mSpy for iPhone and iPad without Jailbreaking

mSpy software without jaillbreak for iPhone iPad

mSpy brings you innovative software that has taken the parental monitoring softwares market by a storm. They have introduced the latest software for non jail broken iOS devices.

Parents can now supervise kids’ mobile and tablet activities without making them feel insecure. This new software can be easily downloaded on your kids’ iOS based electronic devices without compromising system’s integrity.

What is the software offering?

The newly launched application has features that allow you to keep track of your little ones.

It enables you to keep track of who they are calling and how frequently. The software compiles the entire data of calls made, received and/or missed along with the date, time and call durations.

This is further corroborated with the feature to monitor their text messages. With intense competition amongst the multiple carriers in the market, text messaging comes almost free of cost allowing easy communication without burning a hole in one’s pocket. This latest software allows you to when and to whom text messages have been sent; even when they have been deleted from your child device.

Not only this, you can also know what websites they are visiting and the kind of content they are exposed to. If your children’s attitude is of major concern, you can also sift through saved memos and events to know about their whereabouts.

How does it work?

All you need is a valid Apple ID of the subject phone to get started. The software gives you online access to your phone. Once it has been downloaded and installed, you will be prompted to set an account using the Wizard Setup. You will be given access to your personal domain that features comprehensive control panel enabling you to view your kids activity. The personal domain can be logged into from any system available anywhere in the world.

The solution is as simple as possible – customer just inputs the required Apple ID and Password into the online panel – and that’s it!


The comprehensive 24/7 customer service is available in case you have any queries. The professional staff is helpful and gives prompt responses.

Available for as low as $39.99, mSpy software is a must have for parents. If you feel your child of dishonesty, carelessness and misbehavior, confront them and rectify their behavior before it gets too late.

How to get it?

Simply visit their website here and select your preferred package. Do ensure that you provide a valid email address upon confirmation of your order. After a successfully completed order, your personal account will be generated automatically.

As soon as the payment is approved, you will receive a welcome email. The email will contain the link to your personal web Control Panel (data storage) and Login credentials. Simply follow the link and login to your account. When prompted to login, simply use you already registered Apple ID and password.

On login you will see the installation Wizard which will guide you through the installation process.


Usually, a physical access of 5-10 minutes is required for the installation. However, if your phone has the cloud sync service enabled, than no physical access is required. As soon as the installation is completed, you will not need to access the device physically anymore, and all the data monitored will be available through your personal online account immediately. That can be easily accessed remotely from any other electronic device with an internet connection.

So what are you waiting for! Put a break on all the thoughts running wild and prioritize your child’s safety.

Visit mSpy Website here>>

Phonesheriff App – Keeping your Kids Safe Online




Concerned about what your children do on their mobile phones? Worried that they might be making the wrong choices and misusing their electronic devices?

Well, you need not be worried any more, because I recently discovered the PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, which enables you to know exactly what your kids are doing on their phones, and I’m going to review it for you, so that you can also take advantage from it.

What is Phonesheriff Investigator?

Phone Sheriff Investigator is a software program designed specifically for Apple products, like iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and is the best way for parents to monitor where their kids are, view their text messages, call logs, see what websites they go through, and know whether there is any inappropriate content on their phones.

Note, however, that this app is NOT for any other devices, such as Android and Blackberry, and will only run on iOS.

What made me think that this app is better than others?


Its user friendly interface makes it easier for everyone to use it; you need to have no advanced knowledge about electronics and/or the internet usage.


How It Works?

Phone Sheriff Investigator runs while collecting information for you. Personally speaking, the best thing that I think that this app provides is that parents don’t need to jailbreak your child’s iPhone!

You can simply install it on your laptop or PC, and log in with your Apple ID.

All the features that it promises you work great, and you can buy it without having the hesitation that the app won’t work well with every Apple product or anything like that.


How it’s beneficial for parents?

  • Text Messages – view text messages
  • iMessage – view iMessage chat conversation
  • Call Logs – View call logs
  • GPS Locations – See where your kids have been all the day viewing their locations
  • Contacts Blocking –  Block unwanted numbers
  • Photos and Videos – View photos they’ve stored
  • Safari Bookmarks – All the webpages bookmarked on Safari
  • Account Details – List of all account details
  • Notes – All notes saved by your kids on their devices

The app accesses all the pictures, videos, call logs, texts, and other information on the device that is tracked. It makes copies of it all, and sends them to the subscriber’s smartphone, who can view it all through the subscriber’s control panel.

Hence, you are constantly updated about your kids’ activities on their electronic gadgets.

Without the Phonesheriff

If you don’t have the app installed, you will face a lot of issues with your children, some of them being:

  • Not knowing your kids’ friends
  • Being unaware if there is sexually explicit content on your child’s phone
  • Your child may spend too much time on his phone and this may end up affecting performance in school


This software will cost you $79 which is a lifetime license – best value and you can monitor as many devices as you want with a single license.

Getting Help and Customer Support

For your guidance, the Phone Sheriff app provides a well built Support system. Going through its Support Panel, I found the following components to it:

  • User’s guide about the product
  • Set of instructions on how to download and use the app for best results
  • To make things even simpler, it also gives the user an option to chat online with a support technician

How to Get Phonesheriff Investigator?

