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How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

Spy Apps for iPhone No Jailbreak

Remotely spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking

  • No need to install anything on the target Apple device
  • Only Apple ID and Password (iCloud) credentials required
  • Track text messages, phone calls, real-time GPS location, IM Chats, and 36+ Features
  • Compatible with any iOS version
  • Track every activity remotely in your online control panel accessible to you 24/7
  • No physical access required

Are you looking for the best spyware for iPhone not jailbroken and without access to the target phone?

You have certainly landed at the right place as this article basically reaches to all those who want to remotely control the iPhone without jailbreaking.

The iPhone spy software without jailbreaking iOS devices is available for monitoring every possible activity of target person you would want.

mspy software without jailbreaking iphone ipad

From picture/videos to text messages and even calls the iPhone spy app can help you track notes, Whatsapp chats, GPS location, browser history, events and much more and all this is done accurately and remotely.

How to Spy on iPhone without Jailbreak?

All you need for this are the Apple ID credentials for the phone you wish to monitor. Other greater benefits of this spying iPhone include no installation of any app and iPhone spy without access to target phone becomes a reality.

  1. First of all, since this is non-jailbreak version hence it uses the target phone’s iCloud credentials
  2. Select merge if the phone asks you whether you need to sync the data or not
  3. Choose all the things you want to monitor
  4. Open the setting for messages and turn on iMessage if that isn’t turned on already
  5. Tap “using your Apple ID as iMessage” and log in with the credentials

Since this app can only monitor one Apple ID at a time hence if you are logged in with another one you need to log that out first and log in with the required credentials. For iMessage, you just add another email. iMessage can be viewed on an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook, etc. once you enable it.


It is compatible with the any version of iOS. You can now easily use iCloud details to monitor activities on your child or your love one’s iPhones iPads.

Your target iPhone user will never get any notification that their iCloud is being used by someone.

iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Features

The different features which can be covered when spying on iPhone without jailbreaking include:

  1. Managing Calls which help you monitor all incoming and outgoing calls which also include seeing their time duration and knowing the person they are coming from. It also tells how many times the calls were received or made by the target phone
  2. Tracking Text Messages which are similar to tracking calls because you can see the content of the text message as well as to whom they were sent to or received from. If messages to a random number are sent or frequent messages to the same number are sent, it comes to your notice easily in your control panel. Even, this iPhone spyware enables you view deleted text messages on iCloud and spy on iPhone without jailbreak
  3. Reading Emails helps you read emails of your loved ones and your workforce – install this app on your targets’ phone to make sure their time is not being wasted and they are sending the correct emails to people needed for work purposes only and not for their personal work.
  4. Tracking GPS location to know if the person is lying and whether he is at that particular place or not. This could also be used for your children to make sure they are safe and you are able to keep an eye on their whereabouts
  5. Monitoring Internet Usage to make sure your children are not browsing any inappropriate websites and also to keep a check on their browsing history. This is also to make sure employees are not wasting time on useless work at the office
  6. Reading Instant Messages which mean it can be used on various social media and IM chat apps including Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage, etc. you could use this as an advantage to know what the target person is talking about on their social media accounts and to who he or she is engaging with
  7. Controlling Apps and Programs to know which apps are being accessed and to limit the download of certain apps. This is to make sure that some inappropriate activity is not going on
  8. Remotely Control which helps to erase all the data from your phone in emergency situations. For example, if it is stolen, you can watch it’s location live and monitor it remotely from anywhere
  9. A Hidden Keylogger for iPhone which basically tracks every key movement on the target phone to give you the detailed information

Where Can I View Remotely Monitored Data?

how does spy tracking app work

Another frequently asked question by users is how they can view the data once they get the spyware app. After you have bought and successfully downloaded the app you get some login details which you use to login to your online account on your phone or computer connected to a stable internet connection.

The data is uploaded to a control panel at small intervals hence helping you to keep a check.

The control panel has custom settings and various alerts which you set according to your liking. This is only accessible with a working internet connection as it needs to sync itself with the target phone to get all the information from it.

How Does iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Work?

iphone spy no jailbreak

iPhone spy apps that operate without jailbreaking work by utilizing the iCloud backup feature of iPhones. Here’s a general overview of how they work:

iCloud Backup: When an iPhone is connected to the internet and has iCloud backup enabled, it automatically backs up its data, including messages, call logs, photos, app data, and more, to the user’s iCloud account.

Remote Access: The spy app requires the target device’s iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password) provided by the user (parent or employer) with lawful access to the device. These credentials are used to remotely access the iCloud backup data associated with the iPhone.

