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10 Best Spy Apps for iPhone – Tested and Reviewed

 how to spy on iphone without jailbreak

Updated: Jan 2024

Top Best iPhone Spy Apps

iPhone spy apps are the surveillance and monitoring apps for the next generation of iOS devices.

These iPhone apps track the incoming and outgoing phone calls, social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, and Line along with the recording of surroundings and text messages.

Phone spying is often considered unethical, but this is always not the case still. It is useful and rather advantageous purposes. Interference in someone’s privacy can also be referred to as surveillance or monitoring.

Parents can monitor on their children for their better upright. An organization can monitor or spy on their employee to get better results and output.

If we go to the App Store, there are many such child phone tracking apps, but only a few of them are worthy. Personally, I’ve tested a number of phone spying apps since 2010, and with my experience, I can easily state here the top 10 best iPhone spy apps.

So here are my all-time best spy apps for iPhone with and without jailbreak. These spy apps are personally validated by me, and they work great:

Best Spy Apps for iPhone

1. mSpy

spyware for iphone

With around 1.0 million+ satisfied users, mSpy is one of the prominent iPhone spying and tracking apps for your kids, loved ones, and employees. Its interface is user-friendly.

All you need is to install this app on the iPhone you wish to monitor and activate the app by inserting the activation key.

This way you will be able to track the target iPhone activity on the mSpy online portal.

Logging into the online portal, you can easily access the target iPhone’s information such as phone calls, messages, social site data, and much more.

It also has some advanced features such as Keylogger, parental control, social media monitoring, and iPhone spy no-jailbreak.

So, mSpy is my personal best spy app for the iPhone. It’s relatively easy to use, and it offers lots of features along with excellent customer support and service.

The most prominent feature of mSpy is a no-jailbreak feature in which it allows the user to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking it. For all those users who don’t have in-depth knowledge of iOS, they can get assistance from trained technicians provided by mSpy.


  • 24/7 tech support
  • undetectable, no jailbreak, & free trial
  • can be installed remotely
  • you can read deleted text messages on the target device
  • monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions
  • 45+ features
  • 10-day money-back guarantee


  • requires jailbreaking for versions above iOS 10
  • no call recordings, you can just see the call logs

Price: $29/month (Basic)


Make sure your iPhone and iPad:

  • Compatible with iOS 11 – 14.8.1* (Also depends on the device model)
  • Connected to the Internet

mspy download

2. FlexiSPY

In my opinion, FlexiSPY is a high and robust feature iPhone spy app that I’ve ever used. It is among the list of all those few spying apps that offer you Call interception. This thing allows you to listen to and record phone calls.

It can also remotely activate the iPhones camera and microphone to record the surroundings which are a great feature.

The only side effect of this app is that it works on a jailbroken iPhone. But no worries! they helped me in jailbreaking the device which solved my hassle.

Features by FlexiSpy iPhone:

  • Phone Call Recording & Interception
  • Environment recording
  • IM Apps Call Recording
  • SMS Keyword deletion
  • RemCam & RemVid
  • Spoof SMS
  • Call logs
  • SMS / MMS messages
  • iMessage
  • IM Chat Messages
  • Browsing activity/bookmarks
  • Email
  • Application activity
  • Installed applications
  • Application Screenshots
  • Keylogger
  • Photos & Videos
  • Audio files
  • Wallpaper images
  • Location tracking
  • SIM Change Notification

It does not offer as many features as mSpy but is still the best spy app for android users with most of the features one likes to have.

If you wish to spy iPhone without jailbreaking it, then FlexiSPY is not the right app for you as it is also considered one of the most expensive iPhone spying apps.


Make sure your iPhone and iPad:

  • Compatible with iOS 11 – 14.8.1* (Also depends on the device model)
  • Connected to the Internet

For more details, do check out their website here. 

Price: $68/month

3. Highster

highster features

It is considered the best secret spy app for android. It merely works by installing it on the target phone you want to spy on. Upon activation, with the license key, you can log in to your account and enjoy its features.

When it comes to the price, Highster Mobile is the most economical spy app with a nominal price of $69.99 which is to be paid once only with no additional recurring fees.

These include Real-time GPS Tracking, access to contacts, calendars, and apps, Text Message Monitoring, Call Logs view, photos, browser history view, and social media monitoring.

So, If you’re in search of a low-cost spy app, Highster Mobile should be the first app to be considered as it is economical, offers a variety of useful features, easy to use with a user-friendly web interface.


