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5 Apps to Catch Someone Cheating on You Without Getting Caught


apps to catch someone cheating

“I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.”

― Edna St. Vincent Millay

Should you ever find yourself wondering whether someone else is occupying the other seasons of your better half’s heart, don’t just sit back and let them enjoy the breeze – know what your significant other is up to!


Updated: Aug 2019!

How to find out if your significant other is cheating on you?

Living in this smart age which has given many significant others the chance to be smartly unfaithful, hiding behind their smartphones and tablets, why should you sit in a corner and sob it off?

With these apps, claim your right to be all four seasons to your significant other’s heart or none of them.

Here we have put together an overview of some of the best spy apps that let you know if someone is cheating, check them out and pick the one that suits you best.


5. mSpy

spy now

Latest – this app now monitors iOS devices without jailbreak!

Top of the market and top of the charts, this app lives up to its name of being stealthy, that runs into their devices and hardly leaves anything out of your sight.

Calls, SMS text messages, browsing history, Facebook, iMessage, SnapchatWhatsapp, Skype, Viber, photos, videos, Instagram, contacts, Line and email conversations – you name it and it’s within your reach.

You can track their location, Geofence them and receive alerts when they leave safe zones and enter suspicious ones. View their call log and remotely monitor everything happening online. 

mspy software without jailbreaking iphone ipad


  • iOS 6 – 8.4; 11.x.x
  • Android 4+
  • Mac and Windows OS


Official Website – go to mSpy website of their exciting features!

For a humble price of $0.99 a day, this app will fulfill all your monitoring wishes.



4. FlexiSpy


How to catch a cheater if affording an app will cause a financial strain? Get FlexiSpy – a gladiator in the arena of tracking apps for those of us on a budget.

Available for $12 per month only, it offers many of the features offered by mSpy and adds some unique ones of its own.

Stealth Camera for taking secret pictures of surroundings, recording of calls, listening to voice calls live, access to all data on phone, remotely pause, start or deactivate an app, SIM change notification alert, unlimited device or OS switch, recording of phone’s surroundings, real-time location tracking, web-based control and 24/7 chat support.


Compatibility: – the Flexispy application is compatible with latest iOS and Android


3. MobiStealth

Mobistealth Review

Competing with mSpy neck and neck, it offers almost all of the features offered by mSpy and some other useful ones as well, all for the price of $39, making it your go-to option if you’re willing to do everything it takes to find the truth about your cheating spouse.

The popular extra features include Keylogger which logs keystrokes of suspicious words and alerts you, call log, incoming call blocking, 24/7 customer support and a one-month subscription option if you want to try it before using or need it for not long.

2. Mobile-Spy

Mobile Spy for Teens

The main features of this app are very basic: logs of all incoming and outgoing calls and texts, access to web browsing data and a track of the target phone’s GPS location every 30 minutes. Access to all monitored information is available 24/7. The software is compatible with a great majority of smartphones and the best part is that its installation is very easy!

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However, it’s not a hidden app which can jeopardize your hopes of secret monitoring but if basic features are all you’re looking for then this software is definitely worth trying.

1. Spyera

hidden spy software

This app is one step ahead from mSpy in terms of features including live call listening, and recording, bug device and monitoring of WeChat, Facebook, Line, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp and BBM conversations.

Three plans are offered and price starts from $14.99/month

Worry no more for all your problems brought on by the possible infidelity of your significant other will be a thing of the past the sooner you take action and utilize the services of one of these powerful apps to catch a cheater.

Gather your evidence, take your stance and make your decision whether he/she deserves to give you all the seasons of their heart, not whether you deserve a season!

spy on cheating spouse


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How to Spy on your Spouse Facebook Messages?

spy hack facebook messages without their password

How to find out if your spouse is cheating on Facebook?

When scrolling down your newsfeed are you getting concerned by your significant other getting Facebook chummy with someone? Does your husband have female friends on Facebook who he keeps commenting on a little bit more than necessary?

Do you think your husband is texting another woman on Facebook as he stays up late at night, his garnish phone screen light showing the lingering smile on his lips?

Well, you are not wrong; all these are signs of a spouse cheating on you on Facebook.


Updated 2022

However, before you confront him you will need to gather some evidence else he will clearly deny everything and get extra careful about showing his interest in other women. You need to also find ways to spy on Facebook messenger chat as privacy allows for more intimate conversations.

Have you caught your husband in one of the signs mentioned above?

Fear not, let’s find a way to reveal these cheating spouses and show them their place!




Fear not, let’s find a way to reveal these cheating spouses and show them their place!

