5 Best Child Tracking Tools and Apps – Must Have for Parents

kid tracker app

Being a parent, you feel a constant urge of checking on your child when he is not at home. Tracking can be done through certain devices as well using apps is not only easier for me being a mom but it also helps solve the problem of tracking my child without them knowing.

These child tracker apps give you a peace of mind – by sitting at home, you can easily track their GPS location in real-time.

With kids back to school, hanging out with friends after-school raise concern for parents to keep track of their offspring’s whereabouts and activity whole day.

Here, we will discuss the best apps to track your child and how these apps work?

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5. Life 360 Family Locator

This app is basically about your kid’s GPS tracking. Using this app you can create various circles, for example, a family circle which has your children and husband added to it.

Family Locator Life 360

Once you are done with that you need to specify locations which you think are most visited by your child, for example, his school. Every time he enters and leaves the school all the people in the group will get a notification to inform everyone.

There is an additional option of sending emergency alerts as well to everyone in the group in case you feel something is going wrong.

You get a subscription for only one circle so if you want to make another circle with a different group of people you would need a different subscription, however, the best part is not everyone in that group needs to have a subscription.

Available on Play/App Store – compatible with all phones and a monthly subscription costs $2.99 per month.


4. Footprints app

Footprints child tracking app

If you, being a parent, want to know where your teen is, and where they have been – use this app. It works using GPS system and lets you record footprints on daily basis. You can check their GPS location and see how long your children have been there if the app is installed. 

You can watch all recorded footprints on the map at your ease.

“Footprints” software is like your personal private secretary, as can help you record your daily itinerary.

It’s free and available on Play /App Store.


3. My Family GPS Tracker

My Family is a pretty old yet a widely used app primarily because it is compatible with not only Android and iPhone but also with windows and Amazon devices.

 Family GPS tracker My Family

It is pretty much a hassle-free app because it does not need an account for starters you just get an invitation code when you start.

Location history can be seen up to 3 years in the past and in case of an emergency, you can either force call someone where they are forced to pick up the phone or you can ask the phone to take a picture.

Geofencing and group awareness is another function of this app.

This app is free.


2. Zenly Locator

zenly app

This is a free real-time app which is available on both iOS and Android. This app has a number of benefits which come with location tracking such as live GPS location, messaging and stealth mode which makes it easy to use.

It also shows how much battery is left on your child’s phone so that you know why your child is not replying to your messages or receiving your calls.

You can track your child without them knowing through this app because it gives you the option of hiding your identity completely.

1. mLite – Family Tracking app – #1 Child tracking app

mlite geo fencing

While the above-mentioned apps are mainly aimed towards location tracking the mLite Family Phone Tracker app is suitable for those who want more than one tracking function at a very reasonable price.

For children, it has some basic functions like text messages tracking, checking the real-time location, tracking calls and much more. This is a more detailed app and provides all the information on your computer with a complete record of the history.

You can track more than one phone using this app as well hence putting an end to all your worries.

  • SMS tracker
  • Call logs and contacts monitoring
  • Track current GPS location
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Panic Button
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Installed apps monitoring
  • Keylogger

Locating your kids and family is a fairly simple process and because of such technology, the process has even become cheaper over time. It has become easier to know about the safety of your loved ones using such apps.

This app is available for Android and iOS – Mac and Windows OS are also supported.


To Sum Up – If you want a stable and reliable option as the best kids tracker app then life 360 is your safest bet, however, if you want more detailed reviews of what your child is up to then you should invest in mLite Family Phone Tracker app.


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