5 Best Spyware for iPhone 2020 – Reviews, Pros and Cons

mspy for iphone ipad no jailbreak solution

Best Spyware for iPhone 2020 (Updated)

Curious about the activities your kids are doing on their iPhone iPad? Worried about their performance at school and want to make sure their safety without seeming intrusive? Are employees misusing the company’s owned phones with high bills?

If all these exist, then you don’t need to worry, as these spy apps for iPhone help you view the phone’s usage (you own) in real-time.


Updated: January 2020

What is an iPhone spy app?

iPhone spy app is an iPhone monitoring software for parents which allows them to filter out inappropriate content and restrict kids phones’ (you own/have legal right to monitor) usage like text messages, calls, emails, social media activities and stores them in an online account accessible through an internet connection.

You download the app, install it on your iPhone and get all the data into your online dashboard accessible from your mobile phone or personal computer. We’ve reviewed some best iPhone monitoring apps; let’s have a look at them!


#1. mSpy (for phones and computers)

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About mSpy

mSpy, since 2003, is the best spy app for iPhone offers the most advanced features with ease of installation.

You can control your target iPhone usage and remotely view text messages, calls, emails, Snapchat, keystrokes, Whatsapp, iMessage, social media chats, web browsing history, videos watched and the GPS location.

Apart from these, you can also set custom alerts using your online dashboard. If your kid enters into restricted areas, you’ll get information in your online account about that through Geofence feature. 

They are known for its user-friendly and customized solutions which can be used on smartphones and computers.

Latest: this spy app supports the new iPhone XS, iPhone XR- The company provides 24/7 customer support so being technologically impaired is not a problem you will face.


Compatibility – It is compatible with iOS 13, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. This app enables you to view everything your kids do online on their iPhones plus iPads.


Key Features

Following is the list of interesting features offered by mSpy:

  • Monitor Calls
  • Incoming Calls Restriction
  • Track Text Messages (sent / received)
  • Read Emails (Incoming and Outgoing)
  • Track GPS Location
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Social Media Chat Logging
  • Get Custom Alerts and Notifications
  • Monitor and Restrict Internet Activities
  • View Photos and Videos
  • Read Instant Messages Chat
  • (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik, Line, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, Tinder, and iMessage)
  • View Contacts Stored
  • View Deleted Data on Target Phone
  • Get Alerts for Trigger Words and SIM Change
  • KeyLogger
  • View Installed Apps and Block Certain Apps to Download
  • Instagram Tracking
  • Un-install alert
  • Invisible and Undetectable
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • Money-back guarantee


mSpy is compatible with all iOS versions which require jailbreaking of iPhone. But they also offer an iPhone spy app without jailbreaking which requires Apple ID and password of your target device.


The price of mSpy basic package costs $0.99 per day. They offer 3 months, 6 months and yearly package. You can choose one package as per your need.

How does it work?

Get the app > Install it on your device > Start monitoring

how does spy tracking app work


Once you download the iPhone spy app on your target iPhone, you start receiving their phone’s logs into your online account. This account is given to you after downloading the monitoring software with login information and installation instructions.

The target iOS device isn’t jailbroken? No worries, try their iPhone spy no jailbreak solution which supports iOS 7 to 13.

Why mSpy?

35+ features

– Trusted by over 1,000,000 satisfied customers

– 100% money-back guarantee – 24/7 LIVE chat support to help in every way

– The installation process is easier and takes only a few minutes of you

– The ultimate solution for protecting kids online

– Compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions

– It is featured by many famous media outlets

mspy download


#2. MobiStealth

mobistealth rating

One of the best spy apps for iPhone – this app can help you keep a look at your children even when they are far away. MobiStealth iPhone spy not only supports iOS, Blackberry, and Android but also provides the same facilities for Nokia users.

They do offer iPhone monitoring for non-jailbroken iOS devices.

The phone app is suitable for monitoring both children and employees equally. One of its benefits is that like other software it is not very expensive and hence people can afford it easily.


The cheapest version of this software starts from $0.50 a day.

Prominent Features

IM Monitoring: Can monitor a number of instant chat messengers the popular ones include Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line.

Call Recording: this software secretly records each call that you can later listen to on your online account.

Surround Recording: It allows you to remotely activate and record the surroundings of your target phone and later on listen to any recorded chat.

Location Tracking in Real Time: Tracking the target person’s location hasn’t been easier. If the GPS location tracker is turned on in the target phone then you can do it through the usual way however if it is not then tracking becomes difficult.

MobiStealth iPhone Spy software has solved this issue. This is when you use signals through open wifi networks to see the online map which is present on the dashboard and is updated every 8 minutes to know the correct location.

Email Logging: Sent, received and deleted emails can be seen with keylogging and the facility of screenshots available.

SIM Change Notification: If the sim is changed on the target phone you are immediately notified.

Browsing History: get complete web history including websites visited and videos watched.

Phone Wipe: the problem of losing your data or having someone else in charge of it when your phone gets lost is a very big disadvantage. The aspect of phone wiping makes it easier to keep the data safe and wipe it off if necessary.

A very user-friendly app with easy instructions, all you need to do is install the app on the target smartphone so that it keeps fetching data continuously.

Monitoring the office staff in terms of how they use the computers will not be difficult anymore. The desktop monitoring software helps to provide details on what is being done on each computer.


