device is stolen by helping you track lost iPhone using Android.

 app monitor your kids and employees' activites

All you need: An internet connection!

All the features mentioned above can only function if the device being tracked is connected to an internet connection at all times. If the connection is disrupted in the middle you might not be able to track the device properly. You will only be able to see the last location till when the internet is connected.

However, the best part is that you do not need to be physically available with the device at all times.

Once the app is downloaded and you have set all the functions the information keeps coming on your dashboard and you can access it from there.

The app is compatible with all popular devices such as Android, Apple, Windows, Mac etc and what more do you want you can get all this at the lowest rates possible.

 mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution

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iPhone 7 Spy App – Remotely Spy on iPhone 7 without Jailbreak!

Spy on iPhone 7 via iPhone Spy App


The launch of the latest iPhone; iPhone 8 and iPhone X was although an astounding news for many yet challenging for those still looking around for a powerful iPhone spy app.

New: – Spy on iPhone 8 and iPhone X without Jailbreak – Click Here for More Details


Apple fans were waiting anxiously for this release and booked theirs at their earliest convenience so that they were one of the first ones to get their hands on it. Now, they are enjoying its amazing features, for example, a set of wireless headphones, the new grippy jet black surface or just the fact that it is both water and dust resistant.

However, on the other hand, parents of teenagers show their concerns about iPhone 7 usage. The biggest concern over here lies for parents who are not sure how they would now track their child’s activity with so many features intact and are still looking around for iPhone spy app free trials.

Most parents are worried about how they cannot spy on their children without getting a jailbreak.


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What is jailbreak?

It is a method where iPhone settings are changed to help install apps which were not allowed previously, and I’m very sure most parents do not have that kind of access to their child’s phone so what is the solution then?

How to spy on iPhone 7 without jailbreak?

mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution

The only iPhone spy app currently present is one from mSpy, and it supports iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. With a list of features where you can track every activity and everything including pictures, phone calls, text messages, location, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype and much more!

This spy app for iPhone 7 is so powerful that you can keep a very remote check on any iPhone 7 particularly and yes one of its biggest and most prominent benefits is that it’s an iPhone 7 spy app without jailbreak needed!

It can be installed with the existing settings hence making the task easier. 

With a wide variety of features available, as you learn your way through you will realize that each feature is as important and helpful.


The features you get with iPhone 7 spy

Following are some of the most used and looked at features:

1.   Managing calls

This app helps you to keep a note of all the incoming and outgoing calls with the specified duration as well. What is in it for you as a parent or an employer?  

You can always block any calls you do not want the person using his phone to receive and these can be managed through the control panel.

2.   Tracking messages

The spy software for iPhone 7 present in the phone helps you to read all sent and received messages in the target phone which makes the spying task easier. A detailed version of the content is given, something that most iPhone 7 spy apps do not provide.

This is also the case for instant messages sent through Whatsapp.

3.   Monitoring internet use

Parents might be worried about what content their child sees on the internet while employers would want to keep a check on their employees, whether they are working or just using their phone.

You can easily view all URLs that have been visited and scan the browsing history to make sure you haven’t missed and suspicious activity.


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 mobile spy software

4.   Control apps and programs

Make sure you are informed about each app installed and accessed on the target phone to make sure no inappropriate activity is going on. You can easily monitor new apps, block any app which you do not want the person to use.

What else could a person possibly need to track any phone?

5.   Events and notes

You can get information about all the events entered on the target phone to know the specific events they will be attending. Furthermore, all the notes can also be viewed.

6.   WiFi networks

you can get detailed information on the specific location of a person by getting informed about each public or private wifi the phone connects to know where the person is going. This is essential for parents who want to make sure their children are not lying to them

7.   Keeping a check on Phone Contacts

You can easily browse through the contacts on the monitored phone and also get information if they add in a new contact.

Although these features are available for the non-jail break version, however, if you can get the jailbreak facility on the target phone you have million other advantages.


Bonus Features

spy now

Both versions tend to provide spyware for iPhone without access to the phone itself but the differences from the limited versions are

  • Tracking instant messages from iMessage, Skype, Viber or Snapchat. Every social media website
  • Ability to restrict calls and block certain numbers
  • Tracking multimedia messages as well as being able to track all emails sent from the device
  • iPhone 7 keylogger where you can keep track of everything that is typed can also restrict certain apps.
  • Being able to remotely erase data and lock the phone in case of theft
  • Can get a detailed report of the activities done if tracking more than one phone

The target device has to be connected to the internet to help update the control panel.


How Does It Work?

1. Get Credentials

You need to get the iCloud login details of the monitored non-jailbroken iPhone iPad (if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the device, physical access may be necessary)

2. Select Features

Select the features you want to use while monitoring the target iOS device. Click here for features list

3. Start Monitoring

Fill in the required fields in the Wizard Setup correctly, then log into your Control Panel to view the user’s device activity

how mspy works 

How reliable is this iPhone spy app?

I believe that after looking at all these advantages, you would agree with me on the fact that this app has some of the best tracking abilities.

  • Being established in 2003
  • and catering to about more than 1,000,000+ satisfied customers
  • with 24/7 online customer support is evidence of the fact that it indeed gives what it promises

I can confidently say that no other app can give the type of satisfaction and customer service like they do. Though this might seem expensive at first, however, I can say the benefits are worth each penny as it is the best spyware for iPhone without Jailbreak.

Get this iPhone 7 Spy App

Over to you…

It supports all versions and all phones which is one of its most amazing benefits along with its 24/7 live chat and phone support. Just like this app pleased me by fulfilling all my demands and helping me in making sure that my child is not doing anything wrong I am very sure it will please you too.