Parents: Are your Teens Sexting with Snapchat? Find out here!

spy on your child's snapchat

How can you monitor your child’s Snapchat?

I recently struck gold (figuratively and literally) and found myself off on a vacation. While waiting at the airport I watched my 12 year old busy making faces at the phone. Curious and moderately concerned, I inquired about his theatrical expressions upon which I received a prompt reply of, “Mum, I am making a Snapchat story about the beginning of my trip!”

In the next week to follow, I joined my son and many others as they ‘Snapped’ their way through the whole of the tour, introducing me to the most hyped millennial app of the decade, SNAPCHAT.


What is Snapchat and why teens use Snapchat?

As popular as it is amongst teens and kids, it’s a cause of rising concern amongst parents. Snapchat offers features like sending and receiving pictures and videos with no permanent storage on the device, which provides an ideal situation for making a young child bold enough to transfer explicit content.

The biggest problem of such apps is that teens are sending inappropriate photos causing privacy issues of great proportions.


What are the most common uses of Snapchat amongst millennial?

Most kids use Snapchat to give their friends an insight into their daily lives. What they’re eating, where there are off to etc. A lot of teens are also using Snapchat for Sexting which is the major cause for concern amongst parents.

The recipient can screenshot the image sent before it’s deleted, or use another camera to capture the image which can then be used to humiliate and bully the kids. Further, as messages and images don’t stay, they can even be used to bully kids in school with no evidence of it remaining otherwise.


I am concerned about my kids Snapchat activities, what can I do?

1)      Talk to your child:

Don’t scold them, don’t yell at them. Just sit with them calmly and talk it out, let them open up to you and share their concerns. Once you have them comfortable share your concerns about the activity other kids have on Snapchat and let them know you have confidence in them and hope they are making right decisions.

2)      Try checking who they are communicating with

Check out their friends’ list from their phones and see if they are in touch with any strangers or people you don’t approve of.

3)      When all else fails, use a spy app

If you can’t get access to your child’s phone or communicate your concerns with them, resort to a parental control app that can enable you to view all the content sent and received, mSpy is one of the most popular apps in the market for this purpose.


How can I spy on my child’s Snapchat?

The best app in the market according to a quick review turned out to be mSpy, so I ended up buying the one month package for $70 a month, which honestly seemed pretty steep to me at first, but I gave it a shot anyway for the sake of my kids, and I have to say I was not disappointed.

I was not only able to spy on Snapchat, I also got complete control over similar apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, Skype, Line, Telegram, Hangouts, Instagram, iMessage and messenger. So it’s pretty much a whole package deal even if you have slight reservations about the price like I did.

”mSpy let’s you view content at any time, in the Control Panel”

 mSpy to secure your kids


Can this software be used to check Snaps without Jailbreaking an iPhone? 

Regrettably, Jailbreak is necessary to use mSpy software for viewing the Snaps sent and received on your target iPhone and iPad. But still you can monitor your child’s iPhone without jailbreak.

What about other devices? 

For Android, you’d need to root the target Android device.


How will I use this software to view the Snaps my child is sending and receiving?

  • You will first need to select the package suitable to your needs from There are several packages made to suit every spy need and every budget requirement.
  • Install the mSpy app on the target device.
  • All the content your child send and receives on Snapchat will now be stored on your mSpy account in on online user panel and can be accessed according to your own convenience and viewed as many times as needed.


I invested in mSpy today, to protect my kids for tomorrow!

I had my initial reservations about using mSpy similar to those that some of you may be having. However a month down after the subscription, I have found it to be worth investing in as I know that my kids are in safe hands. I have a complete record of the messages and videos sent, and complete logs of whoever my child Snaps with.

Now frightening Snapchat leak stories and harassment fears don’t bother me, I know my child is protected by me and mSpy!


How to Spy on iPhone without Physical Access to Phone?

iphone spy apps without access to phone

Every parent lately is concerned about their child’s online activities; however they are also facing a challenge when it comes to getting hold of their phone and installing spyware on it.

Many of us find ourselves wondering that if we have legit access to the kid’s phone, would there be a need to install spyware on it in the first place? I personally am a total noob at spyware technology, how do I manage to monitor my child’s phone without a lot of technological pot-pie stirring the life out of me? 


How to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking?

What is jailbreak?

