Snapchat and Kids: What Every Parent Needs to Know?

snapchat and kids - what parents need to know about snapchat

Most of you would be aware of Snapchat, and if you aren’t you need to seriously step out of the stone ages, Flintstone! The app has taken the world by storm because of its ability to send and receive photos and videos that get deleted after 1-10 seconds of viewing it. 

How does Snapchat work?

All you really need to do is download the app on iOS or Android powered phones, register an account via your phone and voila! You are all set to set about ‘snapping’ photos and share them to individuals you add via username or phone number, or to your Snapchat story that can be viewed for an unlimited number of times by your friends.

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Is there any age restriction on Snapchat?

Is Snapchat safe for 11 or 12 years old? What is Snapchat age range? Officially Snapchat states that no one below 13 can join, however, many parental concerns have been rising as after adding and verifying your contact number to register a Snapchat account there is no verification of age.

Hence children younger than 13 can also use Snapchat easily.

mSpy solution

Why kids love Snapchat?

• Because it’s FUN!

You can not only send funny snaps using multiple filters that update every few days, you can share photos of what you’re eating or make stories to share your vacations and special days with your friends and family.

• Save all your memories, with captions!

Memories on Snapchat allow you to save all your photos and videos so you never lose them!

• Photos get deleted once viewed!

Also, it’s much easier sending a ridiculous photo when you know it’s title going to delete off the other persons’ phone. I personally loved pretending to be Madonna and singing along to Snapchat filter that was available earlier this month, so who can blame the kids!!

So what is the parents’ concern?

Well, as I said before there is no real age restriction verification on Snapchat. And the fact that kids think all their photos will be deleted after viewing, they get rather gutsy.

If you don’t get the hang of what I am trying to say, it’s as simple as this. If a kid thinks that they can take a photo, any photo for that matter, and it can be saved and reproduced later they will be more careful about it, however with Snapchat they get confidence that no one can share their photos so they can send anything ranging from silly and stupid to downright explicit.

The alarming fact is that this confidence that the image can’t be shared is false, not only can the image be screenshot it can be photographed from another person’s phone. In the past, many incidences have come with third party apps leaking Snapchat private snaps over the internet.

Due to this, a child can suffer a lot of humiliation if their private images are saved and shared with others.


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How can I protect my children?

Step #1: Communicate

First and foremost, I can keep yelling myself hoarse to convey this point, talk to your child. Don’t get hysterical, kindly don’t threaten and definitely do not accuse your child just because kids are using Snapchat for sexting, it doesn’t mean your kid is.

Sit back, find a good time and discuss it over, calmly.

Convey your faith and trust in them, and then share your concerns. Remember slow and steady always wins the race.

Step #2: Physically check the phone

However, if you have a stubborn kid, you may have to resort to monitoring their phone and checking the snaps they receive, to get an idea of what they do on Snapchat, and go through their contacts.

See who they are in touch with.

Step #3: Use Snapchat spy apps

snapchat spy app

And if all else fails, try going for a Snapchat spy app to monitor your kids. That way you can see who their contacts are, and what sort of content do they share online and with whom. mSpy and Spyera are two top rated apps in this regard.

What can you monitor with Snapchat spy app?

  • You can view both sent and received files (photos, videos, and pictures)
  • This app lets you recover and access content exchanged in Snapchat even it was deleted
  • You can view all the data in a control panel at any time
  • You’ll be able to track important details like photo gallery and Snapchat conversations

How do these apps work?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

First of all, you go to the website and see the packages and features they offer, choosing the one most suitable for your needs and install the app on your kid’s phone to get ready for monitoring.

Set up a username and control panel to monitor your child’s device whenever you want, wherever you want. Choose all your monitoring needs.

Forget all your woes as Spyera and mSpy are here to save you from your worries (and save your hair from stress fall).

How worried do I need to be?

Before you stress yourself up into a storm, you need to know that kids are mainly into Snapchat for silly entertainment, sexting is ruled out in most cases as stats say most of the Snapchat use declines after 11 pm, according to Forbes magazine.

