My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me What Should I Do?


what to do when my boyfriend is cheating on me with his ex

Nothing will get you through the day of finding out that your boyfriend might be cheating on you. Not a girls’ night in with chips and chick flicks and not a girls’ night out. Humongous amounts of Ben & Jerry’s have also been tried and tested but to no avail – not to mention the post-traumatic guilt of consuming all those calories! And though classic and much needed, sobs and hugs with your best friend or a shopping spree in Manhattan doesn’t do much good either.


So what should you do next? Throw him out or take him back? Should you get revenge or just let go? Ugh, why do men cheat? In this post we will help you find the answers to all those questions. So sit steady and read on to find out what you should do and what you shouldn’t when trying to cope with the hurt of a cheating boyfriend.


Take some time for yourself

When you first get the whiff of things that might be wrong, it’s best to distance yourself from your boyfriend for a couple of days. Take some time alone – a week, a fortnight, a month if you need to – evaluate your relationship so far and decide what you want out of it.


Make Sure He Actually Cheated!

Are you sure about his infidelity? If not then how can you possibly decide whether you want to end things or not? Are you just going by your gut feeling because you’ve seen the signs of lying and cheating? So let us help you out with that – here’s how you can be sure whether your boyfriend actually cheated.


Get an app to catch cheating boyfriend, like StealthGenie and let the truth unfold. This app will be an online spyware in your boyfriend’s pocket and track all his phone activity – because that’s where all his secret texts and IM conversations, photos with the ‘’other girl’’ and call logs are!

StealthGenie will upload all his texts, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, iMessage and email conversations along with his photos to your online control panel. You will have solid evidence of his affair and then you can decide if it was just a fling he got carried away with or a full-fledged affair. Find out how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone here!


Relax and Reflect

Then ask yourself: Is he true to you? Does he deserve another chance or not? Are you ready to end things in their current state? If yes, how do you plan to go about it? Give some thought to all these questions and then reach your answers.

But before you burden yourself with those specifics, try to unwind and just take a break from the whole situation by doing some fun, something just for yourself. It could be a vacation with friends, a concert or theater you’ve been meaning to visit or just good old shopping followed by a nice, soothing spa day.


After that, we can guarantee that you’ll be in a much better position to reach your answers without the undercurrent of the bitter girlfriend’s resentful thoughts.


However, Avoid Over thinking… 

It’s really that simple. You need to think about yourself and your relationship but you don’t need to think that you could have been responsible for causing your boyfriend to betray you. And unfortunately that is likely if you stretch out your ‘alone time’ too much.

Once you’ve decided upon a confrontation, either for giving him another chance or for winding up the relationship, you have to do it from the strength of your decision, your conviction that whatever you’ve decided is the right thing for you. Read our guide on how to confront a cheating partner here


Get Mad at Him But Don’t Get Revenge

There’s no need to play the calm and cool girlfriend who takes her boyfriend’s cheating in stride. Hello, hello? He cheated on you, girl! You have every right to be mad at him and let him know that he’s in big trouble.

Nobody expects you to bottle up your feelings and you most certainly shouldn’t be doing that simply because you’re afraid of losing him! Your boyfriend needs to know that you’re not only angry but frustrated and hurt by his bad choices.

However, getting mad at him doesn’t mean you should take a tee and swing at his belongings. The thing about revenge is, you’re all into it and you feel good in the moment of exacting it. But the thrill evaporates almost immediately and you’re left with the guilt of having done something worse than your victim deserved.


Confront But Don’t Avenge

It’s just a sad bit about human nature – wanting to hurt the person who hurt you, a lot more than they did. But it’s really wrong because after it’s done, it’s not always easy to forgive yourself for it and live with all that negativity. Make sure you’re not stuck in that situation.

So what’s the best way out? Have a heated argument with him, let him know it’s not something you make light of but don’t try to get back at him. It’s not worth it and it won’t help you or make anything right.  


Don’t Forget, but Do Forgive

You’ve got the solid evidence of your boyfriend’s infidelity so you know what really went on. That means you shouldn’t just forget about it once you’ve forgiven him – whether you’re continuing your relationship or saying good bye.

Why? Because he needs to know that he made some big mistakes and although you might have forgiven him and you’re giving him another chance, it doesn’t mean that you’re okay with his wrong choices and he could possibly deviate again and be forgiven.


If you’re sure he cheated, thanks to the cheating boyfriend apps but you decide that it was an impulsive wrong choice and he deserves a second chance, forgiveness is integral. You cannot rebuild your relationship or being to trust him again if you don’t forgive him first.