  • iOS 7 – iOS 15 (only jailbroken)

4. iKeyMonitor


The iKeyMonitor is a powerful and straightforward hidden spy app for iPhone. It has the provision to record text messages and visited websites and it logs every keystroke and sends the recorded information to your registered email. The interface of the app is simple. I’ve used iKeyMonitor on my iPhone 7 with iOS 10.1, and it never let me down.

The only disadvantage is that the iKeyMonitor is installed only on jailbroken iOS devices.

The critical features of iKeyMonitor include:

  • Capture passwords entered,
  • View every keystroke typed,
  • Capture screenshots periodically,
  • Multi-language support and the most attractive of all it offers you a Free 3-day trial.

If you are interested in monitoring the activities on the target iPhone, iKeyMonitor is the best spyware for iPhone in which you can record every single activity performed on the target iPhone.


  • No Jailbreak – iOS 9+ (Require iCloud ID & Password)
  • Compatible with all jailbroken iPhone/iPad (Physical Access Required)

5. MobiStealth

mobistealth review 

Mobistealth is a hidden spy app for iPhone and Android which allows the user to monitor all the activity on the target phone and their record is uploaded to a web-based secure account to be viewed at any time. Its use is quite simple.

You need to install this app on the phone you want to spy on. Upon installation, it operates in stealth mode, and it is 100% untraceable.

Even the phone user would know that it’s running in the background. The recorded content can easily be accessed through a web interface with the aid of a laptop, computer, or tablet device having internet connectivity.

The main features of MobiStealth are:

  • It is undetectable
  • It can record the happening in the surroundings
  • It can remotely view photos, emails, texts, and videos
  • 24/7 availability of technical support
  • It comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee

The disadvantage of the MobiStealth monitoring app is the user must have to jailbreak the target iPhone before downloading and installing the Mobistealth spy app.

It’s not a free iPhone spy app but the features and their customer support justify the cost of it – available with per month/year subscription.

They have also iPhone spy no jailbreak solution, so do check out that too – supported up to iOS 13.x.

  • SMS History
  • CALL History
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • WeChat Logging
  • Kik Chat
  • Line Chat
  • Viber Chat
  • Contacts
  • Pictures
  • Location Tracking


  • MobiStealth without jailbreak – all iOS versions

6. Spyera

Spyera reviews

Like other iPhone spy apps, Spyera offers 100% undetectable tracking and monitoring features to the user.

You have to install this application on the target iPhone you wish to spy on and can remotely access the recorded data on the secure online portal.

The features of Spyera are:

  • It can listen to live calls
  • It can record Phone calls
  • It can record the surroundings by accessing the camera and microphone
  • It can access the audio-video files on the iPhone
  • It can monitor social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc
  • It can record all the text messages even the deleted ones too.

The installation of this spyware app is possible only on jailbroken iPhone which is considered a disadvantage – yet reviewed as the most powerful monitoring software.


  • the most powerful monitoring software
  • offers advanced features which none other providing
  • Spy-camera lets you take pictures remotely


  • No live chat support for your queries
  • Expensive software
  • Requires jailbreaking of the iPhone

7. TheTruthSpy

The Truth Spy control panel

TheTruthSpy app is very convenient to download and install on the target phone.

It provides the following list of useful features:

  • Record and Spy live phone call
  • Access to contact history
  • View browser history
  • Access to multimedia files
  • Spy camera   

8. Appmia 


The Appmia software has the combined strong advantages of spying apps. It is a presentable application for spying, and it offers the following features.

  • It can record the call time and duration.
  • It can access emails and messages.
  • It can track the GPS location of the target phone.
  • It can record web browser history.
  • It can access all the media files.

Along with all these features, there are a few disadvantages too.

GPS tracking is only available with internet connectivity.

High software cost

Can be installed only on jailbroken iPhone.


  • Supports devices up to iOS 9.0.x


9. OwnSpy


The OwnSpy tracking and spy app allows you to control not only your personal iPhone device but also your kid’s too. OwnSpy was created by a Spanish company Mobile Innovations with more than 15 years of experience.

Some features of OwnSpy are:

  • Recording of text messages
  • Access to contacts and calendars
  • Access to call history
  • It can be reinstalled remotely
  • Access to browsing history
  • Keyboard tracking
  • Social media monitoring 

The disadvantage of the OwnSpy app is that it requires the target iPhone to be jailbroken before installing it. Another problem is that it consumed a fair amount of battery while recording calls and sometimes it is detectable and visible to the user on the App Manager.