HOWEVER, fun and games can also go wrong pretty often so it’s always good to communicate with your kids about the hazards of all online media and have a spy app to help you along the way.

As long as you’ve all that covered, all I can say is Happy Snapping!

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5 Apps that Let you Control Kids Screen Time!

 Screen time apps

Are you worried that your child spends too much time online? Want to limit screen time without seeming intrusive?

Do not worry you are certainly not the only parent who has been going through this dilemma. Parents, especially in this day and age face this problem very frequently.

When asked what they do to stop their child from over usage of phones and tablet, they simply do not have any answer.


What is a screen time app?

So what is screen time? It is basically the total amount of hours your child spends doing activities related to a screen which includes television, play stations, mobile phones, and tablets.

Screen time app gives parents control over kids’ screen time and restricts inappropriate web browsing. These screen time apps help you by setting a timer for your child’s gadget, after which the gadget is locked, and your child cannot use it until you grant permission.

Most of these are linked to the parents’ mobile phone through which the parent can unlock the gadget when they feel it’s appropriate.

To help those parents in need, the article below sums up the pros and cons of various screen time apps to help each parent choose the best way of screen time parental control.

How much screen time is too much for children?

Psychologists and doctors agree to the fact that an adult somewhere in his teens should not have more than 3 hours of screen time which includes television, mobile phone, PS4 and any gadget which puts stress on your eyes. This is more restricted for children as they have sensitive eyes and are still in their growing years and so much exposure could affect them.

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Top Screen Time Apps

mobicip how it works

Here is my screen time apps review that will give you a further insight as to how you can use each of these apps.

5. FamilyTime

4. Pumpic

3. OurPact

2. ScreenTime Labs

1. mSpy


5. FamilyTime

Limiting screen time for kids is a must and hence this is another app which helps parents to do so. This screen time app for kids, works on both iOS and Android offering following features

  • Block Internet, Apps, and Contacts
  • Track text messages, location and schedule device use
  • SOS / Panic Button Alert
  • Limit Screen Time for iOS and Android
  • Teen Safe Drive
  • Call and Web History

There is an app blocker and a contact blocker so that some people cannot contact your children if you don’t want. Further, you can also set the speed limit your child reaches when he is using the device. A 3-day free trial is available.

Download Familytime

4. Pumpic

A free screen time app for Android known as Limitly. This app helps monitor your child’s mobile phone usage by tracking calls, checking contacts and keeping a limit on the number of texts. Further online activity can be limited by blocking certain websites and keeping a constant check on the browsing history.

With more than 24 useful screen time rules, it also helps to control the daily activities for example location tracking.

Visit Pumpic Store to download

3. OurPact

Being a screen time app for Android and iPhone simultaneously, it solves all of the problems that parents face in controlling their child to have a limited use of gadgets.

This app aims to teach the child their responsibilities with technology. The owners of this app believe in empowering children for what decisions their parents make as well.

You can set your child’s schedule and when you want them not to play games, and their gadgets will be locked at that time. Some obvious advantages of this technology include some gadgets can be controlled by downloading the app just once.

Also, it helps to control your child’s internet usage by keeping a close look on what they are seeing to help keep them away from any dangers.

This app is totally free of cost

2. ScreenTime Labs

This is one of the unique apps which also acts as a screen time app for iPad. Being compatible with both Android, iOS and any Amazon gadget, I believe that this app is one of the best I have seen so far because it informs me before my kids install any new app.

In addition to that, I can stop them from uninstalling this app and set a specific time on the individual apps for their school time or bed time. It is always with me on the go as I can change the settings with my mobile phone.

One of the biggest advantages of this app is that when kids are good, I can always give them some bonus time as a reward.

There is a free trial for this app and the basic version is free whereas the premium version with extra benefits is $3.99 per month.