App to Catch a Cheater on Phone

Don’t Cling to the Past

Furthermore, bringing up his betrayal and hurling those accusations at him in every other argument later on will NOT allow your relationship to progress, so forgiveness is very important.

Even if you’ve decided to part ways, knowing that your relationship is just not worth all that effort do forgive him before ending things. Holding onto the anger and the grudge won’t help you. It will only make it difficult for you to fully enjoy your future relationships or build trust in them.


Plus, if he’s going to be a part of your social circle in future, it will make things super awkward for both of you if you’re carrying that grudge around him. So if you’re letting him go, then you’ve got to mean it. That’s only way you can really survive infidelity.



We don’t believe in “once a cheater, always a cheater”. People change all the time. So if you’re worried your boyfriend might be getting the hots for another girl, get the cheating boyfriend spy app and be clear about the truth.

If he really is cheating, space out yourself, evaluate your relationship and then make your decision. But remember, revenge is a NO, NO! and forgiveness is a definite YES! Whether you’re taking him back or letting him go.

We hope the lows of your relationship resolve soon and you can have a great time again!


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Vendor: Stealthgenie


7 Steps to Catch Your Spouse Cheating On You


catch your cheating spouse

So you’re suspicious that your spouse might be unfaithful to you and you want to catch them cheating, right?

Some tell you to go with your gut feeling, confront and end things while others tell you to simply pay attention to their behavior patterns. Knowing what to look for is the key but what if you see those signs in your spouse’s behavior? What next? Is that enough to be sure and put everything at stake with a confrontation? Certainly NOT!

In this post we give you the 7 steps to catch your spouse cheating. Read on to find out how!


1. Stay Alert and Collect Evidence!

If you feel your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, be very alert and closely keep up with everything that is going on in your partner’s life. Being aware of everything he or she says and does from this point on will help you find out the truth.

Look for obvious signs of lying and cheating and get the help of a cheating spouse app to monitor your spouse’s phone activity. Spy on their text messages, calls, IM conversations like Whatsapp, Viber, BBM, Skype and emails. Keep tabs on their photos and track their GPS location to see where they detour.


2. Be Very Careful: Protect Your Evidence

When you find physical evidence through the undetectable spy app, it will automatically be uploaded to your online control panel and saved there safely. Meanwhile your spouse will have no idea that he or she is being monitored because this cheating spouse app works completely hidden on their phone.

It’s best to make hard copies of the evidence you find: take out prints of the photos, e-mails, text conversations exchanged with the “other” man or woman. Note down phone numbers that calls and texts are exchanged with, make copies of any receipts you find in his shirt pockets or her bag and any other incriminating evidence you come across.


How does this help?

It will prepare you for a confrontation without presenting a hassle later on. Plus having all your evidence out in the open will help you analyze all the proof you’ve got. While the online user panel is great for keeping your evidence updated as all new data on your spouse’s phone will be immediately added to the panel, before it can be deleted from the phone.

While you conduct your investigation be as discreet as possible. It’s best to keep the evidence to yourself and not share it with any family or friends because you don’t want someone accidentally or intentionally tipping off your spouse.


Because if that happens and a cheater suspects he or she is on the verge of being discovered, they’ll take the affair even more underground or attempt to cover their tracks.


3. Mistake to Avoid: Don’t Ask the Cheater!

Rule 1: Before you gather evidence, NEVER confront your spouse about your suspicions. Don’t accuse and start an unjustifiable argument!

Rule 2: As you begin to gather evidence and become sure of your spouse’s infidelity, don’t become overconfident and question them about it. Do NOT just come right out and ask the cheater if he or she is cheating because they will either lie to you or accuse you of being untrustworthy.


And there begins the downhill path of your relationship’s future. It will only lead to more baseless, useless arguments, greater stress for you and a more secretive stance from your cheating spouse. 

You’ll be the one standing behind with more lost than gained. So see what to do when your spouse is cheating on you and make sure you don’t put yourself in that position.


4. Restrain Yourself

It’s not an easy job to keep your temper in check and play the role of the sweet, contented, naïve husband/wife once evidence against your cheating spouse or significant other begins to mount.

It’s very tempting to drop a few hints and let your cheating spouse know that you’re not a fool but know this that it will only turns things to your disadvantage. Until you’ve gathered all the facts and you’re prepared to confront the cheater, keep your lips sealed.


5. Plan the Confrontation: Build Your Case

Once you have enough solid evidence that your spouse or significant other is cheating, firstly, choose an appropriate time and place to go ahead with the confrontation. Consolidate all that evidence and plan out what exactly you wish to say to your spouse and how.

