How to Catch your Boyfriend Cheating on His iPhone?

my partner is having an affair with other woman

Suspect your lover is having an affair or hiding assets? 

Is your boyfriend distant from you lately? Has he been avoiding you? Is your boyfriend out late at night and always on his phone? Then maybe it’s time to face the harsh reality that he’s cheating on you.

We always invest so much in a relationship in all ways possible and sometimes it just slips away. It’s always difficult to even suspect something as filthy as cheating.

However, it is a natural trait in all individuals which is why everyone needs to take steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Why boyfriends cheat?

There are no specific reasons as to why someone cheats. However, it sometimes despite all your efforts it’s just not enough for him. Compatibility is the key to everything and sometimes that what missing which is why relationships do not last know.

Boys do not have specific reasons to cheat it can either a part of their personality or because they just don’t find the relationship worthwhile which is why it is important to know you can either use a private investigator or an app that lets you see through his iPhone.

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Signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you

Difference in body language

Is he different around you? Do you see him being nervous and on the edge all the time? Does he sweat, fidget and always jumps up when you talk to him? Then it is time to see what the problem is and see what’s up.

Not too accommodating in terms of questions

Usually by even asking about his day you see him getting mad and then feeling agitated by just small questions. You ask him where he was and he quickly gets into a quick argument which is entirely irrelevant to the conversation you had.

In order to see if he is indeed up to something, (he shouldn’t be) you need to make sure that you’re insistent in terms of your questions and in casual conversation you find out what he’s been up to. The questions that you ask if they confuse him then it’s time to wonder that has he been honest with you throughout?

You need to see if he does pause or does he keep the conversation flowing however if it makes him think before answering more than the usual, then one must really think what is he really up to?

Ask him questions again

Catch A Cheating Spouse

In order to see how valid his story is you need to keep on asking him questions after some time has passed. See if he actually sticks to his original script or the story is a different one every time and if this seems to be the case, then surely he isn’t everything he says he is.

Eye contact

If your boyfriend avoids making eye contact with you and looks away every time you try to have a conversation with him, then indeed he is hiding something fishy from you and it’s time to bring your guns out blazing.

Signs of stress

It’s human psychology that when an individual is in stress and lying, they then tend to come to the fight or flight mode. If his breathing increases, he flushes and he shows all these signs of nervousness then it’s pretty evident that something is doubtful. He may having an affair with someone else and you may not aware of it.

Consistently trying to sell his stories to you

Is your boyfriend emphasizing that he is not lying to you? Does he keep using the words honesty and trust whenever you guys talk? If this seems to be the case then you need to realize that there is more to what he says and his asking for trust does simply imply he has done something that he is sorry for.

Disappearing for hours at a time

Does he go to the grocery store and takes more than the usual time to come back? Does he keep on disappearing on you and then comes up with answers which do not make any sense and there are stories always? If he is disappearing and it’s all unaccounted for then you need to step out of the dark and face the harsh reality.

Are you prepared for the truth?

Sometimes we do know the answer to difficult questions. We’re just not brave enough to face them and this could be exactly what you’re going through. At times, all the cheating signs are there. However, one does not want to face the harsh reality so in order to truly know that he is cheating one must make sure that they want to know the actual truth.

What should you do if he cheating?

ways to catch cheating lover

Confrontation is the last thing one can do when they suspect that their significant other is cheating on them because of the lack of evidence. One cannot just go out there and put everything on the table because that could have a negative impact on the relationship if there’s no cheating involved which is why it is essential for the other person to be sure.

Hiring a private investigator or using an app which lets you know about your boyfriend’s whereabouts is extremely important and that is exactly what must be done.

Ways to expose his cheating

1. Use GPS tracker

Now that you’re well aware of what he’s been up to due to his unusual behavior then either you could talk to a friend, hire an investigator or ask a relationship expert to use a spy software. A GPS tracker on his car will be good to know where he goes and you can also try following him in order to see that does he really tell you the truth or not.

2. Hire a private investigator

This an old conventional method to catch cheating lovers and drawbacks are cost which involves high expenses and time-delays. There are less expensive and innovative methods to track surveillance.

3. Invisible SPYERA app – know the truth  in 5 minutes

spyera iphone

In order to know what your boyfriend is up to through his facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp or any other app that he uses one can use the Spyera to catch your boyfriend cheating. If you’re confused what you should do if your boyfriend is cheating on you then put iPhone spyware on your boyfriend’s phone without him being aware of it.

Now you can know about everything your boyfriend through cheating boyfriend app and know where your boyfriend has been at all times. In order to get rid of all the possible bad cheating vibes, one has then this is the best solution.


Whether it is emotional infidelity or physical it is important that every individual stands up and makes sure that she will not be wronged with. It is important to know what your boyfriend is up to and if he is secretive and lying then its times to know that the relationship is not worth it anymore and one should step away as fast as they can.