Step one: Determine the signs!

spouse cheating on facebook


If you think your spouse is cheating on you using Facebook, he will show cheating on Facebook signs that are not just phone related. Make a checklist of the signs I have mentioned below to determine if your spouse is truly cheating on you or is just stuck in a hectic work regimen!

Remember not to jump to easy conclusions as that can sabotage your relationship, always look for signs before concluding a problem.

  • They are paying little to no interest in you or what you have to say
  • They are spending too much time away from you and even when home avoids talking to you or interacting much with you
  • Staying up late at night and often on the phone
  • Being stuck on the phone throughout their free time
  • Deleting text messages/call history
  • They keep their phone password protected
  • Do not show any acknowledgment of you as a spouse on social media and upload solo photos
  • They keep liking and commenting on other females’ photos but not yours,
  • Keep their phone out of your reach, for e.g. even sleeping with their phone under their pillows.

Step two: Get started on gathering evidence!

catch a cheater on facebook

If you think your spouse is showing signs of cheating as mentioned above, you now need to move ahead and figure out a way to spy on them and gather evidence of exactly what they are up to.

It may sound like a tedious thing to do, but the first attempt should be of getting hold of their phone and trying to see who they are talking to on Facebook and messenger. Chances are that even if you crack their password and get through to their private conversations, they will be wiped clean.


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So now you ask me what can be done?

It’s time to take help from a foolproof option that is capable of spying on the messages and messenger chats of your cheating spouse. It is time to turn to a Facebook Messenger spy to find out who he is talking to on Facebook and get hold of all his intimate and private conversations that he has been keeping hidden from you all this time.


Step Three: Choose a Facebook Spy App



When choosing apps to catch a cheater the most important thing to consider is what phone your target is using, as different apps are compatible with different phones.

Choose an app best suited to your target phone and your spying needs. Spy apps give you multiple options including spying on calls, texts, Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Skype, etc. so you can not only use one way to catch a cheater but make use of several of the features offered.

mspy tracking app

Once you have purchased the app you will need to install it on your target phone to begin spying. My personal favourite is the award-winning mSpy app which is famous for being user-friendly and offering the best spy features!


Step Four: Remotely access Facebook and start monitoring!

facebook chat spy


Be a bit sneaky and grab the cheater’s cell phone to quickly install the app on it. You can easily get into your husband’s Facebook account and read his conversation with another person. You can see who someone is talking to on Facebook messenger and cheating on you – making all this a lot easier for you.


Compatibility – Most applications are suitable for Android, Apple iOS/Mac, and Windows OS. You will, however, need to keep in mind that advanced features in spy apps need rooted Androids to access all the features, and similarly iPhone needs jailbreak.

The basic features, however, are available even without jailbreak and root.

You will need to log in using the credentials you received on payment and making your spy account. This lets you spy on your target phone anywhere and at any given place using your own computer.

Don’t worry, the spy app works in complete secrecy which means your target has NO idea they are being monitored!


Let there Be the Truth!

Now you can hack all your partner’s secret messages and uncover the truth to really see what kind of person you had decided to commit the world to. This not only is for spouses but it can be used to spy on a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend or even an employee.

No matter who you are and where you come from you deserve nothing but the best and even if it does not seem to make sense why they cheated on you, with time you will realize it was for the best.

How to spy on Facebook Messenger chat?

The Facebook messages tracker will let you see who they are talking to in secret and see for yourself how sincere their vows of undying love were.

Always remember that it is better to know and see the truth in someone you share all your deepest secrets and fears rather than being fooled into believing them to be something that they never were.

The truth can hurt at times but it is always better to know the truth than to fool yourself into living a lie.

So chin up and march on!

Get this Facebook Spy App

7 Ways to catch a cheating husband and get the infidelity exposed

catch a cheating husband

How to outsmart your clever cheating husband?

I recently met up with my sister to discuss my growing suspicions regarding my husband cheating on me using his Phone, however, he’s acting overly smart and trying to keep all his trails covered so we decided to put our heads together to figure out a way to catch my cheating husband.

The problem is my husband is smarter than average so it will be tricky catching him, seems like I will just have to outsmart him.

I will teach you a few tricks that I used to catch my cheating husband without him even figuring out!


How did you figure out your husband is cheating on you?

Well, it’s not easy if your husband is as smart as mine and likes keeping everything under wraps but there are signs of a cheating husband.

The best way to catch a cheating husband is by first making sure he has no idea that you are aware of what he is up to. Always remember that once you do this he will be on his guard and it will be impossible for you to catch your unfaithful husband.