Data Extraction: Once the spy app has access to the iCloud backup, it can extract relevant information and present it to the user through a web-based dashboard or a mobile app. The extracted data is organized into categories like messages, call logs, contacts, photos, and more.

Real-time Monitoring: Some advanced spy apps provide real-time monitoring, which means that new data from the target iPhone’s iCloud backup is continuously synced to the user’s dashboard, ensuring up-to-date information.

No Installation Required: Since this method relies on iCloud backup data, there is no need to install any software directly on the target iPhone. This approach avoids potential security risks associated with jailbreaking, making it a more accessible and safer option for users who want to monitor iPhones discreetly.

Final Thoughts…

These iPhone spy apps help to solve your problem without getting your phone jailbroken. It also assures that the target person will not know about them being spied.

There are various spy apps like mSpy no jailbreak version which helps you by not only guiding you through the process but also doing their job efficiently and at a reasonable rate.

mspy iphone spy

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can spyware be installed on a non jailbroken iPhone?
A: Yes, it is possible to install spyware on a non jailbroken iPhone. There are monitoring and spy apps available that offer non-jailbreak solutions. These apps work by using the iCloud credentials of the target device to access its data remotely

Q: Are there any reliable spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak?
A: Yes, several reputable spy apps offer non-jailbreak solutions for iPhones. Some popular options include mSpy, Spyzie, FlexiSPY, and EyeZy. Remember to research and choose a reliable app from a trustworthy source

Q: How does iPhone spyware without jailbreak work?
A: Spy software without jailbreak utilizes the iCloud backup feature of iPhones. When the target device’s iCloud credentials are provided, the software can access data from the iCloud account, including messages, call logs, photos, and more

Q: Do I need physical access to the target iPhone to spy on it without jailbreak?
A: No, physical access to the target iPhone is not required for spy apps that work without jailbreak. You only need the target device’s iCloud login credentials to set up the monitoring

Q: What can I monitor on an iPhone without jailbreak?
A: With spy apps that don’t require jailbreak, you can typically monitor text messages, call logs, contacts, browsing history, social media activity, GPS location, and more, depending on the features offered by the specific app

Q: Can spy apps without jailbreak be detected by the iPhone user?
A: Spy apps designed for non-jailbroken iPhones are usually hidden and run in stealth mode. They do not appear on the home screen or app list, making them difficult for the average user to detect

Q: Are there any free spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak?
A: While some apps claim to offer free spy services, it’s essential to be cautious about such offers. Many free apps could be scams or compromise your data’s security. It’s recommended to invest in a reputable paid spy app to ensure reliability and data privacy.

Q: Can I install a spy app remotely without the user’s knowledge?
A: No, you typically need physical access to the target iPhone to set up the initial monitoring and to obtain the iCloud credentials necessary for non-jailbreak spying

Q: Can spy apps without jailbreak access encrypted messaging apps?
A: The ability to access encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp or iMessage may vary among different spy apps. Some apps claim to be able to monitor such platforms even without jailbreak, but the level of success may vary. Always check the app’s features and compatibility before making a decision.

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A Simple Step by Step Guide to Install Spyware on an iPhone (Updated)

installing spyware on iPhone remotely

If you have decided to buy a spyware for iPhone but worried that you’re not tech-savvy enough to understand all those complex installation procedures, you have landed on the right page.

In this post, we’ll very simply walk you through the steps of installing spyware on an iPhone and we can guarantee that not only will you be done with it in minutes; you’ll feel like a pro at the end of it!


So let’s get started!

Step by Step Guide to Installation

1. Choose the spyware that you need

You have probably already done this before coming here but if not then choose the best iPhone spyware for your particular needs. If you are looking to monitor your kids or any family member, this post will help you throughout the process of installation.

2. Compatibility 

  • Check and be sure of the make and model of your target iPhone. The apps like mSpy and Spyera
  •  work fine on all iPhone models

3. Jailbreak the device

  • Make sure the iPhone is jailbroken – here’s how to jailbreak an iPhone. However, if you’re monitoring your kids, then mSpy is a brilliant alternative because it allows you spy on iPhone without jailbreaking.



Best iPhone Spyware Not Jailbroken

Spy on iPhone without installing software


4. Choose the desired plan

  • Considering the relevant phone model, choose the desired package plan of your chosen spyware and purchase it.

5. Read the installation instructions

  • You will receive the respective installation instructions with activation code in your email (they differ slightly between various sof
  • tware, hence we’re not generalizing them here). Carefully read through them and make sure you understand every bit.
  • If you don’t you can leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you OR get customer support from your respective spy software website.