10. eyeZy

Meet eyeZy - A Parental Control App Like No Other! - YouTube

eyeZy is a new spy app for iPhone, currently installed on my iPhone 11 for testing. Till now, I’ve not found any bug, and it’s reporting real-time data on my dashboard seamlessly. It allows you to monitor the target iPhone activity. It allows you to see and access text messages, track the GP, and monitor social media activities. The recorded data can be obtained anytime through a secure web browser.

eyeZy is designed in a way that allows tracking of your child or employee. Some features of eyeZy are

  • Live screen view
  • Instant GPS location
  • Access to SIM info
  • Remote locking of the device

Over to You! 

I’ve reviewed top spying apps which are untraceable and about my recommendation, my vote goes to mSpy being 100% undetectable and working in the background without creating an icon on the target device. Do use it and share your thoughts. 

Happy monitoring!

mspy download

Spyera Review 2023 – Revealing Secrets with Undetectable Spy Software


It’s not every other day that a spy app emerges in the market as a top seller, featured by BBC News, CNN, Sky News, PC Magazine and ZDF.

So when one such day came and Spyera arose as blockbuster spy software, I got down to testing it immediately.

I purchased the app through Spyera official website and have been using it for a good six months now on both Apple and Android devices so I can safely say that I am in a good position to write this review and give you some reliable, concrete advice about the pros and cons of this product.


Flexispy Review | MobiStealth Review | mSpy Review

I have tested the features for the reliability of performance and will focus on what makes Spyera different and its advanced features.

Read on to find out all that you need to know to make an informed decision and keep coming back for updates!

Updated: July 2023!

Spyera in nutshell

They are based in Hong Kong since 1999, the company address and contact details are given on the website.

Efficient customer support options, the 10-day money back guarantee, and secure payment transactions also serve to stabilize their position when it comes to reliability.

hidden spy software

Features highlight – the most advanced monitoring software

Basic features – along with the usual features of spying on call and web browsing logs, calendar and contacts, IM, SMS, emails, multimedia, remote control of applications, SIM change notifications, and GPS tracking, Spyera has brought a host of new advanced features to the market.

Advanced features which other spy software are not offering!

Spyphone Comparison Chart - See Why SPYERA is the best Why Spyera

Listen to phone calls – you will receive a secret SMS alert and then if you call the target mobile, you will be added to the live call so you can listen in.

Record calls – choose phone numbers whose calls will be recorded automatically and record phone conversations as hidden sound files that will be sent to your web account to be listened to later.

Ambient listening – make a hidden call to the target phone to use it as a bugging device and listen to its surroundings. Real-Time ambient listening is available on Spyera only!

Ambient recording – remotely enable the target device’s microphone to record (immediately or scheduled) the surroundings of it and then upload it to your web account to listen later. A very handy feature when you don’t have time to listen to live ambient recording.

See why Spyera is best

See the full interesting features comparison chart here

Spoof SMS – remotely send an invisible SMS from the target phone to any pre-set numbers.

Device Change – to protect your investment, SPYERA allows you to move the software to any other supported device.

Check battery level – check the target phone’s battery levels remotely through your web account.

Platform Change – for ease of use you can move your software between different platforms.

Password Grabbing – through the Keylogger find out the passwords contained in any Android, iPhone or iPad, so you can access their Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and Emails directly.

Alert Wizard – specify whether certain notifications should be sent to you on the dashboard, or via e-mail.

Special features for iPhone

Including all the above features, Spyera offers following special features for iPhone;

Spy on Facetime – Spyera is the only iPhone spy app that can spy on Facetime and allows you to hear and see the target iPhone’s surroundings.

Spy on iPhone Camera – remotely turn on target iPhone’s rear camera and take photos that you can view later from the web account.

Keylogger – save the password used to unlock the iPhone, and passwords for social messaging, emails and applications. Get access to their Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, LINE and email accounts from your own computer!

spyera iphone

Features for Android

Intercept Calls – receive a secret SMS alert from your target phone when it’s on call. Then call the phone and you will be added to the live call. *Root Required*

Hide Rooting –rooting an Android phone leaves a visible SuperSU icon on it and being a completely undetectable spy app, Spyera hides the rooting icon!