A jailbreak is simply removing software restrictions from iPhone, imposed by the IOS operating system. Read more here

Does it harm my phone?

Well, yes. The truth is that no damage can come out of jailbreak. Your phone will not stop working and all the date needs to be removed is restored in the phone, technically it’s called getting ‘bricked’. Also, the warranty gets voided as Apple has made it illegal to Jailbreak your phone. Additionally, there are security concerns and jailbreak phones are reported to have bugs at times.


iPhone spy apps without access to phone

mSpy and Mobistealth are the two iPhone spy apps that are providing solutions to all your surveillance needs. These are not only the best iPhone spy apps, but they are also providing you spyware which allows you spy on the target phone WITHOUT having the phone.

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How does it work?

The only way to iPhone spy without access to the target phone is by a remote method. Confused about how this works? Basically, you download the app on your PC and enter your child’s apple ID and password on the iCLoud.

You can now spy on camera and text messages, and any other activity as it will be uploaded to your online account. In short everything that our child does on his phone will be available to you, remotely using their apple account info.


If I install these apps, what will I have access to?

mSpy is a one of the simplest and easy to use spy apps in the market, without jailbreak it enables you to access the following features on ALL IOS versions.  

  • SMS and Call History

You can get a log of all the messages sent and received, along with the calls made, time and duration. This feature enables you to get the log of whoever your child contacts and the content of the conversation.

  •  WhatsApp, Skype, KiK, Line and Viber Chats

These IM apps have taken the adolescent world by storm and are counted as the apps in which most inappropriate content is shared. Now you can ensure your child’s safety by monitoring their activities using a remote computer with mSpy or Mobistealth installed on it.

  •  Contacts

Get the details of your child’s contact list and ensure they are not interacting with strangers or disclosing personal information to internet predators.

  •  Pictures

Every single photo taken, sent and received will now be visible to you on your computer, to monitor at will.

  • Browser history

Keep your eyes on what your child is doing on the internet, at ALL times!

  • Events

Get access to your child’s upcoming and planned events. Know if they’re lying to you the next time they sneak out making lame excuses for a party!

  • Notes

Keep check of your child’s to-do lists with this added feature!

  • Wi-Fi networks

You can find out whichever wifi network your child connects to, and the time durations. No more lying about doing an assignment while secretly browsing Facebook, little ones!

  • Installed apps

All the apps installed on your child’s phones will be known to you, so the next time you’ve warned your child not to use kik or snapchat, you will now know if they do!

mSpy is one of the most popular spy apps in the market because of its easy user interface and definitely a great app for the no jailbreak solution as well.

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Using Mobistealth on devices running iOS 9 and above gives you access to the following features:

  • SMS and Call History

Get a complete log of text messages and calls made by your kid. 

  •  WhatsApp, Skype, KiK, Line and Viber Chats

The most notorious apps ion the market, now under your close monitoring on your child’s phone.

  • Contacts

Choose and control who your child interacts with by getting all their contact info.

  • Pictures

Get every single photo taken and received on your PC for monitoring.

  • Location Tracking

Now with you can get coordinates of your child’s location and know they are where they’ve told you they are at, and no more sneaking behind your back!


So even without Jailbreak, I am all set for my surveillance needs now!

iPhone spying without jailbreak and iPhone spying without access has never been more convenient than now with best iPhone spyware from mSpy and Mobistealth now available to suit all your surveillance needs and keep your kids’ activities in control!


Editor’s Pick: mSpy app

Try mSpy and monitor iPhone without jailbreaking

Price: $29.99

Bottom Lines…

Stop fussing, and start controlling now! All you need to do is buy the apps and install them on your PC, get started now to save your head from fretting over tomorrow!

How to Catch your Boyfriend Cheating on His iPhone?

my partner is having an affair with other woman

Suspect your lover is having an affair or hiding assets? 

Is your boyfriend distant from you lately? Has he been avoiding you? Is your boyfriend out late at night and always on his phone? Then maybe it’s time to face the harsh reality that he’s cheating on you.

We always invest so much in a relationship in all ways possible and sometimes it just slips away. It’s always difficult to even suspect something as filthy as cheating.

However, it is a natural trait in all individuals which is why everyone needs to take steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Why boyfriends cheat?