6. Get Hold of the iPhone

  • Get hold of the target iPhone. Now this can be a bit tricky if you suspect your better-half of cheating and want to install the spyware to monitor their phone. So you can either gift them a new iPhone with the software installed OR ask them for their phone to make a quick call so that they unlock it for you.

7. Put Spyware on the iPhone

  • Yoo-hoo! You got the phone! Now simply install the software on it by following the instructions you received in your mail (number 5 above).

8. Restart the device

  • Restart the phone. If your significant other wonders why you did that then just go “Oops! I don’t know what happened; it just shut down in the middle of the call! Does it have battery issues?” *evil grin*.

9. Wait for few minutes

  • Wait 20-30 minutes for the spyware to retrieve all the data from the phone and upload it to your online control panel.

10. You are done!

  • Tadaa! That’s it! Congratulations, you’re now successfully installed a spyware on iPhone! Log on to your control panel and start monitoring away using your computer or smartphone.

    iphone spy app remote install

    successful install

Can Spyware be Installed Remotely on iPhone?

You can remotely install spyware on iPhone but in that case, you need iCloud credentials of target iOS device for remote monitoring.

If iCloud backup is not activated on the phone, you may need to physically access the device. Nothing is installed on the target phone and you do all process on your computer with an internet connection.

For remote installation, you do not need to jailbreak the target device and can spy on the phone without physical access to it.

In this case (we discussed in simple steps), you need to hold the target device for few minutes to complete the installation process.

What’s the online control panel, you ask?


The online control panel is an amazing facility that comes with your purchased spyware.

After installing the spy software on an iPhone, all the calls, texts, photos, IM conversations like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and emails on the target iPhone will be available on your online control panel, neatly categorized.

All you have to do is log in with your password (you’ll receive it along with the installation instructions in your mail) and start exploring the hidden treasures of your target iPhone.


Features of the Control Panel

Along with the phone data mentioned above, you will find maps in your online control panel. Using them you can track the target iPhone’s GPS location in real time and also the specific route they took on a particular outing.

There’s another cool feature called Geofencing that you can employ. It allows you to mark “safe” and “restricted” areas on the map in the control panel. Every time your target iPhone leaves the safe areas or enters restricted ones; you’ll receive alerts via text/mail or both.


Over to you…

We’ve tried our best to make the installation process easier for you and hope that it’s now clear as day. If you have still got queries, either give us feedback through comments and we’ll surely help you out or you can visit the website of your chosen spyware and get online technical support from them.

Happy monitoring!

Snapchat and Kids: What Every Parent Needs to Know?

snapchat and kids - what parents need to know about snapchat

Most of you would be aware of Snapchat, and if you aren’t you need to seriously step out of the stone ages, Flintstone! The app has taken the world by storm because of its ability to send and receive photos and videos that get deleted after 1-10 seconds of viewing it. 

How does Snapchat work?

All you really need to do is download the app on iOS or Android powered phones, register an account via your phone and voila! You are all set to set about ‘snapping’ photos and share them to individuals you add via username or phone number, or to your Snapchat story that can be viewed for an unlimited number of times by your friends.



How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat?

How to hack someones Whatsapp without access to their phone

Is there any age restriction on Snapchat?

Is Snapchat safe for 11 or 12 years old? What is Snapchat age range? Officially Snapchat states that no one below 13 can join, however, many parental concerns have been rising as after adding and verifying your contact number to register a Snapchat account there is no verification of age.

Hence children younger than 13 can also use Snapchat easily.

mSpy solution

Why kids love Snapchat?

• Because it’s FUN!

You can not only send funny snaps using multiple filters that update every few days, you can share photos of what you’re eating or make stories to share your vacations and special days with your friends and family.

• Save all your memories, with captions!

Memories on Snapchat allow you to save all your photos and videos so you never lose them!

• Photos get deleted once viewed!

Also, it’s much easier sending a ridiculous photo when you know it’s title going to delete off the other persons’ phone. I personally loved pretending to be Madonna and singing along to Snapchat filter that was available earlier this month, so who can blame the kids!!

So what is the parents’ concern?

Well, as I said before there is no real age restriction verification on Snapchat. And the fact that kids think all their photos will be deleted after viewing, they get rather gutsy.

If you don’t get the hang of what I am trying to say, it’s as simple as this. If a kid thinks that they can take a photo, any photo for that matter, and it can be saved and reproduced later they will be more careful about it, however with Snapchat they get confidence that no one can share their photos so they can send anything ranging from silly and stupid to downright explicit.