Spy on VOIP – if the target phone uses video calls or VOIP calls, the call log details will be uploaded to your online account.

Currently, Spyera is offering a $100 discount on every Android plan for a limited time so hurry up! You can check the Android Version here.

Spyera Android Spy App

Installation Process

Once you’ve purchased the plan of your choice from the official website, you will receive instructions via email having a download link within, you can install the completely undetectable spy app on the target device within 3 minutes!

All features will be available in the app instantly, you can configure the settings directly or login to your online control panel and choose the settings remotely.

Compatible phones and devices

Provided that the OS (operating system) version of the target device matches the ones given below, Spyera works on cell phones as well as Tablets. Please note that all Apple devices MUST be jailbroken and Android devices rooted prior to installing Spyera for a full range of features to work.

  • Android Phones and Tablets – up to 9.0
  • iPhone and iPad from iOS 7.0 to 13.x.x and fully supports all iOS devices
  • BlackBerry up to version 7.x and support for v 10 is coming soon
  • Symbian (Nokia)

I have previously reviewed iPhone spy without jailbreak solution. You can check it for your ease.

 Spyera reviews

Added customer support

Talk to the technical staff directly via phone if your queries are not answered by the extensive, in-depth support section of the website and emails don’t satisfy you.

The website is clearly organized, the buying and installation instructions are easy to follow and 10-day money back guarantee makes it all better.


Unlike other spy software, Spyera offers three plans, for:

  • Smartphones $189 for 3 months
  • iPad and Tablets $ 149 for 3 months
  • All-in-one Smartphones and Tablets $ 489 for 1 yearspyera download

Over to you…

As with every other product, what’s right for you depends on the features you need, your preferred pricing plans and user interface.

If the standard monitoring features are all you need, then any other spy software will work just as well for a lower price.

However, I will recommend using Spyera because it offers a world of unique, extra features that are not available with any spy app in the market. That makes Spyera perfectly worth the slightly higher cost and definitely the most powerful spy app on the market.

FlexiSpy Review 2023 from a Real User

flexispy reviews

FelxiSpy Review (Updated 2022)

So here I am ready to review Flexispy which happens to be the most talked-about spy software currently after its up-gradation recently in July 2016. But then the questions arise to the mind is it safe enough? Is the price worth it?

I will try to give you a fair impression of what I think about the software but let me first give you an explanation of the software.


What is FlexiSpy all about?

Flexispy is an old, the most useful and advanced spy software you are to come across. They have updated the look and feel of the website and user interface to make it user-friendly for customers.

It works silently in the background of your cellular device or tablet. Currently, it is the most popular smartphone tracking software because of its remarkable basic features as well as advanced ones including call recording and call interception. I’ve personally used the software and currently, it’s installed on my device. I have certainly gone through those steps before giving out my opinion.

Flexispy monitoring solution requires you to physically download the software to your smartphone or tablet that has to be monitored and then keep a check through a provided online portal.

Check Out FlexiSpy Website For a Full Run Down

Flexispy Compatibility

I was pretty amazed by how Flexispy is able to cater to all types of smartphones. The app is available for Android users of versions 4.0.3 to 12.0 And iOS users are covered up to version 15.x.x.

  • Android devices up to 12.0
  • iOS devices up to 15.x.x

A point to be kept in mind all these versions should not be locked by a passcode. This is required so that the software when installed gets access to root permissions while installation and runs in full mode.

Flexispy Features

The spy software market is highly competitive and is coming out with updated versions all the time but Flexispy remains ahead in terms of its reliability and excellent features. The software is downloaded and installed as you would to any other app.

Flexispy is available in two packages which are Flexispy premium and Flexispy extreme. The premium version includes the basics that are available in most spy software of course.

However, major key features such as call interception and call recording are only available in the premium version which consequently costs more. Flexispy isn’t the best spy software just like that. The range of functions and options make it unique and most importantly reliable.


Below are some functions of Flexispy:

Call Recording

This is one of the most distinct and useful features in my viewpoint. It works great on any phone or carrier having a decent connection. In my experience, I did not face any problems as such. All the recorded calls were saved to the control center and had the option of being downloaded onto the laptop or your cell phone.

The best part is you don’t have to listen to every recording as there is the option of listening to specific numbers. 

Spy on IM Apps

We all know how integral social media and instant messaging have become in our lives for communication and it is Flexispy who has targeted the need for monitoring social media and such activities. Flexispy monitors 13 IM apps including Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage and so on.

