Financial Infidelity: 10 Signs that Show Your Relationship Is Destroying


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When it comes to relationships, dishonesty in financial matters can be as damaging as emotional and physical disloyalty – perhaps even more. 

It may sound to be insignificant but this fiscal form of breach in trust can have far deeper impacts, leaving your partner feeling robbed out and being kept in the dark.

Covert monetary dealings, hidden finances, clandestine outflow of cash, outrageous spending etc., can prove to be the weak link in a relationship if kept all hushed up.


Something’s Not Right – The Tell-tale Signs

Keeping one’s financial dealings hidden is proving to be easier with evolving technology. Every transaction, however, leaves footprints that can be easily traced if one really knows where to look. Then there are other blatant signs that your spouse is not being completely honest about his assets. Read on!

  • Increased Withdrawal Rate

The sudden increase in the frequency and amount of cash withdrawals should ring the warning bells for you. It might be innocent for corporate reasons. It might not be for covert reasons. Multiple withdrawals with short time intervals in between, especially when transactions are made from various ATM locations should be looked out for.

  • Sudden Password Changes

Wondering what made your spouse suddenly change his online banking account password? Not receiving your bank statements on your provided billing address any more? Keep your eyes wide open for there may be more to it than meets the eye.

  • Outrageous Cell Phone Bill

Actually this is the first place to look if you suspect he’s up to something behind your back. The cell phone bill will suddenly increase if he’s carrying out an affair. A lone number that seems to stand out in the bill, which has been contacted more than just a few times, might be the one you’re looking for.

  • The “Corporate” Excuse

Work related spending is the first line of excuse your spouse is bound to come up with when confronted with the explanation for lavish spending. Squandering money on lunches, hotels, gadgets, rentals are often disguised under a pretext of workplace expenditure. “I’ll get compensated for it” will be the line you’ll often hear. Dig deeper and find out for yourself if reimbursements are actually made.

  • The Disparity In Input And Output

The long working hours might be just a cover for something more dubious. He works late into the night but is not remunerated enough for his all the extra work. Make a few calls and you might learn where he spends all the extra time. The extra working hours are adequately compensated for by all the companies for all salaried and hourly workers. If he’s getting paid for the extra hours and you do not get to see the money, he might be spending it where he shouldn’t be.

  • Your Financial Mail Is Landing Elsewhere

Your credit card and bank statements might be making their way to another mailing address if you do not find them at your doorstep any more. If your spouse prefers to receive the mail from bank at his office now, there might be a more sinister explanation for it. Keeping his financial dealings concealed is the commonest of all reasons for such behavior.

  • Exaggerated Gas Bills

This is the perfect indicator that he’s spending more time on the roads than in his office. The electronic toll billing system is the perfect way to find out the location of your spouse and if it’s nowhere near his office during the timings he claims to spend in his office, a confrontation is what you need.

  • Mail From Bank Accounts That Do Not Exist

They do, in fact, exist. You might not, however, know about their existence. Spouses who are likely to cheat try to cover it up by making the “other” dealings through a hidden account. Or he might try to funnel the money through another hidden credit card, you know nothing about.

  • Nothing Is “Joint” Any more

If joint accounts and blatantly open spending is a thing of the past, it’s time to get your “detective mode” activated.

  • He Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

When encountered with the questions about his assets, he becomes moody all of a sudden. He doesn’t want to talk about his bank statements and credit card loans any more. This is a warning sign in itself that he’s up to his knees in something fishy.


The Stats Say It All

The National Endowment for Financial Education recently held a survey about co-finances. The revelations that came to light were quite astonishing, with one third of the surveyed 2,035 Americans admitting to having cheated at some point.

More than 76% of them confessed that their financial infidelity damaged their relationships in one way or the other.


Financial Infidelity Proof

Instead of openly confronting him about your suspicions at once, do some homework.

This is where some monitoring tools like mSpy or Spyera steps in for you.

Specially designed for the purpose of knowing the truth on one’s gadgets, mobile phones, text messages, emails, calendars, internet activities, call logs, contact lists etc.

You can monitor all text messages and their recipients, the GPS location, can listen to and record their surroundings, access multimedia files, sent and received emails, and much more with them to keep track of financial dealings in your relationship.