The alarming fact is that this confidence that the image can’t be shared is false, not only can the image be screenshot it can be photographed from another person’s phone. In the past, many incidences have come with third party apps leaking Snapchat private snaps over the internet.

Due to this, a child can suffer a lot of humiliation if their private images are saved and shared with others.


How can I monitor my child’s text messages on iPhone

How can I protect my children?

Step #1: Communicate

First and foremost, I can keep yelling myself hoarse to convey this point, talk to your child. Don’t get hysterical, kindly don’t threaten and definitely do not accuse your child just because kids are using Snapchat for sexting, it doesn’t mean your kid is.

Sit back, find a good time and discuss it over, calmly.

Convey your faith and trust in them, and then share your concerns. Remember slow and steady always wins the race.

Step #2: Physically check the phone

However, if you have a stubborn kid, you may have to resort to monitoring their phone and checking the snaps they receive, to get an idea of what they do on Snapchat, and go through their contacts.

See who they are in touch with.

Step #3: Use Snapchat spy apps

snapchat spy app

And if all else fails, try going for a Snapchat spy app to monitor your kids. That way you can see who their contacts are, and what sort of content do they share online and with whom. mSpy and Spyera are two top rated apps in this regard.

What can you monitor with Snapchat spy app?

  • You can view both sent and received files (photos, videos, and pictures)
  • This app lets you recover and access content exchanged in Snapchat even it was deleted
  • You can view all the data in a control panel at any time
  • You’ll be able to track important details like photo gallery and Snapchat conversations

How do these apps work?

mobistealth login

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

First of all, you go to the website and see the packages and features they offer, choosing the one most suitable for your needs and install the app on your kid’s phone to get ready for monitoring.

Set up a username and control panel to monitor your child’s device whenever you want, wherever you want. Choose all your monitoring needs.

Forget all your woes as Spyera and mSpy are here to save you from your worries (and save your hair from stress fall).

How worried do I need to be?

Before you stress yourself up into a storm, you need to know that kids are mainly into Snapchat for silly entertainment, sexting is ruled out in most cases as stats say most of the Snapchat use declines after 11 pm, according to Forbes magazine.

HOWEVER, fun and games can also go wrong pretty often so it’s always good to communicate with your kids about the hazards of all online media and have a spy app to help you along the way.

As long as you’ve all that covered, all I can say is Happy Snapping!

Get this Snapchat Spy App


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How to hack an iPhone remotely – the Definite Guide 2023

hack into someones iphone

How to track an iPhone remotely 2022

The iPhone is well known for being a phone with sturdy safety mechanisms to prevent external intrusion. However, that does not stop your average user from uncovering how to hack an iPhone.

After all, no system, device, or software is flawless insecurity and thus the presence of such device loopholes allows external software and hacking apps for iPhone to exploit these weak links to overcome these security barriers and hack iPhone remotely.

In fact, some of these ways to hack an iPhone are rather simple and can be performed using various apps – readily available.


Tips and tricks to Hack an iPhone

Several novice hackers and users of the iPhone may be confused about why or how information about how to hack into someone’s iPhone may come in handy.

Hacking means that an external party is able to access information without the user finding out about this break-in.

From a hacker’s perspective, this can be quite useful as it allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s iPhone activity, suspicious spouses being wary or company executives keeping a track of iPhone users and have an eye out for any inappropriate activity.


Curious? Read how to hack an iPhone without letting them know

In such situations, hacking apps for the iPhone that take advantage of the systemic flaws in the iPhone and get around its security can be of great help.

Therefore it is generally very useful to know information about how to hack into someone’s iPhone.


Best Hacking Apps for iPhone

best hacking apps for iphone


Part 1: How to hack an iPhone with mSpy

One of the more simple and easy hacking apps for iPhone which can be used to hack into someone’s iPhone is mSpy.

It is one of the most recommended apps to hack an iPhone and easily earns a spot on any top ten list. It allows you to hack into an iPhone by monitoring the activity of any iPhone user remotely through web access.


This includes features such as

  • Whatsapp tracking,
  • keeping an eye on an Instagram account,
  • Snapchat activity,
  • Facebook conversation,
  • SMS and call logs,
  • GPS location tracking,
  • keystroke logging and several other thorough monitoring features.


Compatibility:- iOS 7 – iOS 13.x

This iPhone hacking app is very convenient to use as it can be accessed by any web browser and offers support for Android, iOS and therefore taps into a very wide market which may be useful if you are interested in knowing how to hack iPhone from another iPhone or Android.


Multi-language Support around the clock

The dynamic nature of the app is evident through 24/7 multi-language support.

On top of this, it only takes 5 minutes to install and complete this easy process.