It’s important to prepare the content of your argument beforehand so that your nerves aren’t going haywire during the confrontation and you know what you’re talking about. It’s imperative to speak from a position of power during a confrontation otherwise your spouse can easily start a blame game and turn the tables on you! 

To avoid such mistakes and prevent your relationship from ending up in a downward spiral


6. Confront with Evidence!

Finally it’s time! With everything planned ahead, you know how to go about the whole ordeal and what you hope to achieve at the end of it. Remain calm, present your precious evidence, watch the colors change on your spouse’s face and listen to what they have to say about it.

However, while trying to confront your mate do not put your own or your children’s safety at risk. If your spouse or significant other is known for an explosive temper, or if they can be violent, take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and then go ahead with the confrontation.


Read: Apps to Catch Cheaters


7. Move On

Once you’ve got your spouse’s point of view after the confrontation, use this information to help you make an intelligent decision about the future of your relationship and family life.

Assess whether your relationship was already in jeopardy and your spouse’s cheating was just a side-effect of it and if both of you can work together to heal it or is it too late?


Ask yourself whether forgiveness and making amends will be in your (and your children’s) best interests or has your marriage been wrecked beyond repair?

After giving everything enough thought, make your decision accordingly and save yourself and your family from any further grief.


cheating spouse spy app


Coming to terms with the idea that your spouse might be betraying you can be among the hardest things one could face in their married life. But in order to repair the damage and protect yourself, you need to first accept the possibility and then work towards uncovering the truth.

Once you’ve firmly decided on that, catching a cheating spouse via the efficient means of a spying app is a lot easier than it was in the past. You can collect the proof, be sure of your spouse’s infidelity and then take the necessary steps to prevent any further damage to yourself and your family life.

What other ways your believe are effective to catch a cheating spouse?


How to Put Spyware on Someones iPhone – the Complete Guide

How to put spyware on someones iPhone


If you’ve decided to put an iPhone spyware but worried that you’re not tech-savvy enough to understand all those complex installation procedures, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this post we’ll very simply walk you through the steps of putting spyware on an iPhone and we can guarantee that not only will you be done with it in minutes; you’ll feel like a pro at the end of it!

So let’s get started!


The Simple Guide to Installation

  • Check and be sure of the make and model of your target iPhone (4S, 5S, 5C, etc?)
  • Make sure the phone is jailbroken. However, if you’re monitoring your kids, then Phonesheriff Investigator is a brilliant alternative because it allows you to spy on your kids’ iPhone without jail breaking them.
  • Considering the relevant phone model, choose the desired package plan of your chosen spyware and purchase it.
  • You will receive the respective installation instructions in your email (they differ slightly between various software hence we’re not generalizing them here). Carefully read through them and make sure you understand every bit. If you don’t you can leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you or get customer support from your respective spyware website.
  • Get hold of the target iPhone. Now this can be a bit tricky if you suspect your significant other of cheating and want to install the spyware to monitor their phone. So you can either gift them a new iPhone with the spyware installed or ask them for their phone to make a quick call so that they unlock it for you.
  • Restart the phone. If your significant other wonders why you did that then just go “Oops! I don’t know what happened; it just shut down in the middle of the call! Does it have battery issues?” *evil grin*
  • Wait 30 minutes for the spyware to retrieve all the data from the phone and upload it to your online control panel.




Successful Install


Tadaa! That’s it! Congratulations, you’re now successfully installed a spyware on iPhone! Log on to your control panel and start monitoring away!


Note: Remote installation does not work and you need to install spyware program directly on the target phone. If any website is offering phone spyware without touching the phone, It’s scam!

What’s the online control panel, you ask?

The online control panel is an amazing facility that comes with your purchased spyware. After installing the spying software on an iPhone, all the calls, texts, photos, IM conversations like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and emails on the target iPhone will be available on your online control panel, neatly categorized.

All you have to do is log in with your password (you’ll receive it along with the installation instructions in your mail) and start exploring the hidden treasures of your target iPhone.


Spy iMessage Chat


Features of the Control Panel

Along with the phone data mentioned above, you will find maps in your online control panel. Using them you can track the target iPhone’s GPS location in real time and also the specific route they took on a particular outing.

There’s another cool feature called Geo-fencing that you can employ. It allows you to mark “safe” and “restricted” areas on the map in the control panel. Every time your target iPhone leaves the safe areas or enters restricted ones; you’ll receive alerts via text/mail or both.