Signs He’s no more loyal to you!

spy on cheating husband app

Is my husband having an affair?

— You will notice your husband having decreased interest in talking to you or

— Going out with you and increasing the time he spends outdoors and on his phone, mine sure forgot all about taking me out or talking to me and

— Buried himself deep in his phone even when he was indoors.

If your husband’s interest in you is deteriorating, you should definitely be alarmed and try to figure out what is up with him. It could be job stress or your dearly beloved may be more interested in another woman.


How do I catch my cheating husband without him knowing?

What is the best way to catch a cheating husband who is very clever?

spy on your cheating husband

1. Be smart

Okay, so you must be wondering, who don’t try being smart in situations like these?

Well, my friend, you will be surprised to see how many people act completely insane in situations like these where emotions take over common sense.

If you want to catch your husband cheating on you will need to make sure that he does not have a clue that you know and are suspecting him. You will need to spy on his phone without his knowledge.

Do not accuse him or confront him, and keep your eyes and ears open. I know you will hear advise like you should talk to him about this and sort it out, remember that if he’s actually cheating on you he will become very careful about his activities and if he isn’t, it’ll cause a serious issue with your marriage for being suspicious of him when nothing was happening.

So before you confront him you better be sure that he has been cheating on you.

2. Check his social media accounts

Considering everyone’s lives these days are built around social media it is useful to check the photos and people your spouse is interacting with on different social media and dating sites. It may as well be a dead giveaway to catch your cheating husband.

3. Try leaving your iPhone in his car

Another simple and non-suspicious way to figure out where your husband goes would be to leave your Phone in his car. How will that help, you say?

Well, I personally ‘accidentally’ left my phone in the car when my husband told me he had been called for some extra work in the office. Once he left I used the find my iPhone app to track where he was going and if it really was office or not.

This was probably the simplest and least suspicious hack I used to catch my cheating husband using iPhone.

4. Check messages with the help of his MacBook

If your husband has MacBook as well as an iPhone, you are in luck! Ask him to leave his laptop behind as you have some urgent work to do, using the iMessage you can see all the messages he has been sending and receiving via his iPhone and know who he has been talking to and what has he been talking about.

It’s one of the most reliable ways to monitor your lying husband with iPhone as long as you can convince him to let you use his laptop.

5. Hire a personal investigator

This may surprise you but PIs are usually hired in 90% of cheating couples to find evidence and prove that spouse is cheating. It is an expensive path to take but it has been proven to be quite effective for several couples going through suspicions.




Is it possible to catch a cheating husband by hacking an iPhone?

Of course is it is! Why would you even question that? It’s quite possible and actually the best way to catch a cheating husband because you get all the evidence you need to make your next move. If you hack an iPhone you can manage to monitor all the activities made using that phone whenever you want.

In my case, this proved very useful as it provided all the information needed to get a confrontation with my husband.


Can I hack into my husband’s iPhone?

Hacking apps are useful in hacking into phones and monitoring them. Spy apps iPhone also are the quickest solution to finding out how your beloved husband is cheating you using your iPhone.

What is a spy app and how does it work?

Okay, jokes apart spy apps are basically applications that you install on the target phone to get control of the activities that are performed using that phone and hence literally access everything the person does use that phone.

It works to give you mental peace and help teach your cheating slime of a husband a lesson!

Yes, you read that right!

You can access all the phones information because once you have a spy app installed on your husband’s phone, it’s literally like you’ve hacked into it and are hacking your cheating husband’s iPhone to catch him without the cheating spouse knowing.


Which app can I use to hack into my cheating spouses iPhone?

How can I tell what my husband is looking at on his phone – There are quite a few tracking apps on the market but the one I have first-hand experience with is mSpy.

It worked like magic, literally takes 5 minutes after it is set up for you to hack into your husband’s iPhone and catch him cheating without him even knowing what you are up to!


How do I use stealth monitoring software?

To use mSpy to catch your cheating husband using your iPhone you will first need to buy the app. There are many different versions of mSpy that are available to cater to different spying needs, hence choose the package that is most suitable for you.

Once you have completed the purchase you will receive an email on your provided address and you can continue with installing the mSpy app on the target phone.



You will need access to the phone if it’s not jailbroken already but don’t worry, the app operates completely secretively so your husband won’t know that it’s been installed on his phone.



What can mSpy do to help me catch my cheating husband using iPhone?

Installing mSpy turned out to be my quickest and most convenient solution to catch my cheating husband using iPhone without him even knowing about what I was up to!