5 Apps to Spy on Your Kids without Them Knowing

hidden apps to spy on kids without them knowing

Parenting these days is very challenging. You do not only need to keep an eye on the daily activities of your children but also need to check that what kids are doing online!

The increasing violence incidents have made it crucial for the parents to know that who are they talking to on social media, who are they meeting, what are they watching online, why are they spending so much time on internet or phone, etc.

According to the research, 48% of parents look into their kid’s cell phone to check on their activities on it. Fortunately, we have got many digital tools that could help us keeping our kids safe online.

I use these tools myself and I do not feel any moral obligation because it is about the future of my children. I have this right to keep tabs on my child’s activity and online activities are another responsibility in my parental bucket. Until and unless they are mature enough, this spying seems must-thing for parents like me.

Let’s get back to the topic and here I am introducing you to some of the apps to spy on your kids without them knowing


1. Mobicip



With this app, you will be able to check the internet use and apps installed on your child’s device. You can respond from Android or Apple device quickly as you observe something is fishy. Not only that you can check the app activity, but you can also monitor the internet browsing activity in a web-based Mobicip control panel.

You do not need to ask for the smartphone from your child because Mobicip gives you updates about their phone’s communications. There are some websites which you want your child does not browse. So with the help of this monitoring program,you can get their request directly on your device and allow or deny the request to visit those sites for your child. You can also set the time limits for your child’s internet usage.

Compatibility - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

Price: Free – also offer premium ($39.99 / year protects five devices)

Pros and Cons

Pros: Strong filtering of unimportant content. Supports on Android, iOS, Mac book, Windows, etc, offers management of child’s profile, online.

Cons: The real-time notifications are not available. While using its app, there is a time delay from online console.

2. Qustodio


This app assists you in supervising the digital presence of your child. The Qustodio app is very straight away and quick to use. Check your kid’s device, web usage, and apps that he has installed in his gadget.

You do not need to confront your kid with anything rather simply manage his phone as per your wish. If there is any harmful content that you do not want your child to watch, then simply block it. The other amazing features of this app are that you can locate him or he can click Panic button when in trouble.

Along with that, you can also limit his internet timings, check that to whom he is texting or calling the most, and take a look at the apps that are installed on your child’s phone. You can control more than one device with this single app.

Compatibility - iOS, Android and Windows PCs and Mac OS

Price: Free

Pros and Cons

Pros: For Android, this app offers the panic button, location, and call blocking. Monitors social activities. Remarkable reporting and configuration.

Cons: This app offers no notification by text rather you only receive email at the end of the day. There is no control over games. If you are an iOS user, then features are restricted.

3. SecureTeen


Do you want to secure your child from any online violence, and then you need to have this SecureTeen app on your phone. By checking that what your kid is up to, you can stop any violence to occur. Be it in the form of cyber-bullying, coming across with any adult content, if someone is stalking him or he is spending time on games. This app is the best to have on your child’s smartphone so that you could ensure the actions of your child. This app supports both smartphones and computers.

Price: $39.99 (one year for three devices)

Pros: Works on three gadgets at a time. Protection could be customized. Consumer support is good.

Cons: Logging option with keystroke is not available.

4. Netnanny


Tracking whatever your kid is up to, this app is the finest one to have in your Smartphone so that they will not go anywhere wrong. You have to pay for using this app. It totally depends on your usage that for how many devices you need this app. There are packages for one, five, and ten devices.

The NetNanny filters the web browser, monitors the social media, block the vulgar language, cut out the pornography and provide you with the daily report on your child’s online activities. Not only that, if you want to restrict Facebook or Twitter during your child’s examination, then this app will help you in doing so.

Price: $39.99 per device

Pros: For Android users, there is a parental control. Reporting and configuration through web. You get an overall report via email. 

Cons: From the prior edition of this software, there are some of the features eliminated.


5. mSpy

iphone spy app no jailbreak

mSpy is Offering the child spy services to all the parents around the globe. You can ensure your children’s security with this application. Use this app on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS easily. You can locate your children’s location with this app too. Check that who is calling him/her and to whom they are interacting on Whatsapp. Almost every user has shown trust over this app and if you are having any issue, then you can have the customer support 24/7.

Price7.99 (per month) – visit mSpy website

Pros and Cons

Pros: The app has got the most friendly feature. All the data present in this app is secure even if your phone is missing, your data will be safe and you can erase the data with a single click.

Cons: On some phones, the chat monitoring option is unavailable.



These apps are highly supporting when it comes to the child’s online security. Being a concerned parent, you can install and download any of these apps so that you will be informed with your children’s online pastimes.

Teen Sexting: What Parents Can Do to Stop Sexting Addiction?

sexting laws

It’s not surprising to know that as many as 39% of teenagers freely admit to a sexting while 51% of teenage girls said that they had been coerced to send explicit photos of themselves to strangers.