To Wrap It All Up…

Financial infidelity might be a bit hard to catch onto, but with a strong and reliable spyware app, you can take control of all your money matters in your own hand.


A Simple Step by Step Guide to Install Spyware on an iPhone

installing spyware on iPhone remotely

If you have decided to buy an iPhone spy software but worried that you’re not tech-savvy enough to understand all those complex installation procedures, you have landed on the right page.

In this post we’ll very simply walk you through the steps of installing spyware on an iPhone and we can guarantee that not only will you be done with it in minutes; you’ll feel like a pro at the end of it!

So let’s get started!


Step by Step Guide to Installation

1. Choose the spyware that you need

You have probably already done this before coming here but if not then choose the best iPhone spyware for your particular needs. If you are looking to monitor your kids or any family member, this post will help you throughout process of installation.

2. Compatibility 

  • Check and be sure of the make and model of your target iPhone. The apps like mSpy and Spyera keep updating their support for each iPhone and work fine on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

3. Jailbreak the device

4. Choose the desired plan

  • Considering the relevant phone model, choose the desired package plan of your chosen spyware and purchase it.

5. Read the installation instructions

  • You will receive the respective installation instructions with activation code in your email (they differ slightly between various sof
  • tware hence we’re not generalizing them here). Carefully read through them and make sure you understand every bit.
  • If you don’t you can leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you OR get customer support from your respective spy software website.

6. Get Hold of the iPhone

  • Get hold of the target iPhone. Now this can be a bit tricky if you suspect your better-half of cheating and want to install the spyware to monitor their phone. So you can either gift them a new iPhone with the software installed OR ask them for their phone to make a quick call so that they unlock it for you.

7. Put Spyware on the iPhone

  • Yoo-hoo! You got the phone! Now simply install the software on it by following the instructions you received in your mail (number 5 above).

8. Restart the device

  • Restart the phone. If your significant other wonders why you did that then just go “Oops! I don’t know what happened; it just shut down in the middle of the call! Does it have battery issues?” *evil grin*.

9. Wait for few minutes

  • Wait 20-30 minutes for the spyware to retrieve all the data from the phone and upload it to your online control panel.

10. You are done!

  • Tadaa! That’s it! Congratulations, you’re now successfully installed a spyware on iPhone! Log on to your control panel and start monitoring away using your computer or smart phone.

    iphone spy app remote install

    successful install

Can Spyware be Installed Remotely on iPhone?

You can remotely install spyware on iPhone but in that case you need iCloud credentials of target iOS device for remote monitoring.

If iCloud backup is not activated on the phone, you may need to physically access the device. Nothing is installed on the target phone and you do all process on you computer with an internet connection.

For remote installation, you do not need to jailbreak the target device and can spy on phone without physical access to it.

In this case (we discussed in simple steps), you need to hold the target device for few minutes to complete the installation process.


What’s the online control panel, you ask?

mspy online control panel

The online control panel is an amazing facility that comes with your purchased spyware.

After installing the spy software on an iPhone, all the calls, texts, photos, IM conversations like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and emails on the target iPhone will be available on your online control panel, neatly categorized.

All you have to do is log in with your password (you’ll receive it along with the installation instructions in your mail) and start exploring the hidden treasures of your target iPhone.


Features of the Control Panel

Along with the phone data mentioned above, you will find maps in your online control panel. Using them you can track the target iPhone’s GPS location in real time and also the specific route they took on a particular outing.

There’s another cool feature called Geo-fencing that you can employ. It allows you to mark “safe” and “restricted” areas on the map in the control panel. Every time your target iPhone leaves the safe areas or enters restricted ones; you’ll receive alerts via text/mail or both.



We’ve tried our best to make the installation process easier for you and hope that it’s now clear as day. If you have still got queries, either give us feedback through comments and we’ll surely help you out or you can visit the website of your chosen spyware and get online technical support from them.

Happy monitoring!


iPhone 6 Spy App – Remotely Monitor Every Activity on iPhone 6


how to spy on iphone 6

You want to see what someone is doing on their iPhone and in this case iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone spy app has made it possible for you. Now you can view what your children are up to on their iOS devices using your smartphone either it’s Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows phone with a stable internet connection.