Nobody needs more reasons than the ones mentioned above to get their hands on the Phone Sheriff app. Before buying it, they offer you a 7-days free trial, for which you don’t need to provide your credit card information.

See Also

SecureTeen – An Effective Parenting Advice and Tool

Do you Know What your Children are Doing on the Internet?


apps to monitor kids internet use


Excessive use of anything is termed as addiction and it won’t be wrong to say that children today are addicted to internet. With the availability of smartphones, kids are hooked to the cyber world 24/7.

This has opened unauthorized territories to the young impressionable minds. They are exposed to explicit sexual content, strangers who are ready to pounce on any young ones either for money or for fulfillment of any other pleasure and identity theft.

It’s a reality that children today are overly obsessed with internet.

But do parents know what their children are up to? If they don’t than it’s important for them to wake up and keep an eye on their kids’ activities.


Dangers of the cyber world!

Addiction is continued use of anything despite having the urge to put an end to it. Similarly, for many children internet usage is their lifeline. Not getting to use internet leads to frustration, depression and impatience. Excessive use of internet results in weak family bond, poor grades and sleepless nights.

Access to Sexually Explicit Material

Secondly, cyber world knows no age limitations. Many websites do have age restrictions but they are very easy to bypass. Hence, sexually explicit material is readily available online. This leads to unbounded curiosity and restlessness among the young ones. .

They find ways to explore this arena which may lead to befriending strangers.


Disclosure of Confidential Information

There are many unethical individuals lurking around seeking personal information to commit cyber crime. Children end up dispensing more than required information online which puts their parents at high risk of identity theft.

Similarly, these unethical individuals are great at luring young minds into committing dangerous activities like credit card scams or stalking. Seemingly, they will not pose any threat and will come across well wishers but alas! What do kids know?



Here the question arises of how to do so? Sitting with them whenever they are online is mission impossible. No longer is internet usage limited to a single desktop setup in the lounge area, Laptops, tablets and smartphones have made it accessible anywhere anytime.


How to Monitor their Internet Use?

It is imperative that children do not ever find out that their parents know what they are doing online. Parents need to be one step ahead of their children and should know a wee bit more than kids. If parental controls are to be set, they should be such that children don’t know how to bypass them or else it’s all utterly useless.

Telling children directly is also not the solution as this will raise serious trust and privacy issues. As it is children are losing out on strong family bonds because of spending excessive time on internet.

So parents need to tread on this sensitive issue very carefully without breaking the weakening communication link.


Restricting kids’ Internet Use

The best solution is to turn to technology! With innovative and dynamic monitoring applications available, it is very easy to circumvent all the stated problems and yet keep an eye on children.


mSpy (Effective Parental Monitoring)

mspy for parents

This is a parental control and internet filtering software. This allows you to monitor internet usage through smartphones. It is very easy to install and use. Parents just need physical access to the mobile device just once for the installation.

This powerful software allows you to filter, block and monitor your child’s internet activities. You can simply put a time limit on the device when it cannot be used.

Secondly, specific websites and applications can be blocked without your children knowing about it. They will never even suspect you for such actions.

This application is user friendly and efficient. It offers innumerable benefits at a fraction of a cost. Yes there are no free lunches hence this is a paid application but all’s worth it. The complete application offers a toll freebased support number. It keeps your identity safe and poses no risk of fraudulent activities.

mSpy costs $39 with 24/7 support for parents. You can Visit mSpy Website here>>


Conclusion …

So stop fretting over losing control and take the reins in your hands! Parents need to get their act together and educate themselves about the multiple options available.

All this allow you to trim off the loose ends and build a healthy relationship with your children.

Apps that Let you See What your Kids are Doing on their iPhone iPad


apps to monitor kids activities on iphone


The perilous stories of social media accidents haunt every parent, making it essential to keep an eye on your child’s cellphone usage. On internet, our children are not safe unless we take active measures to ensure their safety.

The best way to do that is by monitoring their cellphone activity via a powerful phone monitoring app so that you know who they’re mingling with, what they’re discussing most and where they are.


Here are reviews of the best apps you can find.

1. SecureTeen

Filter and monitor your child’s email, Internet history, phone contacts and calendars, track their GPS location in real time and block the inappropriate content to ensure you are notified when they diverge from safety.

Lock or wipe their phone if you’re not happy about their whereabouts.

For $39.99/year, SecureTeen offers the widest range of features possible, an excellent customer support and a simple, fluid interface, making it one of the best apps to monitor your child’s phone activities.


Visit SecureTeen Website here>>


2. mSpy

One of the leading mobile monitoring apps in the current market. All the basic monitoring functions of logging calls and texts, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and Facebook conversations as well as browsing history are available.

Block contacts and apps you don’t approve of. If you worry about their safety, simply track them via GPS.

The distinguishing Keylogger feature makes it an ideal choice for parents concerned about who their children are befriending and what they’re sharing with them.

Available for approx $39.99, and mSpy can only run on a jail-broken iPhone. However, the single month subscription option and excellent 24/7 customer support can certainly make up for the shortfalls.


Visit mSpy Website>>



Pick one of these apps according to your needs, ensure your children’s safety over the web, monitor their exposure to inappropriate content and protect your family.

Install the apps, sit back and keep tabs via your phone or tablet – what are you waiting for?


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