5 Mistakes you Make When you Suspect your Girlfriend is Cheating on you

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What to do when you suspect your girlfriend is cheating?

If 90% of men even get a whiff or hear a flying rumor about their girlfriend cheating on them, they become extremely anxious and do something impulsive.

Relationships in such situations tend to get worse if dealt with impulsive actions. It is really tough to tackle with even the idea that your better half is not faithful to you. Therefore, it is wise to deal with this situation tactfully and not let all the efforts you have done for the relationship go to waste.

Today, I will share with you the worst mistakes guys make when they find out about their girlfriend cheating on them and how to avoid them.


How to catch your girlfriend cheating?

1st mistake: Hurling accusations at your girlfriend without any proof

This is the most common mistake that people in relationships make when they find out about their girlfriend cheating on them. Yes, you might be hurt and overwhelmed by sadness and anger but it is not wise to go up to your partner right then and accuse her of activities which she might or might not have even committed.

Such an argument can lead to disastrous situations which might be very difficult to overcome.

Therefore never ever act impulsively or in anger. Always consult someone and think about what you are about to do. Arguing without any proof will only lead your girlfriend to deny everything and instead turn on to you for not trusting her.

2nd mistake: Asking everyone else about her activities

You might think that her friends would help you out in this distressed situation and tell you everything about what she has been up to. In the quest of digging out the truth, you forget to trust your girlfriend and faith in your relationship. Asking others not only compromise your relationship it also makes others questions the loyalty of both the partners. Going behind your girlfriend’s back is never the answer.

Remember that you are only suspecting your girlfriend of cheating and if to your relief it turns out to be false, she will not be happy with you for not trusting her and asking others instead of herself.


Guide – Don’t Make these Mistakes When You’ve Been Cheated On!

3rd mistake: Confronting the guy who you think she is involved with

Men often make this an issue of their ego and blame the other guy involved.  At the time when you find out about your girlfriend being dishonest with you, it’s possible that she has not even told the other guy that she is already committed to you.

This is the situation in most cases.

So if you suspect someone is involved with your girlfriend, getting into a brawl with him will be of no use. You might throw in a few punches and attack him with your words but would that solve any of your problems? It never is.

If you aim to save your relationship and get your girl back, you need to act wisely and be concerned about her, not the guy she cheated you with. 

4th mistake: Don’t be too clingy and give her space

Once men suspect there is something going on between another man and your girlfriend they tend to become ten times clingier than they usually are. Please never do that. If you ask her a hundred times a day about where she is going, who she is meeting and what she is doing, she will become extremely annoyed.

Every time she takes a call, do not question her about who was at the other end. If she tells you herself then great, else give her some space.

Trying to be closer and more inquisitive will put your girlfriend off and she might want to get away from you. Let her carry own with her routine and don’t subject her to a trial too often.

5th mistake: Don’t be irrational

If you have suspected her of cheating do not lose your temper or act the opposite. Try to show concern and politely ask her if she is not happy with you. Throwing around tantrums or being sarcastic will make her feel unpleasant and she might be attracted to the other person even more.

Once you are sure of her misdoings and have proof to support your claim only then confront her with the issue. 


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The solution is quite simple. First of all, it will lead you to confirm all the rumors that you have been hearing and everything fishy you have noticed about your girlfriend.

Second, it will not let you rely on anyone else’s version of what your girlfriend does or wants. You will be confident about what has happened and the truth will be in front of your eyes. This way you will not even have to ask her every time about what she is doing, where she is and who she is with. It will all be readily available in the palm of your hands and save you from any doubts that you had.

Spyera is a tracking app which can be installed on any smartphone. It lets you monitor the activities of that person and check what they are up to. Once you install this software on your girlfriend’s phone you can track her texts, calls, and her location by accessing the data using your personal computer.

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Your girlfriend will not be able to hide anything from you and this time, you can confront her with proof and make her confess to everything which she had been up to.

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