Password Cracker

This feature can be bought separately but it comes in handy a lot once the software is already working. It allows you to keep a track of all passwords and pins for not only the phone but Messenger sites as well.

Location Tracking

Flexispy gives real-time tracking telling you where the phone exactly is and also gives a historical account of where the phone has been. The option of Alerts allows you to get an update when the phone enters a specific area and so on.

This feature is the most sought and gives much help when you need to spy on one’s activities.

Control Centre

The control center interface has been totally revised and is quite amazing. Everything is laid out so you understand more effectively and gain more control while using the app.

Check out all features of Flexispy here

Pros and Cons

I certainly feel that I should mention both pros of cons of the software for users who intends to use Flexispy. Pros are more as they keep updating the website with new features.


  • Live call interception

The feature is the most valuable one and gives amazing results.

  • Compatibility with software

Flexispy is extremely compatible. You don’t have to worry at all whether your phone or the person you want to spy on will have the required software requirements for the installation of the app. Flexispy caters to all major companies.

  • Flexispy software license is transferable

If you happen to be on Android and are now going to apple Flexispy allows you to transfer your existing license because the company understands upgrading and changing a phone can happen.


  • Unable to block numbers
  • Swipe feature
  • price
  • can be installed only on jailbroken iOS devices

How is FlexiSpy Different from Others?

Currently, Flexispy is the only spy software that is deemed to be legitimate. Also, the services provided by Flexispy such as call recording and interception are not available in any other software.

mSpy and MobiStelath do not offer these two features. Many other soft wares have not been able to withstand this market and have lost to Flexispy.

FlexiSpy Dashboard

flexispy login

Prices and Customer Support

To be honest the premium service has a great value and competes well for money in terms of features with other brands and it does provide features that are good enough to work with. However, the extreme package may seem to be costly but if you think in terms of value it is certainly worth it.

You should not be forgetting that it is the only software providing call recording and interception facilities and another added advantage is that since the company is not U.S based you are waived off from paying additional taxes so basically you’re paying for what you see.

Flexispy has a very high score in terms of support and service.

Many complaints regarding spy software services are that they lack in giving a quick response to users. However, Flexispy has a chat message service in which you can post queries.

Also, many installation videos are available to help you get the hang of the software. You can even avail the 10-day refund policy if you are not satisfied.

All in all, Flexispy does great work and you surely get the support worth the price you pay.

FlexiSpy: The Preview

Flexispy stands out in terms of usage, design, and support. It is your choice to spend on what you want to monitor as you will certainly gain from the price you pay. I would definitely recommend this spy software over any other day.

However, if you do not wish to pay a high price you can go for other spy software in the market which will not have the same features but still might get your job done for you.

Click here to visit Flexispy Website

The Only Undetectable iPhone Spy App Review 2023

spyera iphone reviews

Every 1/4th of the relationship is created on false grounds and the partner is cheating the other. I was also feeling cheated, then I thought why not find out the truth? It was not like that I did not have trust in the relationship, but I wanted to go an extra mile for my peace of mind. I tried a number of iPhone spy apps and one of them was Spyera.

Before buying this app, I read all the Spyera reviews, specifically Spyera iPhone reviews, and after that took my decision.


What is Spyera all About?

The thing which appealed the most was that it is an undetectable iPhone spy app and can be remotely controlled, un-installed, and updated through the web account and can send a spoofed SMS to any number from the target phone and can also move the App on support device to protect your investment.

hidden spy software

Check out the features Spyera offers to its users!

A quick look at the features of my personal experience may give you a brief idea about the app:

  • Listen to the Live Calls OR Record them

Those long late-night calls, what the heck was my partner talking about on that cell phone? I checked the call history being uploaded to the web account and entered the mostly dialed-up number to get a text notification when the target phone is engaged in a call. When I got the text, I immediately called that target phone and intercepted the live call.

I do not have a habit of staying up late, so I just recorded the calls and listened to them later through my web account.

  • Listen to Live Background Sounds OR Record them

Through this feature, I was able to listen to what is happening in the background by calling on the target iPhone. When I did not have the time to bang in, I recorded all the sounds and uploaded them to my web account to hear them later.

  • Keep a Track of Locations

An individual was becoming a constant intruder in my relationship. So, one day I used this GPS location tracking feature and I found that my partner was continuously visiting some person at a particular time. Real-time results I tell you! People come into your life and give you experiences, that day I had a very bad experience.