We’ve tried our best to make the installation process easier for you and hope that it’s now clear as day. If you’ve still got queries, either give us feedback through comments and we’ll surely help you out or you can visit the website of your chosen spyware and get online technical support from them.

Happy monitoring!


Get this Truly Undetectable and Most Powerful Spyware for iPhone

Vendor: Stealthgenie

Price: $7.99

How to Confront Someone When They are Cheating On You?


confront someone about cheating on you

There are really just two ways to confront a cheater: Either you can do it with a good plan and lots of evidence or you can do it without any of that. In this post we will evaluate which of those ways works best and why.

So read on to find out how you should confront the cheater in your life, whether it’s your spouse, your girlfriend or boyfriend.

How to Confront a Cheater without Proof?

You need really really, exceptionally good luck to be able to have success with that. Why? Because if you simply barge up to your cheating significant other and demand an explanation they will easily turn the tables on you. They’ll make you look like the bad person who is incapable of trusting them because can you prove that they were cheating? Nope.

They will accuse you for snooping on them and blame all the problems in your relationship on YOU – “If you’d been paying more attention to our relationship rather than thinking crap about me, we wouldn’t be having all these arguments!” Sounds plausible, right?


Plus, how do you know for sure he/she is actually unfaithful? You just went with your gut feeling? What if they were so cranky because of more stress at work and you misinterpreted that as “the cheater’s defensiveness”?

If you wrongly accuse your beloved, you could destroy your relationship with your own hands.

What’s worse? They could be actually cheating but since you can’t prove anything, they’ll just get a heads up and take the affair even more undercover. Plop! There goes your beloved away, away, away.


Confronting with Proof: The Way to Go

That’s the best cheating partner advice you can possibly get. Now let’s explore how exactly you can use the evidence to confront someone and how to collect it without having your cheating partner find out.


Step 1:  Collect the Hard-Boiled Evidence

You need a way to monitor your significant others activities throughout the day and also the night.

No private detective can get that done, secret cameras are too expensive and not helpful enough to be their money’s worth. Your best shot is a phone spyware like StealthGenie that tracks all of your beloved’s phone activity because that’s where all the secrets are buried.

This spy app will secretly monitor your boyfriend’s/wife’s phone 24 hours and upload all of their data to an online control panel where you can access it anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. This ensures that all your evidence is safe and sound.

You can download it later and make printed copies to present during the confrontation and your partner will be in for a not-so-delightful surprise.


What is the Evidence?

Now why do you need to track someone’s phone to know that they’re cheating? Because that’s where people hide their affairs. In secret text conversations, calls from strangely named contacts for which they leave the room and over-friendly photos with the “other” man/woman. It’s very easy to have multiple affairs via the social media and IM facilities like Whatsapp and Skype because the phone is password-locked so your cheating partner can easily keep you in the dark.


A powerful spyware like StealthGenie can not only record calls but also intercept them live. It will also save the emails, texts, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and BBM conversations to your online user panel immediately so that even if your partner deletes them later, they will already be saved to your control panel.

Along with that, you can track your beloved’s location in real time, making sure that they’re not taking any detours that they’re lying to you about.


Step 2: Prepare Yourself for Denial

Lying is what cheaters are best at, so they’ll lie to you and deny the affair. Don’t panic, just flip out the evidence and watch the colours change on their face.


Step 3: Calm Yourself

Yes, it’s awfully difficult in this situation, but take deep breaths and let the adrenaline charge you. Staying calm and keeping your cool is integral to a confrontation because the moment you get aggressive or start screaming, the cheater will use that as the perfect means to end the conversation and storm out.


Step 4: Don’t Buckle Down, Stay Firm

If your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend tries to pin the blame on you, which is quite likely, you need to stay strong. Don’t let them use the lows of your self-esteem to make you feel like you’re responsible for their bad choices and conniving actions.

They didn’t cheat on you because you gained a few pounds and became unattractive or because you keep the living room dirty. They cheated because they’re deceptive and are inconsiderate enough to not feel accountable for it.

Stay calm and just stare them in the eyes if they try to target you. Demand an explanation for their wrongdoings like they didn’t speak and force them to give in.


Step 5: To stay or Not to Stay? Decide the Future Steps

An affair does not necessarily mean that your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is no longer in love with you. It also does not mean that your relationship has come to an end. It just means that your relationship was already diseased and has now reached a standstill. That in turn means that all is not lost yet – if both you and your partner are really willing to give your relationship another chance, you can still try to fix things.

spouse spy app


You suspected your significant other of deception and after reading this post we sincerely hope that you know the right way to go about a confrontation: with proper, unquestionable evidence.