You can visit ScreenTime Labs here

1. mSpy

Screen time app review for this particular app mentions the infinite benefits it provides to its users. Not only is it compatible with iOS and Android like all other apps it also provides coverage for all tablets, hence is a screen time app for iPods as well too.

There is a particular mSpy for computers and a different one for mobile phones. So mSpy usually works by collecting data from a particular device on which it is installed and then shows all the data on the control panel which is accessible through any internet browser.

mSpy parental control helps you manage calls, track messages, read emails, track the person’s location and even track Viber, Skype and all other IM apps and also sets some screen time rules.

mSpy for computers gives various other advantages like taking screenshots of desktops now and then, using a keylogger to protect your child when he goes online, checking all the installed applications and their application use. A free trial is available whereas premium version costs you $7.99 per month.

Over to you…

In my opinion, mSpy is one of the best apps because it covers a wide range of media problems from which you want to protect your child and gives you a solution to all of them. Although this might be a bit expensive initially however once bought will give you unlimited advantages.

How to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software on Target Phone?

how to spy on iphone without installing software

As creepy as it may sound it is true that your phone can actually be a bugging device without you even knowing. The general notion is that a spy app has to be installed on the phone to be spied but on the contrary, merely by establishing a remote access to the phone under target you can get the job done.

The good news is that for most of the iPhone users it is very much possible to spy on iPhone without installing software on the target phone.

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How Does It Work?

Below are the steps to monitor iPhone without installing software

  1.  You will need to make a remote connection to the phone you wish to spy
  2.  iPhone spy without jailbreak service allows you monitor iPhone iPad without installing software to the target phone
  3.  It will allow you to get the data from your target device without the necessity of installing anything to the device!
  4.  All you need to know is Apple ID and password to iCloud account of the target device and enable iCloud backup on the this phone
  5.  Once activated, mSpy service will automatically get connected to the target iCloud account and upload the information from it to your Control Panel

What About this Solution?

mSpy solution

As we all know Apple happens to be the leading Mobile manufacturer and is known for its unique streak in its products. Apple has designed its operating system in such a way that no App can be downloaded from other sources than its own.

However, there is one way to beat this limitation and that is called jailbreaking. Through the process of jailbreaking you are allowed to download apps from third party sources which include tracking devices too.

However, the process of jailbreaking is intimidating for some. It is also difficult to carry out for technical reasons. Many people also get concerned about their voiding their warranty. Therefore many software programs have been developed to spy iPhone without having the target phone.

What Can You Monitor?

You are able to get enough information through this app including;

  • Text Messages
  • Contacts stored on phone
  • Call Logs
  • Browser History
  • Events and Notes
  • Whatsapp Activity
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Installed Apps on target phone

Limitations and Comparison

This service is certainly considered as one of the best but has certain limitations. For instance, it may be possible that
• You are not able to gain the iCloud credentials
• The person to be spied does not use iCloud as backup
• If the iPhone user stops using iCloud

Although it has certain limitations nevertheless it is very much useful to be used for spying without having the target phone. It offers 24/7 chat service certainly is a big help while using mSpy.

mspy software without jailbreaking iphone ipad

Things you should know

With so many spying services out in the market, you should make the right choice. Make sure you choose a reliable company because there are numerous scams out in the market.

Many companies claim to be able to spy on an iPhone without having access to the phone. That is fake! First time, physical access is required to make the target phone open to monitoring.

Also, make sure you choose the service which has a good support system otherwise you will find the app useless and wastage of time.

Lastly, make it a deal to read real-time reviews of people who have actually used the service as most of the review websites give out wrong details without even testing.

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  • Offers FREE Trial
  • 24/7 Global Phone and Chat Support
  • Monitor Multiple Devices
  • Over 100,000 Plus Satisfied Customers
  • 95% Customer Satisfaction

Summing up

There are many ways to monitor an iPhone but the most efficient way is use mSpy service. That makes things simple as they can be. However, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone unnecessarily.

It is very much possible to spy iPhone without having target phone too but with all these options available make sure you choose the right spy service for your target iPhone as per your requirements.

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