It’s the best app to catch a cheater! It’s also worth mentioning that they offer a free demo so you can decide if it works for you as well as it did for me. I am going to list a few features it offered that really helped me.


Call manager and call recording:

I stopped wondering and started knowing who exactly my husband was communicating with the help of this feature. It gave me a log of all the calls he made, received and missed even those he tried to delete from his phone log (fishy isn’t it).

No more thinking who he’s been on with for hours at night, you will know exactly who he has been talking to, at what time and for what duration and with the call recording feature you even know everything he’s been talking about.

Instant Messengers spy:

We all tend to use more of Whatsapp and iMessage these days to communicate because of their added features so it’s a very useful feature to be able to know who your target is talking to and what are they discussing. I also managed to get hold of some rather sleazy photos my husband had been sending to some ladies, so no turning back after this one!

GPS tracking:

Ever wondered what it would be like to know where your husband was at any time? Life would be extremely convenient right? The mSpy app also offers GPS tracking for your husband’s phone, so you know exactly where he is without him even knowing what you are up to.

Multimedia access:

Oh boy, did this feature come in handy while confronting my lousy cheating husband? It allowed me to access all the photos sent and received on my mSpy control panel, even though he had deleted them on his own phone.


We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and these came in extremely handy, one of the best ways I caught my husband cheating using his iPhone.

Now that it’s all said and done

It’s a very emotionally vexing situation to catch a cheating spouse, but remember that in the end, you need someone who will be there to look out for you and not run away and sneak around behind your back for every small thing.

Your self-worth and happiness are more important than anything and anyone else in this world so if you feel that your spouse is cheating on you, go ahead and do everything you can to satisfy your mind.

And always remember, once a cheater, always a cheater.

mspy download

5 Stealth Apps to Catch a Cheater

cheating spouse app iphone

To Catch a Cheater Click Here

“Cheating and lying aren’t struggles; they’re reasons to break up.” That’s how the author of Between the Tides, Patti Callahan Henry, puts it. And there is absolutely no denying that.

Only a few relationships can endure such jagged times particularly when one partner has doubts about the significant other’s faithfulness. Spouse’s infidelity is a centuries-old practice, regrettably speaking.

One could only wish for having a surreptitious way to catch your betraying wife or husband, however, today technology offers you better solutions in the form of apps to spy on your spouse.


Read on to find out more…

spy on spouse phone

Is my spouse cheating on me?” If you have this question giving you sleepless nights, there’s probably something your sixth sense is nudging you about. However, before you completely give in to your instincts, you need to look for signs of a cheating spouse to confirm your suspicions.

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating!!!

Obviously, nothing feels worse than being deceived by someone who you trust more than your life.

In 2017, infidelity has become a murky business. With modern technology being readily available, it has given people the liberty to connect with each other more than ever before – but this has downsides, with extramarital affairs, betrayals, and rising cases of infidelity being on the top of the list.

Recent infidelity statistics reveal that in over ⅓ of marriages, either one of the partners admits to cheating. But, you can’t just go on confronting your partner and ask them about their affair…you need proof of their infidelity!

my spouse cheated on me

It’s best to always have some substantial evidence before you can give your verdict.


Cheating Spouse Signs

The following signs will help you get an idea of how to catch a cheating husband or an unfaithful wife:

  • Late homecomings…or maybe getting cozy with a coworker?!!

They come home very late. If your better half seems to have started spending more time at work, then it could also be one of the signs your spouse is cheating with a co-worker!!!

 spy on cheating husband app

  • Forgetting your marriage anniversary and even your birthday!
    They miss or forget your date night, anniversary, birthday, or some other important day because they have their own “commitments”.
  • A secret password on the phone!
    A password-protected lock on their mobile phones that you could never see coming, plus they get really protective about it when you’re around. There’s also a possibility of having another phone that you don’t know about!

she is having an affair

  • No time for romance?!
    No more romantic moments because your spouse always has some excuse…

my husband still talks to his ex girlfriend

  • Priorities don’t involve you or your family anymore?

             They are hardly there for family time, missing family dinners, get-together events, etc.

  • New hair-do, new dressing sense…is it because of some newfound love?
    They have started dressing differently…in a good way and
    become very conscious about the way they look.

To put it concisely, when your partner isn’t there anymore…then the question is… where are they? What keeps them so occupied? Who are they spending their time with?

Scott Dikkers of You Are Worthless: Depressing Nuggets of Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day says, “There is a 65 percent chance that the love of your life is having an affair. Be very suspicious.”

You could be that 65 % too!