As a result, features that allow extensive tracking of the iPhone through this app coupled with language coverage and low installation time make it a very competent piece of software to hack the target iPhone.

The mSpy iPhone hacking app is very comprehensively designed to hack an iPhone as the user interface is made such that it is both user-friendly and offers keen interaction right down to the very last detail. As a user, there is very little for you to worry about as the app offers round-the-clock support for clients so that any potential queries may be answered making it convenient.

The mSpy app has been designed to hack into an iPhone mostly for supervision of children and employees which is evident as most clients use it to keep an eye on Snapchat and Instagram usage of their children.


Online Control Panel Let’s You See their Every Activity

Additionally, the app does a very decent job at keeping a record of information as it offers a control panel for users to keep a track of data that has been monitored. Keeping features like these in mind, it becomes very easy to understand why the mSpy app is at the top of its game.

The mSpy starts at only $12.50 per month, with an array of tutorials available on the website to help you get started on your journey to hack an iPhone. These tutorials and videos are easy to understand so much so that even the average user can use it to hack into an iPhone.

One of the best bargaining chips that the mSpy app holds in the iPhone hacking competition is that it works completely fine in the background, undetected.


How to do it using mSpy?

On top of this, the mSpy website also offers an analytic report that may be used to keep a track of multiple mobile phones all at once. However certain customers report that the app is slightly pricey for what it charges for monthly usage to hack into an iPhone.


Login into your account to view hacked iPhone data

Meanwhile, others find the cost completely warranted given that it allows them to monitor children and employees. Whatever call that you, as a user, make when it comes to finding an app to hack an iPhone, it is important to keep in mind that other options exist too.

mspy download


Part 2: How to hack an iPhone using Spyera

Another app that may be used to hack an iPhone is the Spyera. It is an extremely versatile iPhone monitoring app that allows the user to keep tabs on the usage of an iPhone from far away.


The app offers hacking features such as;

  • listening to calls made on and to the device,
  • tracking messages that have been sent to the device or sent from it and generally keeping tabs on activities made by the user.
  • It is also used to track messages and spy on social media websites such as Kik, Skype, Yahoo, Line, Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, and even email account usage.


Spyera allows such social media accounts to be hacked to the user’s advantage by logging passwords. It may also be used to track the owner of the device.

In order to use this iPhone hacking tool, it must be purchased from the official website.


Spyera reviews

Most individuals make use of Spyera to hack into an iPhone to keep track of suspicious individuals who may be involved in unusual activities or their loved ones for the sake of their safety.

Spyera is the best hacking tool that if used with the right information can be powerful and most clients are able to use it to its maximum potential courtesy of a plethora of tutorials and guides available on the internet. These tutorials outline every step of how to use Spyera to its complete potential.

Several users of the app report high levels of satisfaction when they used it to hack an iPhone because it doesn’t show popups and alerts to the device being monitored. It is so discrete and invisible on the guest phone that it quite literally acts as a spy!

spyera download

Part 3: How to hack an iPhone with FlexiSpy hacker

The last but not the least app on this list that can be used to hack an iPhone is the FlexiSpy. This app is particularly interesting because it allows the user to hack iPhone remotely by being able to control it remotely.

The only condition for this to work is that the target’s mobile needs to be jailbroken.


FlexiSpy allows the user to be able to

  • record calls on the device remotely,
  • steal passwords,
  • keep an eye on the device’s internet browsing,
  • send messages using the device and locate the device


The FlexiSpy is a versatile and powerful piece of software that is the most popular amongst its kind.

If you’re interested in the FlexiSpy to hack an iPhone than it should be noted that the premium experience costs $68 per month and the Extreme version costs $68 per quarter.

The website lists extensive details about how it may be used step by step.

Try FlexiSpy Hacking Tool>>


Part 4: Other Apps to hack an iPhone remotely

Apart from the aforementioned hacking apps for iPhone the offer iPhone hacking tools, t­­­here exist other options as well that vary in prices and whether or not the target device needs to be jailbroken to hack iPhone 7 or hack iPhone 6.

Among these is MobiStealth which doesn’t offer a free trial but is one of the most trusted applications in the market allowing tracking of different IM apps.

Another honorable mention is xnspy which earns a spot simply because of its high value for money given how it has a very low cost per month – only $8.3 which makes it ideal for casual hackers. However, this also means that it doesn’t offer an advanced range of hacking options that breakthrough iPhone security.


Over to you…

Depending on what you need the app for, with a bit of research you should be able to land on the perfect app that is best suited to your needs to hack someone’s iPhone!

mspy download