Not only teens are sexting, they are also viewing inappropriate content online, challenging the need for parents to monitor their activities on IM apps such as Kik, Line, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook and Snapchat which have proven to serve as key media for sexting among teens.


What is Sexting?

”Sexting is the sending or receiving of sexually explicit messages, photos or videos on mobile devices”.

Why Kids Sext?

As teenage is a time for great physical changes, there are many body and self-image issues in the teens which are often easy to exploit. Sexting examples where teen boys pressurize girls to prove that their bodies are ‘hot’ and guys are exploited into proving they are ‘man’ enough.

Some do it to show their commitment in a relationship and so do it satisfy their overflowing hormones, and sexting apps often provide an ideal environment to encourage such activities.

The Consequences of Teenage Sexting

The world is just a global village now, with technology growing stronger and distances minimizing. Information once released is no longer contained with forwarding to huge audiences being the key event of audiences any social media find. Owing to sexting, many naked images shared by teens have floated and gone viral in states which are humiliating for the victim, and result in public shaming and bullying.

Teenage is the key time in your child’s personality development hence such incidents can render a teen socially incompetent. Not only that but it can damage reputations which could destroy the professional development of your teen.

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Should Sexting be Legal for Teens?

Teens Sexting

The question is quite easy to answer for me at least even though the courts have been slow to pass sexting laws related. Teenage is a time of increased confidence and grandeur, considering themselves invincible teenagers often make rash decisions that they regret later.

Hence, sexting should be illegal for teens as we have observed how private photos have leaked out and made their way like wildfire over the internet especially shared via Snapchat.

Sexting Law for Minors: Is It against the Law to Sext?

The sexting laws have been passed, even though they are slow and variable from one state to another state and target different age groups. Connecticut has sexting laws that target teens, whereas Louisiana laws enforce that everyone under 17 isn’t allowed to send or keep explicit photographs.

In Texas, “it is illegal for one minor to electronically send an image of someone younger than 18 years old to another minor; this includes images of the sender, recipient, or another underage person”.

Many bills have been passed to decrease the massive rise in sexting including one passed in the Kansas Senate, SB 391. This makes minors transferring nude photos of other minors a misdemeanor offense if the offender is 19 years of age or younger.

This bill was passed to discourage teenagers from sharing explicit photos of each other. For now, it is possible to receive a criminal record if found sharing intimate images of each other as well as to be on a list with the Disclosure and Barring services (DBS)

See Teen Sexting Laws by Sate Here


How to Stop Teenage Sexting Addiction?


The only way to prevent a problem is to find out the root cause and eliminate it. The best way to get started is bridging the communication gap and making it easy for your child to talk about any and everything that is troubling him, no matter how awkward it is.

1.      Talk about It before It Happens!

I know EVERY parent just dreads having the sex talk with their kids, I mean we haven’t even broken the ice on that topic yet and now it’s sexting that needs to be talked about? Geez, as awkward as it sounds it’s not worth delaying it, as it’s better to warn your child before something actually happens.

2.      Explain the consequences

Once your teens, it is no longer your private property, it’s been made public. Explain the fact that an image once sent can’t be retrieved and it becomes a property of the recipient who can choose whatever he wants to do with it. One touch and the image can be broadcasted to millions of viewers causing extreme embarrassment to the sender.

3.      Tell Teens that Sexting gives a Chance to Bullies

There are plenty of perverts and bullies out there, and it’s necessary to identify that such people won’t stop once in possession of compromising images. The social humiliation that such people can subject your teen too is much worse than any social pressure on them to send sexting messages.

4.      Make the change you want to see

Sick of all the vicious images you’ve seen floating around your school/college? End the cycle, now. Delete any objectionable content you receive and tell your friends to do the same. You can now be a part of the solution rather than be a part of a problem.


They are Not Communicating, Now What?

You may be looking for ways to deal with sexting and lowering the risks to your teen. As a parent, you have the right to know what’s happening around. What your teen is doing on internet and cell phone. Because you have a reason to do so as you want to do for them.

Resource that can help Parents

  • PhoneSheriff – a parental monitoring service that helps parents block unwanted activities, monitor sexting messages, apps installed, iMessage and internet browsing that teen doing on phones and tablets at $7.55/ per month.
  • Mobicip – an advance cloud based content filtering parental control software and an alternative to Safari browser gives your school-age child a secure browsing experience available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Kindle Fire for $39.99/per year.
  • Qustodio – Free parental control software that enables parents to block pornography, view social media activities, set multi-device time limits for games and apps.
  • mSpy Child monitoring software gives parents access to kids phones, tablets, computers remotely in an online control panel. Just install into your kids’ devices, and monitor Facebook messages, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Tinder, MMS, texts, calls, location, videos, and photos LIVE!

 Fear no more, mSpy is your one stop solution to the sexting problem.


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