However, it doesn’t end there.

After the confrontation, stop and take some time to think about the future. Do you think your partner is still in love with you and the affair was just a bad judgment call? Would you want to live without your significant other? Can you appreciate the problems in your relationship?


Do you think you could fix them if you both worked towards them? Do you want to give your partner another chance? If you think your relationship is fix-worthy then don’t waste any time, see a therapist and start working on your relationship immediately!

However, if this isn’t the first time and you know that your partner doesn’t have his heart in the relationship anymore, it’s best to say your good-byes.

Try this Powerful Phone Spyware to have a Solid Evidence of Cheating

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Here’s How to Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating without her Knowing?

  how to catch your girlfriend cheating

Statistics always pinned the blame on men but female infidelity is becoming rampant in society now that women have become more financially independent, according to the Wall Street Journal. Quoting the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, 54% women admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they’ve had.

In these horrid times how can you NOT get suspicious that your girlfriend might be cheating on you if she’s suddenly become an aggressive tigress and pulls these vanishing acts after fights?


Is she cheating on you? Find out for sure.

Trust is very important in a relationship and it’s great that you trust her but make sure you don’t have regrets about being a doormat later. If you feel she’s been acting weird all of a sudden, find out why.

Too bitter or too sweet are both alarming signs!

It could be just pressure at work, some family problems or you being actually stubborn about what she dislikes but it could also be that she’s having an affair. If she’s being extra nice and mushy then find out what it is that you’re doing right but also make sure she’s not just trying to cover up for her guilt of cheating on you.


How can you Catch her Cheating?

There are a couple of ways but the least troublesome, fastest and least likely to be caught at in our time and age is to check her cell phone for calls, texts, IMs and photos of any other suspicious male.

You can do it while she’s sleeping or in the shower and check her call logs, conversations and Facebook if she somehow (though unlikely) left it logged in. But if she really is cheating, what are the chances that you know her phone’s current password? Or that you will find the records of the rendezvous?

If she’s smart enough to backtrack you then most likely she would have cleverly wiped out her phone’s history before leaving it in plain sight so you can have your wicked way with it.

The chances are slim, very slim. And that’s why you need to avoid wasting your time and risk being caught because if that happens, she’s going to label you untrustworthy and find the perfect reason to dump ya.


The Real, Realistic Solution

You’ve got to save your back while finding out if your relationship is worth saving.

The best way to do that is to get a cheating girlfriend spyware app for her phone. Either gift her a brand new phone with the spyware installed or trick her into giving you her present phone for a text and quickly install the cheating girlfriend app on it.

With that done, you can safely embark on your mission to track your girlfriend’s phone activity from your online control panel because the spyware is completely undetectable.

She will never know she’s carrying an online spying tool in her pocket.


The software for the job is StealthGenie, topping the markets and winning hearts – nothing sappy about that though. All you have to do is log on to their website and select a plan that suits your spying needs.

Once it’s installed on your girlfriend’s phone, you can start tracking her phone activity from your online control panel from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection.


Remotely access everything on her cell phone

The software will immediately start retrieving all her call logs, texts and IMs conversations including Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, BBM and Facebook chats, all her emails and multimedia and upload it to your online control panel as soon as those actions are performed on the phone.

Thus making sure that even the stuff she deletes from her phone later will have reached your user panel before getting deleted!

You can also track her location and record phone calls live – even intercept them if you feel the need but avoid giving in to the Adrenaline rush to prevent trouble.

Remotely record her surroundings and find out what she’s up to – all from the comfort of your living room!


Track her Adventures around Town

Everyone loves his gadgets and they become so much more lovable when they’re GPS enabled. Considering that, the app also includes location tracking features so that you’re always in-step on your girlfriend’s adventures.

Find out the exact route she takes on her “girls’ nights out” and grocery shopping trips that take her long enough to watch a movie at the theater and every stop she makes on her way.

Track her current location in real time and mark any suspicious areas as “unsafe” on the map on your online user panel. Every time your girlfriend enters those areas, you will receive alerts via text/email or both.



The cheating girlfriend spying app will make your life a lot easier while giving you all the information you need about your girlfriend’s whereabouts. It’s the perfect answer to your relationship problems. Don’t let her make a fool out of you. Find out the truth and fix things.

Ready, set and GO!

Get this Phone Spy App and Secretly Catch her Red Handed!

Vendor: Stealthgenie

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