There are no specific reasons as to why someone cheats. However, it sometimes despite all your efforts it’s just not enough for him. Compatibility is the key to everything and sometimes that what missing which is why relationships do not last know.

Boys do not have specific reasons to cheat it can either a part of their personality or because they just don’t find the relationship worthwhile which is why it is important to know you can either use a private investigator or an app that lets you see through his iPhone.

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Signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you

Difference in body language

Is he different around you? Do you see him being nervous and on the edge all the time? Does he sweat, fidget and always jumps up when you talk to him? Then it is time to see what the problem is and see what’s up.

Not too accommodating in terms of questions

Usually by even asking about his day you see him getting mad and then feeling agitated by just small questions. You ask him where he was and he quickly gets into a quick argument which is entirely irrelevant to the conversation you had.

In order to see if he is indeed up to something, (he shouldn’t be) you need to make sure that you’re insistent in terms of your questions and in casual conversation you find out what he’s been up to. The questions that you ask if they confuse him then it’s time to wonder that has he been honest with you throughout?

You need to see if he does pause or does he keep the conversation flowing however if it makes him think before answering more than the usual, then one must really think what is he really up to?

Ask him questions again

Catch A Cheating Spouse

In order to see how valid his story is you need to keep on asking him questions after some time has passed. See if he actually sticks to his original script or the story is a different one every time and if this seems to be the case, then surely he isn’t everything he says he is.

Eye contact

If your boyfriend avoids making eye contact with you and looks away every time you try to have a conversation with him, then indeed he is hiding something fishy from you and it’s time to bring your guns out blazing.

Signs of stress

It’s human psychology that when an individual is in stress and lying, they then tend to come to the fight or flight mode. If his breathing increases, he flushes and he shows all these signs of nervousness then it’s pretty evident that something is doubtful. He may having an affair with someone else and you may not aware of it.

Consistently trying to sell his stories to you

Is your boyfriend emphasizing that he is not lying to you? Does he keep using the words honesty and trust whenever you guys talk? If this seems to be the case then you need to realize that there is more to what he says and his asking for trust does simply imply he has done something that he is sorry for.

Disappearing for hours at a time

Does he go to the grocery store and takes more than the usual time to come back? Does he keep on disappearing on you and then comes up with answers which do not make any sense and there are stories always? If he is disappearing and it’s all unaccounted for then you need to step out of the dark and face the harsh reality.

Are you prepared for the truth?

Sometimes we do know the answer to difficult questions. We’re just not brave enough to face them and this could be exactly what you’re going through. At times, all the cheating signs are there. However, one does not want to face the harsh reality so in order to truly know that he is cheating one must make sure that they want to know the actual truth.

What should you do if he cheating?

ways to catch cheating lover

Confrontation is the last thing one can do when they suspect that their significant other is cheating on them because of the lack of evidence. One cannot just go out there and put everything on the table because that could have a negative impact on the relationship if there’s no cheating involved which is why it is essential for the other person to be sure.

Hiring a private investigator or using an app which lets you know about your boyfriend’s whereabouts is extremely important and that is exactly what must be done.

Ways to expose his cheating

1. Use GPS tracker

Now that you’re well aware of what he’s been up to due to his unusual behavior then either you could talk to a friend, hire an investigator or ask a relationship expert to use a spy software. A GPS tracker on his car will be good to know where he goes and you can also try following him in order to see that does he really tell you the truth or not.

2. Hire a private investigator

This an old conventional method to catch cheating lovers and drawbacks are cost which involves high expenses and time-delays. There are less expensive and innovative methods to track surveillance.

3. Invisible SPYERA app – know the truth  in 5 minutes

spyera iphone

In order to know what your boyfriend is up to through his facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp or any other app that he uses one can use the Spyera to catch your boyfriend cheating. If you’re confused what you should do if your boyfriend is cheating on you then put iPhone spyware on your boyfriend’s phone without him being aware of it.

Now you can know about everything your boyfriend through cheating boyfriend app and know where your boyfriend has been at all times. In order to get rid of all the possible bad cheating vibes, one has then this is the best solution.


Whether it is emotional infidelity or physical it is important that every individual stands up and makes sure that she will not be wronged with. It is important to know what your boyfriend is up to and if he is secretive and lying then its times to know that the relationship is not worth it anymore and one should step away as fast as they can.

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