The Facebook rendezvous – How to catch your spouse cheating on Facebook?

spy on cheating spouse facebook

Hmm, who’s this Brad who is flooding your wife’s Facebook timeline with random posts and buzz feed links? Perhaps he is a colleague from work or her badminton club? But how come your wife never mentioned him if he’s such good friends with her?

Unless…they are something more than friends? If you think your spouse may be turning away from you via Facebook towards a certain someone, you most probably are looking for the perfect solution to catch him/her in the act. Well hello then! Because we are here to help you out with just THAT!

In this post we will describe to you how you can use Mobile-Spy and SniperSpy, two top-notch Facebook monitoring software to track everything your wayward spouse does on his/her Facebook, all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet or PC! And guess what?

Your spouse won’t even know what hit them because these innovative spywares work completely undetected on your spouse’s device!

Mobile-Spy: The Smartphone/Tablet Guru

If your spouse is spending way too much time using Facebook for communication from their smartphone or tablet, Mobile-Spy is your best bet to monitor their Facebook activity and catch them cheating.

The Working

  1. Register online on the Mobile-Spy official website
  2. On your target phone, install mobile-spy and launch the program. Once installed on the target smartphone or tablet, Mobile-spy will begin to collect data about everything your spouse does on Facebook, including their Facebook chats and they will available on your online control panel.
  3. Log on to your online control panel after at least an hour and start monitoring logs of your spouse’s Facebook activity!

You can log in to your online control panel from your personal smartphone or tablet and view the logged data. Or if you wish, you can do so from your laptop. Visit Mobile-Spy Website

Compatibility: All Smartphones and Tablets

Sniperspy your Spouse’s Computer: Target Locked

Your spouse is perhaps more fond of computers than smartphones or tablets. If that’s what suits them to carry out their Facebook rendezvous, no worries! Sniperspy will do the job of tracking all of their Facebook activity including chats and making it available on your online account. You can see:

  • Personal chats
  • Which pages they visited
  • Keystrokes they made can be logged
  • You can even take screenshots of their time on Facebook!

How it works

  1. Buy the package of your choice from the official Sniperspy website
  2. Register your account online
  3. Login to your account and add the license registration code sent to you by Sniperspy
  4. Download the software and install it on your target computer either locally or remotely! How much easier can it get?
  5. For remote installation, simply send the installation file to your spouse as an email attachment with a different name. As soon as they would open the file, it will begin installing on their computer without a trace!

These intelligent Facebook spy softwares provide the easiest way to monitor what your spouse is doing on Facebook. They come at reasonable prices with loads of customer support and a bunch of other monitoring features which might come in quite handy. The performance is excellent and the results unparalleled so wait no more, get tracking with these treasures and find out the truth!

Visit SniperSpy Website

Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

Apps that let you see what your kids are doing on their iphone

apps to monitor kids activities on iphone

The perilous stories of social media accidents haunt every parent, making it essential to keep an eye on your child’s cellphone usage. Cybercrime is rampant and our children are not safe unless we take active measures to ensure their safety.

The best way to do that is by monitoring their cellphone activity via a powerful phone monitoring app so that you know who they’re mingling with, what they’re discussing most and where they are.

Here are some reviews of the best apps you can find.


1. PhoneSheriff

A very appropriately named app! Your ‘wild child’ is teen giving you trouble but PhoneSheriff will help you tame them with its time management features. If children are not giving due attention to family or studies, then using this app you can to lock the device during study, sleep and class times so that your kids can’t stray.

Set custom time restrictions to block any apps on your child’s phone that you fell they’re excessively attached to. Offered at approx. $89 per year, PhoneSheriff lacks a few features like keystroke and email logging, but offers all the basics, such as monitoring calls, text messages, GPS location, multimedia and contacts.

It also offers remote security access like locking or wiping your child’s phone if you suspect they could get into trouble otherwise. Though customer support is not available 24/7, the technical help and support is qualitative. Visit Phonesheriff Website


2. Stealthgenie

The name says it all! 100% stealthily it offers surveillance of texts, iMessage, call logs, multimedia, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Gtalk and even BBM conversations. Filter and monitor your child’s email, browser bookmarks, phone contacts and calendars, track their GPS location and with Geofencing, mark safe and restricted zones on an online map to ensure you are notifies when they diverge from safety.

You can even listen to or record their surroundings when you’re worried about where they might be and remotely lock or wipe their phone if you’re not happy about their whereabouts. For $7.99 per month, StealthGenie offers the widest range of features possible, an excellent customer support and a simple, fluid interface, making it one of the best apps to monitor your child’s phone activity. Visit StealthGenie Website


3. Mobile Spy

This is an excellent app for monitoring basic key activities like calls, texts, email and browser history logs. GPS tracking, remote access to contacts and multimedia files is also available. Not only does it offer remotely listening to and recording your kids’ surroundings but it also gets the camera to take snapshots of your child’s surroundings without them knowing and uploads them to your online dashboard so that you may know where exactly your child is, doing what.