  • Spy on IM and VoIP Apps

 If you are having an affair or are seeking one, online dating is the latest trend in the market. The same happened to me my partner, which is now my ex, tried a lot of peeps on social media.

This feature helped me to keep track on Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype, BBM, Line, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, and iMessage ─ including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons, and even the calling history on all the VoIP Apps.

  • Peep into SMS Messages and Emails

SPYERA keeps track of all of the messages and emails, even if the user has deleted them. All the things will be present in your web account for easy viewing and names will also appear against the email addresses if they are updated In the target iPhone’s contact book.

  • Password Grabber and Alert wizard

iPhone Passwords Cracker – Last but not least, it helps you to read the passwords and asks one to specify the criteria and a customized report will be uploaded to your dashboard for your review.

  • Searching through the Web history

One can easily check the web history and can also download the phone book from the web account.

  • SIM Card Changed Notification

One day I found that my dear has just changed the SIM, so what!! I got a SIM changing notification from Spyera and the dating apps which my dear you just installed and deleted I also got the App log for installed and uninstalled apps from my web account.

  • Hide Jailbreak Icon

This feature enables to hide the Cydia icon as well as its own and the target phone owner will have no idea about it.  

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Where would I be seeing my monitored data?

spyera login

All the features which Spyera is offering you can review on your web-based account after entering Spyera login details provided by Spyera. One can even perform an analysis for example how many times profane words were used in the outgoing SMS to detect sexting, I did exactly the same.

Using your web account is like counting to 1-2-3, all the data will be uploaded to your web account. It largely depends on your connection. One can set synchronizing intervals, I would recommend setting it to every one hour to be updated or to 24 hours if you want to have the whole day picture in front of you.

How to install Spyera iPhone spy app?

Questions on how to install Spyera iPhone spy app and a very simple answer it has a very easy installation process. It took me around 5 to 10 minutes to Spyera iPhone install. The first one needs to hold the target phone physically…I REPEAT! Without this one cannot install the App, it cannot be installed on the cell phone by remote access, you have to hold the target phone.

Now simply open up the browser, enter the given URL, sit back and relax, the spy app will be automatically downloaded and installed. If you are stuck up in the process, contact their support – they will help out you!

Spyera iPhone Spy App is installed on the cell phone and not on the SIM card. So, one can use multiple SIM cards with it.


Does iPhone Requires Jailbreak?

Before Installing Spyera all the iPhone-related devices needs to be jail-broken, but as it is a Spy App, it does not give the user a single hint of being watched on. Spyera hides the jailbreak and CYDIA icon from being displayed.

Related: iPhone spy app no jailbreak


Compatibility with different smartphones

I was using two cell phones at that moment, so I did a compatibility check also. It can be used on all Android tablets and smartphones (including OS v5.1.1 and root requires some features). It can also be used on iPhone and iPads (iOS up to and including 9.0.2, but jailbreak is required).


  • All iPhones and iPads from iOS 5.x to 15


Save through different pricing plans!

It has a very interesting pricing plan also either you can take a single plan for your smartphone or your tablet or you can take an all-of-one plan for both devices. On a single plan, the package is for 3,6, and 12 months with 60% off if you select the 12-month plan and in an all-in-one plan you have a 12-month and 24-month plan with 80% off if you opt for a 24-month plan.


  •  Save 60%


  •  Save 60%

How To Get Spyera iPhone Spy App?

When I was able to make up my mind on the pricing plan, I quickly ordered it. Placing your order is just like ordering a coffee, maybe that’s a more time-consuming process. Moving on, go to the website and select the plan and make an online payment via Master Card, Visa, American Express, Wire, JCB, Dinner’s Club, Fax, Union Pay, or through Discover/Novus.

There are a number of ways to pay for the order… they do not even hold your credit information. And once I was done with the payment process, App was available to be downloaded.

Support services are also being offered, on all the online payment-related issues. One can either contact the 24/7 support center by hotline or can email them, stating the concern and the order number as a reference.


Money Back Guarantee?

The cherry on the top is if one is not satisfied with the product or does not want to spy on his / her partner. A refund can be claimed within 10 days of purchase and your money will be refunded in full – 100%.

I would like to conclude this on a very simple note, there are many iPhone spy apps available on the market but they provided me with better results than those I tried earlier.