However, even if your double-dealing partner does agree to have an extra-marital affair, there are hardly a few relationships that can survive. And, in case, if the relationship does continue, you’ve got to find out the possible reasons for your spouse’s sudden need for an affair.


Probable reasons why partners cheat on their spouses

Jessi James, aged 38, only meant to spy on her iPhone to find out who her husband’s new love interest is. It’s in fact just not an eccentricity that is driving Jessi nuts; almost every second person has the same sense of agitation and curiosity eating them up inside.

There is perhaps no worse feeling in a relationship than knowing that your partner is being disloyal. It’s like cold fingers of fear creep up your spine, squashing your heart so hard that it splits into a million little pieces.


Nevertheless, let’s take a minute to logically think about what caused all this in the first place. Why would your marriage be falling apart if you think everything had been going so well? Why would your spouse need the companionship of another?

There is ALWAYS a reason for everything after all!


Here are possibly four reasons why people cheat:

1.       Low esteem, or some unresolved issues from the past:

Sometimes your spouse might not be feeling very secure about themselves, such as suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, or some past issues that you both didn’t deal properly. As a result, your spouse will seek comfort outside in form of affairs. When this is the case, people often end up creating a drama and later use this fear or bizarre state of mind as an excuse for everything that happened.

2.       Running away from commitments or responsibility:

Fear of being committed to someone is something not many people can deal with. They sense death to their freedom and free will. Or, they just want to run away from all the responsibilities that a serious relationship demands. They start seeking an escape because of the suffocation they start to feel in their relationship.

3.       Love is …missing…!

Have you been somewhat neglecting your partner? Well, there you go! That’s one of the biggest reasons for the significant other to go out to seek love, romance, attention, and a sense of security because there is a scarcity of it in their lives.

couple tracker app

4.      Partner’s needs not being filled

Are you fulfilling all your partner’s needs, be it physical or emotional? Men, particularly, need this sense of confidence that their partners care about their feelings and value them. Lack of it and they’re…gone…



Don’t go on confronting them directly or expecting them to come to you and spill it all. There is no way it will get you the results that you have in your mind.

You need a proper plan to approach this…and that too wisely…and stealthily…because you need to first be sure that your doubts have a real footing or you’ll just be shooting in the dark.

What you need is a cheating spouse app! Read on to find out about this secret weapon you can use to gather online evidence of their betrayal.


How can I catch a cheating spouse?

Stalking your partner? It’s an outlandish idea. Hiring a detective? Do you think it’ll work? Or can you even afford to hire a private eye??

catch a cheating wife

Well…cheers to technology! We have various ways to catch our culprit red-handed. From spy cameras in pens to hidden surveillance cameras, there are now even better ways to snoop on your spouse.


How can I catch a cheating spouse using an app??!!

Since they are very protective about their phones, with a cheating spouse app, you can monitor them using their phones as your weapon for spying. With apps to catch a cheating spouse, this task won’t be difficult at all.

You would no longer have to worry about how to catch a cheating spouse texting or calling in the middle of the night because these apps work 24/7 like your hired detective while letting you stay up-to-date on every move they make.

mspy download

How do these apps work?

Could you have ever imagined that you would be easily able to track your cheating spouse online?

With these apps to spy on your spouse, you can easily monitor their phone activities without being noticed. You can easily purchase and install these applications on your smartphones, which begin recording all the phone data soon as the app is activated.

Unlike an ordinary application, these apps do not show an icon on the phone’s home screen or even get detected. They run in the phone’s background and your spouse will never be able to figure out that you have an undercover agent hired to keep an eye on them for you.

 how spy apps work

Features of a cheating spouse application:

These apps offer to monitor for:

  • Call logs,
  • Monitoring messenger logs (Whatsapp, Facebook IM, iMessage, Skype, Line, etc),
  • SMS logs,
  • Contacts,
  • Internet browsing history,
  • Media files(images and videos),
  • social media activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,
  • VoIP app calls and messages,
  • Memos and calendar activities, and
  • Phone tracking using the phone’s GPS

These apps support spying on phones and tablets running on:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Mac OS

flexispy login

Hence, next time you want to check your cheating spouse’s text messages on their iPhone, you wouldn’t need to fret over how to do it.


With multiple options around, choosing the best app to catch a cheating spouse can be a bit tricky. The criterion for choosing the best spyware to catch a cheating spouse differs for everyone since some prefer cost, some go for quality, and some go for word of mouth or reviews of other users.

You can get information about your prospective app through its website or by reading reviews of other existing customers.

mspy tracking app 

There you have it…the solution to your problems has been answered! Installing a reliable spouse spyware app on your spouse’s phone will get your worries away for once.