Read on to know how can you monitor iPhone 6 remotely using an iPhone spy app.

You see iPhone spy apps for iPhone 6 are offered by many surveillance softwares providers and each one claimed to be the best amongst all. Here, I am going to review the most reliable spy app for iPhone 6 and the name of this app is mSpy.

I have tested this monitoring app on my iPhone for several weeks and it worked well on my iPhone 6 without any hassle.


Following are the reasons to choose mSpy;

-100,000 satisfied customers and

-24/7 live chat support

-10 days money back guarantee

-25 most advanced features

-Secured servers with 99.99% up time

-Remotely monitor iPhone without jailbreaking


How to put iPhone Spy App on iPhone 6?

Purchase the package of your choice and grab the phone for few minutes after reading the simple instructions in the email you provided during checkout. It costs you $8.33/month with all advanced monitoring features.

Download the app on your target device and follow the instructions. Once you have finished the installation process, you need to login into your control panel by using login credentials you received into your email.

It’s a web based platform allowing you to monitor and control the iPhone 6 remotely without their knowledge.


What you will Monitor on iPhone?

You will monitor a lot more and start loving this software. I am going to highlight the key features. For full list of features, you can check their website.


Key Features

Read SMS and Emails

No activity on iPhone 6 will be hidden from you. mSpy shows you the details of emails and text messages communicated to other persons.

View Call Logs

Not only, you will see log of calls made but also enables you restrict the incoming calls on iPhone.

View Websites Browsed

You can view the websites they are visiting on Safari or using any browser. You can also see the wi-fi network they are connected to.

Track GPS and Current Location

You can locate iPhone 6 any time by logging into your control panel. Monitor their routes they are moving through using this mSpy app.

Geo-fencing on iPhone

iPhone 6 spy app enables you set boundaries and get email alerts if your child enters that areas.


View Facebook, Whatsapp, iMessage, Skype and Viber activities

You can monitor someone’s instant messages and view them remotely. This app has the ability to record everything from chat to photos, videos shared on Skype, iMessage, Whatsapp and Viber.

It can also monitor deleted data.


View SnapChat and Line activities

This is the latest feature of mSpy app and enables you monitor SnapChat and Line conversation.


You will see all keystrokes made on your iPhone.

Control Installed Apps

You can see the apps your daughter has installed on her iPhone to make sure her safety over social networks.

Remotely Un-install

This is the new feature of mSpy enabling you remotely un-install the software by logging into control panel – without them knowing.


How this App Works?

As mentioned on mSpy website that iPhone users will have no idea they are being monitored – as its invisible and completely undetectable. It means no icon appears after downloading the software.

The control panel starts updating the monitored activities immediately once they happened on the target iPhone.

By putting mSpy on your target device, ‘you confirm your intention to use the software for legal purpose by installing it on your own device’ – I discourage its illegal use without prior consent of target device owner.

I cannot provide legal advice as I am not legal expert so you must contact legal counsel of your choice before using mSpy.



iPhone spy app is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus up to iOS 8.3.


Remote Installation

For working of iPhone spy app on iPhone 6, the phone must be jailbroken. No worry, jailbreaking is an easy method and you can do it without any expert’s help.

Previously I’ve reviewed iPhone spy app no jailbreak solution which enables you remotely monitor iPhone without jailbreaking.


What is Control Panel?

The target device must be connected to internet for software installation and control panel update.

Control panel is the area where you view all the activities happening on your target device. It enables you remotely monitor everything on iPhone and un-install the app without knowing them.

It automatically updates the logs and you view them by using your login credentials.


Is mSpy a Reliable Company?

You can reach mSpy through phone number mentioned on their website and they have offices in US and UK. I see they take care of their customers and quickly response customers’ queries. They accept payment through credit card and Paypal.

They have over 100,000 satisfied customers and are serving in this industry for many years.

You can visit the mSpy Website here


Over to You

So here is how can you son on iPhone 6 and monitor what they are up to on their iOS devices. If you feel you need technical help, contact mSpy chat support agent available to you 24/7.

I liked their products – easy to install and the control panel which is easy to use. No other app is offering amazing features at this cost. I hope this review has enabled you consider when you are looking for a quality spy software program.

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