Feature for blocking apps YouTube, Facebook and messengers or even Internet access make it very useful for kids all ages. Available for approx. $49.97, Mobile Spy is so simple it hardly needs technical support, making it a great asset for all concerned parents. Visit Mobile-Spy Website


4. mSpy

One of the leading mobile monitoring apps in the current market and it’s up to par with StealthGenie. All the basic monitoring functions of logging calls and texts, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and Facebook conversations as well as browsing history are available. Block contacts and apps you don’t approve of. If you worry about their safety, simply track them via GPS.

The most distinguishing of all is the Call Recording feature available for Androids, and the Keylogger making it an ideal choice for parents who are concerned about who their children are befriending and what they’re sharing with them.

Available for approx $39.99, the downside of mSpy is that it offers slightly less features that StealthGenie does for the same price and mSpy can only run on a jail-broken iPhone or rooted Android phone. However, the single month subscription option, stealth and excellent 24/7 customer support can certainly make up for the shortfalls. Visit mSpy Website


Pick one of these apps according to your needs, ensure your children’s safety over the telecom web, monitor their exposure to inappropriate content and protect your family. Install the apps, sit back and keep tabs via your phone or tablet – what are you waiting for?

How can i spy on my boyfriend’s iphone?

catch your cheating boyfriend

“You didn’t take my calls throughout the day – again. Am I supposed to be utterly contented with a clipped text from you saying ‘busy’? What is wrong, David? We hardly spend time together any more, you always find an excuse to stay clear of me; you barely talk to me and it’s driving a wedge between us.”

“Look, Nina, nothing is wrong, okay? Please stop asking me this stuff, everything’s the same, I’m not hiding anything”, he says while keeping his eyes rooted to the floor.

Enough with the lame excuses and shadowy behaviour. The divide is getting deeper and communication isn’t helping. It’s time to act quickly and find out what he’s doing on his cell phone away from your sight. So you need a way to remotely spy on his phone and find out why he’s acting so strange.

Question: Don’t know how to go about it?

Expert Answer: You require the services of a top grade cell phone spy software and here in this case cheating boyfriend spy app to remotely monitor his cell phone which acts as an online detective into your boyfriend’s pocket!

What you should look for?

The service should be optimum and the vending company should be well-known and reliable. The software should support the phone model you wish to track and its Operating System. The company should also offer various customer support options for any technical help you might need. And then of course, the user interface matters a lot because who wants a complex user panel when the whole point is to make your life easier by using that spyware?

The Best Solution!

Ideally, this would be a completely undetectable app that covers all the important features that meet most of the customers’ spying needs in a humbly priced Basic plan.

Who Fits the Shoe?

Top of the market and priding in the claim of the World’s number 1 choice, StealthGenie fits all of the parameters mentioned above. Offering all the desired features with their Basic plan at only $7.99 (a month), a wide range of supported devices and OS and many many support options, it’s loot!


  • The greatest and most useful of all, StealthGenie offers Call Recording (currently available for Android only) allowing you to tap into your boyfriend’s calls. Check his call logs and contacts as well for any suspicious sounding names.
  • Track his location, record his surroundings and have access to his calendars, apps and multimedia – hmm, is that Stephanie from his office? Is it you or do the actually seem way too cozy?
  • Check his texts, IM, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype conversations; his social media activity on Facebook and his emails are at your disposal too so you miss absolutely nothing – not even the deleted logs, as along with all the other data, you will find them all uploaded to your online control panel, ready to use according to your convenience.

Customer Support

Contact numbers, step-by-step buying and installation guides and 24/7 LIVE chat with the Sales team is available on the website along with a 10 days money back guarantee. The user interface is fluid and simple, do check out the Demo on the website for yourself!

Using Stealthgenie, know what he’s up to all the time – actually a rendezvous or just work stress? Line up your evidence for the former and then confront him – he won’t have a way out, while you will.

Try Undetectable iPhone Spy App and Secretly Spy on His iPhone

Completely Undetectable App That Let’s you Monitor your Wife and Kids on their iPhones

Secretly Monitor what your wife and kids are doing on their iPhones

Worried lately about your family’s privacy over the internet? Wondering what keeps your wife so busy on her iPhone? Concerned that your children might be befriending the wrong kind of people online or giving away sensitive information via texts and Facebook?

The solution is simple: Track your wife’s iPhone, access her emails; monitor your kids’ online activity and texts. See what your family is doing on their cell phones and put an end to your headache.