Compatible – iOS 13.x.x (all iOS versions)

#3. Spyera (Best Spyware for iPhone)

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About Spyera

Hide Jailbreak icon. SPYERA best spy app for iPhone lets you hide its own icon, as well as CYDIA icon. They’ll never know their device has been jailbroken.

Being established in 1999 and gathering some prestigious awards in the industry, this spyware app boasts its ability to provide the best quality services and different from those that others provide.

Using the best technology to provide services like spy camera and call interception which helps listen to live calls and cross-platform for Android, Nokia, iOS, and Blackberry.

Spyera is known for being a software your target cannot detect and makes you’re your information is safe in their hands hence owing to a broad customer base including businesses and law enforcement agencies.

Although this can be expensive software starting at $149 it is worth all the money. 

Key Features:

Live Call Listening and Recording: you can listen to any conversation being done on the target phone. You usually get an alert when that is happening. If you call then you added to the call. You can also record these calls which can be sent to the web account

Ambient Listening and Recording: this is what is happening in the surroundings. You can call on the device to listen to the surroundings, for example, bugging devices. Real-time ambient listening is only available on this software. These noises can also be recorded. 

IM Chat Spying: you can spy on instant messenger apps. All messages including stickers and location can also be seen. The famous ones include Whatsapp, BBM, Skype, etc.

• Track SMS Messages and Emails: you can see all income and outgoing messages even if the user deletes them. Emails are captured and sent to the web account for future reference.

• Alert Wizard: helps you make certain settings on your phone and if that specific situation happens you receive an alert on your web account or dashboard.

Record VOIP Calls: these calls are recorded automatically and uploaded to the web account so that you can download and listen to them later on.

Password Grabber: read the password set on any iPhoneiPad, etc so that you can access the services all by yourself.

Real-Time Location Tracking: Spyera uses GPS positioning to show the exact coordinates where the device it and links your web account and show a path of travel. It is used just like other spy software. You install the app on the phone after buying and downloading it.

After that, you have to log in to the control panel with the details given so that you can keep up to date with the information depending on the access according to the package you choose. With tremendous features which enhance its function for parental control and employee monitoring.


Compatibility – up to iOS 12.x.x (all iOS versions)


#4. Mobile-Spy

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Being compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, this system is known since 2003 and very popular amongst the customers. This is basically because of their 24/7 technical help which is available online along with the live control panel. With years of research, they have continuously looked forward to improving themselves.

This app can monitor up to 3 devices once installed hence making it cheaper and easier for those who need to monitor a number of phones at the same time. It is relatively cheaper as compared to other spy software because 3 months package starts from as low as $50.

Some of its features include:

• Monitoring text messages to know the people your child is messaging. A log is accumulated of all the text or media messages sent and received on a particular day.

• Call monitoring to keep a check on the different numbers called. To make sure they are not calling any suspected number. The time and duration of each call is limited

Alerts when your child does some prohibited actions on his phone. These can be customized according to your demands so that you get an alert when you want to

Keep a track of all the pictures taken by the phone and also those downloaded on the device

Any app can be blocked if you don’t want your child to access it, even after he/she has downloaded it. 

Keeping a check on social media websites is very important. Monitoring all internet activity not only from Facebook but also from instant messengers like Whatsapp. Web history can also be viewed

How is it used? It is like other software once you buy it and agree to the terms and conditions you can download it on the target mobile phone. After this you have access to the control panel, log in details are given when installing, and helping you keep a check on all the activities being done. 

Compatible – with iOS 10.0.2

Cost – 49.97 for 3 months

#5. FlexiSpy

mobistealth rating

flexispy for kids

Being an industry leader in developing software specially made to monitor phones, this app promises to provide the most advanced features for its users. Known for satisfying customers since 2004, this company is known for offering cross-platform solutions being the best spy app for iPhone.

Flexispy spy app for iPhone lets you monitor the suspected spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend and husband iPhone in a stealth mode. Different spying aspects which are basically present in the premium version include the famous call recording and listening feature as well as tracking down emails, messages and a lot more.

Some of the features include

Spying on calls: you can not only listen to live calls and record them but you can also keep a note of all the call logs and listen to phone surroundings. Being able to record the surroundings is a bonus feature

IM monitoring: you are able to monitor a number of instant chat messengers the famous ones include Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, etc.

Spy on Passwords: you are able to know any password that is kept on the phone. You can also spy on application passwords as well as email passwords

Remote Spying: through this, you can not only take pictures secretly from the phone or restart it when you want but you can also keep a check on the battery and send SMS commands to a person if you think it is necessary

Receiving alerts: when the Sim card is changed or specific contacts are called the person spying gets an alert.

Spy secretly: this app does not show in the list of applications. Furthermore, it works without jailbreak so that the person does not get to know about it at all.

Spy on Text Messages: you can read messages that are sent or received and even send fake messages. You can delete the messages you want. Multimedia messages can also be read and emailed too.

GPS Spying: through this, you are able to view and track GPS location

Spy on the internet: you are able to view the history and the different pages being viewed. Bookmarks can also be seen

How does it work?

flexispy login

You have to install the app on the target phone. Once you do so you are given a set of instructions to follow. At any point in time when you want to check the activity of the target phone.