Undetectable and Invisible App: The Answer

So how can you go about the business of tracking? Subscribe to mSpy – one of the best iPhone spy apps out there that offers you security, support and great services at a reasonable price. Subscribe to their amazing plan at $39 only and see the benefits for yourself, then get a long term plan and wave goodbye to the stress!

The spyware app will be completely undetectable on your family’s iPhones and won’t interfere with any of the processes unless you try to remotely control the target phone. Simply install the 100% stealthy iPhone spy software on the iPhone you wish to track and keep checking your online control panel for updates. Easy peasy!

Some Amazing Features:

mSpy iPhone Spy Features

Monitor Calls, Logs and Internet Data

View call logs along with contacts, time duration and date, even after log has been deleted from target phone. Remotely restrict any numbers that you find suspicious. Also view their browsed websites and bookmarks and block inappropriate content, especially where kids are concerned.

Spy on Text Messages, IMs and Emails

Along with the usual incoming and outgoing texts, read Viber, Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook conversations as well with your Premium plan. Even deleted conversations will be available on your online control panel. See who your wife and kids are texting and what the kids discuss with their Facebook friends.

GPS Location Tracking

Know if the kids are skipping school or your wife is detouring to see any ‘special’ friends.

Bug their iPhone

Have access to all the multimedia, contact and calendars and installed apps – see what kind of photos your kids are keeping on their phones. Added or deleted contacts are instantly uploaded to your dashboard so you’re aware of who your family interacts with. Listen to their surroundings and record them remotely to know if your kids are actually at the football match or partying it up in an alley!

Remote Security Access

The Keylogger notifies you if your family is communicating and suspicious or inappropriate words that you have predefined in your control panel. Receive alerts for SIM change and start, pause or block apps. Remotely lock, backup or wipe the device from your online control panel if you suspect trouble otherwise.

Customer Support

Access to installed applications, software updates, SIM change notifications and unlimited device change facilities are offered with the Basic plan, making life easy while keeping you in the loop. 24/7 customer support via live chat with the Sales team is available on the official website and mSpy also provides detailed analyses of the target phone’s activity – which can be a very useful option for all the busy bees and non tech savvy parents out there.

Supported iPhone and Firmware Versions:

It supports the latest firmware version iOS 7 and all of the iPhone models including the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.


Click Here to Download the Secret App

Vendor: mSpy


How to Secretly Track a Cheating Spouse iPhone?

Track your cheating spouse iphone

Should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of coming home to your distant spouse who has been acting so estranged because of a possible affair elsewhere, do something other than moping around. No, it’s not an argument full of accusations without a validated source or reason, instead it’s the ability to be smart, stealthy and track their iPhone with the Stealthgenie cheating spouse app.

The Big Bowl of Features:

GPS Tracking – Know their location in real time. Monitor the accurate location of your spouse iPhone by sending a stealth SMS, down to the very street at any time and find it highlighted on an easy-to-view map

Map the Steps they Take – Your spouse locations will be monitored and saved at various times of the day and you will access to the saved location history of the tracked iPhone so that even when you can’t view the GPS location at a certain time, you can later access the entire route taken and connect the dots

Live Tracking – This feature allows you to track the entire route your spouse is taking, all in real time. You can follow them as they drive through town from the comfort of your sofa

No More Suspicious Stops – Why does your spouse face that great a number of traffic jams these days? They seem to be visiting the fish market too often?

Using the Geo-Fencing feature of the Stealthgenie tracking app, simply mark certain zones that you deem suspicious as ‘restricted’. Areas around their work or home and any others that you deem as unquestionable can be marked as safe on the maps. When your spouse leaves the safe areas and/or every time your spouse sets foot in restricted ones, you shall receive alerts via text message and Email

Capture the Surroundings – You can remotely activate this setting and listen to your spouse’s surroundings LIVE. What’s even better? You can record these songs of the surroundings and use them as proof when making a point during a confrontation

Calls and Texts a Glimpse Away – Stealthgenie monitoring software offers the facilities of spying on calls live and recording them as well. You can also access your spouse’s texts, emails, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Gtalk and Facebook conversations along with the multimedia on their iPhone. Even after the call logs and conversations have been deleted, you can find them saved to your online easy to use control panel because the software is just that smart and efficient!

How Does Stealthgenie Work?

spouse spy app

Simply purchase the plan that suits your needs best by visiting the website and installing the spy software on your spouse’s iPhone. It’s a perfectly hidden spyware application so it functions without your spouse knowing of its existence hence it’s safe to use.

All the data that you have signed up for through your specific plan will be saved to your online user panel on the Stealthgenie web server and you can access it as per your convenience. Upon confrontation, your spouse will never know what hit them – amusing, isn’t it?

Supported iPhone: All iPhone models including the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Get iPhone Spy Software & Secretly Track Cheating Spouse iPhone

Price: $8/month

Vendor: Stealthgenie


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